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 I mentioned at the initial orientation session and in other communication messages, I have asked each of you to brainstorm on 1, 2 or 3 “research project” ideas in ranked order that you are interested in pursuing for your required capstone Senior Thesis. These should be related to your primary/secondary academic disciplines and should be phrased in the form of a research question that you wish to investigate. Think of this as a project – NOT another course term paper. Please send me your first two choice selections in a course email and I will then start compiling these and post for the class to see. I am asking for TWO options because if after a few weeks you decide to change your project idea – at least you have a backup plan. Choose something that you are indeed curious about and passionate about and which will genuinely help you down the road after graduation (think about including the title on your resume’ to help make you stand out from other job applicants/interviewees OR graduate school applicants). Make sure it is also doable, and that it will sustain your academic interest over the next 12 weeks. Remember, this is a project – not just a term paper so that is why I specifically showcased the 2019 Spring Semester Georgia State University’s student’s Senior Thesis interdisciplinary (music/psychology) research project on stage fright (performance anxiety) as it was very creative.

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