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Skills that are needed to work and utilized a paraprofessional effectively is great communication, willing to delegate jobs, provide a plan, and collaboration. As a future special education teacher I plan on communicating the lesson plan for the day and week with my paraprofessional. Paraprofessionals are implemented in the classroom to work with the teacher to help meet all their students educational needs. They are there to implement accommodations and modifications to instructions and working in small groups. They are not there to teach the lesson plan to the class and be substitute teacher. So as a future educators I will provide the resources for my aid. I will provide her with resources about the class rules, school policies, testing rules and other needed information in the classroom. I will sit with my paraprofessional and have a meeting. I will let them know her role in the classroom and seek any concerns she or he has. I am a paraprofessional so I have worked in different classrooms where teachers used me effectively and others that did not know what to do with me. I would take actions that I wish other teachers did for me or teachers that did work with me.

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