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Students who have a visual or hearing impairment may struggle with seeing or hearing. A visual impairment is “a vision loss that adversely affects a child’s educational performance” (Heller, Forney, Alberto, Best, & Schwartzman, 2009, pg. 192). A hearing impairment could include but is not limited to deafness, hard of hearing, and hearing losses.

       There are several social implications of having a student with a visual or hearing impairment in an inclusive classroom setting. One social implication is he/she may not be able to communicate. Communication is crucial in the classroom and students with hearing impairments may not be able to hear what a teacher and peer is trying to say. Another social implication is he/she may not be able to understand and comprehend what he/she is learning about in the classroom.

        As a teacher, there are several ways to help support students with these impairments. One way is to have materials enlarged for students with visual impairments. Some students may struggle with reading anything with small print. Teachers should have “material enlarged (e.g., large print or large items)” (Heller, Forney, Alberto, Best, & Schwartzman, 2009, pg. 210). Another way is to make seating arrangements in the classroom. Students with hearing impairments sometimes struggles with being able to hear what the teacher is saying. These students “should be able to see the teacher as well as classmates easily to allow for speech reading where necessary” (Heller, Forney, Alberto, Best, & Schwartzman, 2009, pg. 211).


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