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Research project | Education homework help
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  1.  will post documentation for a minimum of 2 superb sources for their area of research “Resources & Summaries”
  2.  will also post a minimum of 6 fully developed paragraphs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that explain and summarize the information they gathered from their sources.


  • This is your opportunity to tell your group members about your research findings.
  • This is your opportunity to tell your group members why these are solid findings.
    • Rather than making statements like “My sources discuss the history of Irish identity.”
    • Make statements like “My sources explain that the imprecise meanings of late 1800s Celtic revival symbols permitted Protestants and Catholics in Ireland to use the generated symbols differently.” Then this would go on to explain what the symbols were and differences in how Protestants and Catholics used those symbols.
  • Think of this as each of you writing separate parts of 1 cohesive and massive research paper, without an introduction or conclusion. Once you have posted your Part 2s, read each other’s work and appreciate how much you were able to accomplish as a group over what you would have accomplished individually! Feel free to reply to each other’s research findings and talk about how your findings relate (or don’t!).


Full points will be awarded for summaries that are straight forward and complete in their information. Up to 75% of the points will be awarded for summaries that are lacking in material. Up to 25% of the points will be awarded for summaries that do not explain one’s research in a logical manner.

Remember that you need to discuss research findings that are not covered in our course materials.

Documentation and Other Information:

  1. Works Cited should follow the MLA format, which many websites explain, like OWL (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  2. Students should NOT use quotes in this assignment. Students have very little space to present their major points.  Therefore, they should only use their own words.
  3. Students should use reputable and knowledgeable sources.
    1. DO NOT use general online dictionaries or websites like: dictionary.reference.com, Wikipedia.org, about.com, ask.com…These will not provide the kind of in-depth thought required for you to succeed on this assignment.
    2. Instead, consider starting with reputable sources like the International Encyclopedia of Dance, which you can access via the MSJC online Library. Bibliographies in sources like this will tell you which leading scholars are publishing great works related to or about your topic.
  4. DO NOT wait until the week before the due date to begin your research and writing. Sometimes students underestimate how long it can take to sort through information and write a paper of this nature.

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