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Respond to post….100 words | Biology homework help
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Hormones are chemical messengers that is secreted by an endocrine gland or isolated gland cell, which travels through the bloodstream and triggers a physiological response in distant cells with receptors for it.The endocrine system is a network of glands that secrete chemicals known as hormones that help your body to function properly they are also chemical signals that coordinate a range of bodily functions. Hormones have many different coordinating complex processes like growth, fertility, and metabolism. They can influence the function of the immune system and even alter behaviour. Before birth, they are even known to guide the development of the brain and reproductive system. The what on hormones is that they are created by glands which are a part of the endocrine system and they are known as the main producing hormones these glands work together to create and manage the body’s major hormones I am going to name a few for you.

Hypothalamus- Which is responsible for body temperature, hunger, mood, and the release of hormones from other glands; also known for controlling thirst, sleep, and sex drive.

Parathyroid- This controls the amount of calcium in the body.

Pancrease-This gland helps control the insulin that helps control blood sugar levels.

Thyroid- Helps produces hormones that are associated with calorie burning and heart rate.

Piturarity– Considered the “master control gland” this gland controls other glands and make the hormones that trigger growth.

These glands produce different types hormones that evoke a specific response in other cells, tissues and/or organs located throughout the body. The hormones reach these faraway targets using the bloodstream. Like nervous system, the endocrine system is one of your body’s main communication. But instead of using nerves to transmit information, the endocrine systems uses blood vessels to deliver hormones to cells. 

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