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Response #2 | Education homework help
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 I need a response to the discussion below it has 150 word minimum with word count included, needs to be in APA format, you should not just repeat the same thing that the earlier post said. Instead you should aim to expand the conversation bringing in new material from the book, other sources or your own personal experiences.

Nonverbal  language is communication based on your use of voice and body. (Lucas,  2015). Verbal language is just your use of words. Verbal and nonverbal  language differ by the words you use and the pitch, rate, pauses,  articulation, dialect, voice, and pronunciation. When you have an angry  or heated conversation you tend to talk at a fast rate, at high pitch,  with a loud volume, with no pauses if you can help it but if you’re  having a painful conversation you tend to talk at a slow rate, at low  pitch, with a soft volume, with a lot of pauses. Take this scenario for  example: a pair of siblings named Robin and Taylor are having an  argument and Robin asks Taylor if she was mad at her for using several  of her things and not putting them back while also trying on several of  her clothes and leaving a mess. Taylor says she isn’t mad but as she’s  talking her pitch is getting higher, her volume is becoming loud, and  she’s talking fast with out stopping. From her verbal language you  probably think she isn’t mad but from her nonverbal language we can all  see that she is in fact angry. In another scenario, there are two  friends named Thomas who feels like an out cast at school and Frank who  is pretty good with making friends. Thomas and Frank are best friends,  but Frank sits Thomas down to tell him that he is moving far away within  the next two days and wouldn’t be at school anymore. During the  conversation Frank’s words are becoming slower, softer, and he’s pausing  a lot, so he can have control over his tears. From his verbal language  we can guess that he’s doing fine but as we examine his nonverbal  language we can see that the conversation is very painful to discuss.  WC:325

Lucas, Stephen E. (2015). The art of public speaking. New York City, NY: McGraw-Hill Education

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