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Respond by considering the outcomes of increased police professionalism discussed in the post. Suggest additional recommendations and/or strategies that were not brought up in the post.


Define police professionalism and describe two outcomes of increased police professionalism during  the 20th century.

Professionalism is the highest standards and fundamental which is essential to the profession of law as a police officer he or she are like experts which is through training.

  One outcome is In the 20th century there were police corruption and misconduct this is abuse of police authority, but its interchangeably. Misconduct is a procedural of criminal and civil violations if a police officer violates  the police department he or she will suffer the consequences.

Provide one example of recent events  involving police professionalism.

One event was a  suburban man of St Louis Missouri was shot in the neck during a traffic stop he was a police officer he was paralyzed from the neck down . Police chief calls it a catastrophic it damaged his spinal cord

Another event is Officer Michael Flamion was shot from behind on July 8 after stopping a man for speeding in Ballwin MO it was about 30,000 residents he was arrested later that day and jailed on a 500,000 bond with several charges this was first degreeassault from law enforcement.

Explain what recommendations or strategies could be implemented to help establish more positive relationships

Understand the arsenal of tactics and strategies that police have at their disposal

Know how to apply these tactics and strategies to an active crime pattern or problems

 Know how to make effective recommendations for tactical or strategic action and in the proper forum

 Apprehension tactics would work best when there is a reasonable chance of identifying and capturing the offender(particularly when the police have a suspect description or some physical evidence or when the temporal or geographic characteristics of the pattern are narrow enough that officer have a good chance of interrupting the crime in progress.

Evidence such as physical evidence such as DNA fingerprints shoe prints voice recording or video recording can be matched to offenders through standard investigative techniques.

Rapid Response knowing the existence  of a pattern.

Planned Response police can use known information about offenders sequence of events to catch him after the officer has occured.

Silent alarms are likely targets in a series, silent alarms can bring police to the scene while the offender is still there

References: Schneider, Jeffrey Alan (2009) In Pursuit of Police Professionalism: The Development & Assessment of a Conceptual Model of Professionalism in Law Enforcement {University of Pittsburgh ETD} (Unpublished)

legal-dictionary the(free dictionary.com/Police corruption+and+misconduct


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