Research Paper on Peer Pressure among Teenagers

Research Paper on Peer Pressure among Teenagers

Today, peer pressure among teenagers has become very rampant unlike in the past. It is a case whereby peers influence young teenagers to adopt certain traits. In other words, peers tend to encourage them to change their characters and attitudes in order to be like them. A research paper on peer pressure in teenagers, therefore, identifies the social phenomenon which often happens to young teenagers. In case of any trouble when writing such research papers, get research papers help homework by My Homework Writers. Simply place an order so as to access our writing services.

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Research Paper on Peer Pressure among Teenagers
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Defining Peer Pressure

Making good friends is very essential, but at times, attempting to fit into a certain group can be dangerous. Most teenagers often give in to pressure from others to try things which they normally would not do. This, in the end, leaves them feeling regretful, shameful, guilty, scared, and even embarrassed.

Therefore, peer pressure refers to a situation whereby you want to do something that may seem resistant. But since your friends are doing it, you also feel being part of them. This often happens with an objective of gaining respect and being part of the same social group.

research paper on peer pressure in teenagers

Causes of Peer Pressure

One greatest fear that most of the parents often face is the risk of their children being influenced by others. It can be about taking alcohol and drugs. Fortunately, parents can ensure that their children always remain safe. One way to do this is by understanding the causes of peer pressure among teenagers. With this, they not only protect their children but also keep them off from bad companies. Therefore, some of the causes include;

The Urge to Fit into a Certain Group

While growing up, the most challenging path that everyone has to undergo is the adolescence stage. This is the stage where teenagers are trying to figure out who they really are and where they belong. Similarly, they desire to know what they are capable of doing. Seeking acceptance and respect from anyone who is ready to take them regardless of their behaviors is what teenagers want. Other teenagers often feel like they are outsiders and unfit to any group. Due to this, they are willing to do anything just for others to accept and take them in.

Peer Pressure Victims

The truth about peer pressure is that it easy to join a group which either uses drugs or alcohol. However, the most difficult part is getting out of the situation. One reason why it can be difficult is due to the threats by other peer members. With such threats, the teenager would have no choice but to remain in the group. In the end, they are trapped in such groups and without any idea of how to get out.


Addiction is a very serious case for most of the teenagers. Usually, once a teen is addicted to either drugs or alcohol, quitting can be very difficult. With a long period of drug or alcohol usage, they tend to feel that they cannot survive without using it.

Personal Medication

Most teens with mental issues such as anxiety, depression, or stress are willing to do anything to end such issues. They thus believe that drinking alcohol and smoking and help them forget their problems and remain cheerful. This means that they use drugs as their own medication to solve various problems. They thus end up becoming addicts due to prolonged usage of these drugs.

Fear of Criticism by Others

The worst thing that can happen to a teenager is being criticized by their fellow friends. No one can explain the pain a teenager goes through when others tease and make fun of him/her. Peers often criticize the teens in order to force them to join the alcohol and drug user groups. They are thus left with no option but to join their peers.

The Desire to Gain Respect

Another peer pressure source is the desire to gain respect from others. Without considering the consequences, teenagers are willing to do anything so as to gain the respect they want. Therefore, they tend to believe that the only way to get such respect is by the use of drugs.

Types of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure forms part of an individual’s daily routine. It is very common among teenagers and can highly affect their lives regardless of gender and age. Generally, peer pressure intensity usually varies according to the maturity and age of an individual. The major reason behind peer pressure is the gap of communication between the parents or guidance and their children. Due to this, the desire of teenagers is to find a group with accepts them. They often don’t consider whether it is the right thing or wrong.

There are various types of peer pressure among the teens and understanding them can be helpful in guiding your child. It includes the following;

research paper on peer pressure in teenagers

Negative Peer Pressure

The mind of a teenager is similar to soft clay. This is because they can take the shape of various impressive personalities near them. The possibility of such impression being negative in nature is very high. Teenagers are known to make the wrong decisions and choose dangerous paths in their life. They do this by taking abusive substances, smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, and even stealing. These situations usually result in criminal records and losing the chance of having a brighter future. In other cases, the negative peer pressure issue where peers threaten teen to take a dangerous path of the results to death.

Positive peer pressure

Peer pressure cannot often be negative. At times, peer pressure leads to new talents or hobbies, the health conscience, and sports spirit.  Also, it can lead to a high determination of becoming successful in life. Positive peer pressure often occurs in a case whereby a teenager begins to embrace the quality of someone else. It can be someone in class or someone he/she has never met directly.

The Spoken Peer Pressure

This is a type of peer pressure whereby peers influence teenager verbally to behave like them. For instance, the peers can encourage students that studying is just a waste of time. They then urge the students to try something out. It can be smoking or taking alcohol with a claim that it is more fun than studying.

Instead of continuing with their own life, such students chose to listen to their peers. They tend to believe that the peers’ lifestyle is much better and attractive. Sometimes, the teenagers are not willing to join the peer’s group. However, their mind is set to be part of the peer group.  They assume that by joining their peers, no one can tease or make fun of them.

The Unspoken Peer Pressure

This is where peers influence teen without involving any verbal communication between them. Such cases happen when a teen sees other peers leading a different lifestyle on a daily basis. To influence such teens, communication is not necessary since their mind is rapidly influenced. They thus begin to believe that the peers are living a good and happy life unlike them. To make it worse, they assume that there is no harm in trying something which others are doing it. At this point, the teen common sense and the essence of judgment goes off totally. They, therefore, start to abuse drugs and alcohol drinking since all their friends are fearlessly doing it.

The Adult Peer Pressure

Another type of peer pressure can be witnessed among the working adults. The fact is that the mind of an adult cannot be easily influenced, unlike the teenager. But at times, adults tend to turn to smoking and alcohol drinking habits due to pressure from their peers. Peers usually encourage them that smoking and drinking are the best options to relieve mind from work and personal stress. Likewise, adults have the habit of being easily corrupt once they see their fellow workmates doing a certain thing. They are, therefore, left with no option but to adopt their way of lifestyle.research paper on peer pressure in teenagers

The only way to stop peer pressure among the children is by teaching them while still at a tender age. For instance, you can teach them how to make their own decisions and the importance of education. With this, they can easily know when a peer wants to influence them hence they are able to protect themselves. On the other hand, parents or guardians should make sure that their children feel unique and special. For example, by making their children understand their unique traits and not to behave like their peers. Parents also need to support their children’s positive friendship and protect them from the negative friendship. Finally, bridging the gap of communication between teenagers and parents is a vital strategy against peer pressure.

Writing a Research Paper on Peer Pressure in Teenagers

Before you begin writing a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers, first understand the meaning of peer pressure. As mentioned earlier, peer pressure refers to the pressure whereby teenagers are influenced by a peer group. It is more rampant among the teenagers at the tender age since it is very easy to influence them.

Understanding the meaning is not only significant when it comes to writing a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers. You should also have the basic skills in writing such papers. Usually, there are a number of styles of writing a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers. However, the most essential thing is learning the right structure. Basically, a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers is based on three main parts. It includes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The following are some of the tips to consider when writing a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers.

Understand the Topic

When writing a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers, understanding the topic is very important. To make your research paper outstanding, you ought to have a clear understanding of the topic and what it requires. There are a number of ways you can obtain information for your paper. For instance, you can read the library books, consult the teacher or friends, and go through various magazines.research paper on peer pressure in teenagers

Find Similar Samples

The best way to improve the basic writing skills and knowledge is by finding similar and relevant samples. When it comes to a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers, gather enough sample papers relating to the topic. The best place to find relevant samples in the library. However, if you cannot visit the library then you can search for research papers help homework on the internet.

Once you have the samples on a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers, go through each of them thoroughly. With that, you can realize that the more you read them, the more you become familiar with the topic. Also, it becomes very easy for you to begin writing your research paper on peer pressure in teenagers.

Concentrate on the Introduction Part

In every research paper, the introduction is the most important part. Therefore, you need to write in a way that is capable of attracting the readers. First, include all the basic information relating to peer pressure. For instance, you can give an explanation of the peer pressure concept or how it can affect the teenagers. Remember that the introduction part should be brief since the body is where you can present more details.

Create a Research Paper Outline

It is very easy to get confused while trying to write a research paper on peer pressure in teenagers. This is why creating an outline before you begin writing is very important. It enables you to think critically and brainstorm ideas and points to include in the essay. Make sure that you write down all the ideas on a rough draft. This is important since it enables you to include all point in your paper without leaving out any essential point.

Write the Cause and the Impacts on the Body

After writing the introduction, the next part of the research paper on peer pressure in teenagers is the body. Here, you should present the causes and effect of peer pressure among teenagers. Don’t forget to provide an explanation of all the aspects of the topic.

Write a conclusion

The final part of the research paper on peer pressure in teenagers is the conclusion. You do not need to write a lot of information here. Simply comment on the research topic and in case you have any suggestions then you can present.

The Sample of a Research Paper on Peer Pressure in Teenagers

The following sample on a research paper in peer pressure in teenagers can help you write your own research paper;  


While growing up, we always find ourselves facing a lot of challenges, especially when making decisions about our life. At times, the decisions we make can be negligible. For instance, when making a decision on the co-curriculum activity to engage in. However, some decisions come with a lot of effects. For examples, deciding whether to smoke, drink alcohol, or skip a class. Such decisions can be very difficult to make. However, if you involve someone is making a particular decision, then there is a possibility of making the wrong decision. This is the major reason why peer pressure is a big problem. Therefore, in this paper, we are going to discuss what peer pressure is, why it is a major problem, and how to end it.

Body Paragraph 1

First, peer pressure is an urge or feeling to do something since other individuals of your age are doing it. It is the pressure to fit in a certain group of friends or classmates. For example, it can be a group wearing similar outfits, smoking, taking alcohol or drugs, and bullying others. In most cases, the peer pressure among teenagers is always negative. However, it is not worth since peer pressure can as well be positive. For example, peer pressure can encourage a student to take studies seriously and not to drink alcohol or smoke.

Body Paragraph 2

Secondly, the major problem of peer pressure is that most of the teenagers tend to give in so easily. This is because of their desire to fit into a certain group or the individuals around them. Also, they fear that other students are going to tease or make fun of them. Due to this, they have no other choice but to do what others are doing. Such teenagers often ignore the instincts telling them that such decisions are wrong. They thus end up landing in the wrong path.

Body Paragraph 3

Walking away or saying no to peer pressure is very difficult. This is especially when all your friends do not agree with your answer of saying no. But with proper confidence and self-strength, resisting and making the right choices is possible. It is therefore vital to listen and take your own judgment seriously. Whenever you are uncomfortable with something that your friends are pressuring you to do, then you know it is wrong. Simply listen to your judgment and tell them no. Usually, when one person has the courage to say no, then it is like for others to follow the lead. In case your friends keep pressuring you into such situations, the best option is to end your friendship with them. There is no doubt that your teacher or parent always tells you to wisely choose friends. This is usually good advice which every teenager has to take note of. Therefore, it is important to find friends whom you can share your beliefs and morals with and who are willing to respect your decisions.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, peer pressure is a very common issue. It is something that most of the young people often face while growing up. Dealing with peer pressure can be relatively difficult. However, the teenagers who are courageous and confident enough to speak up can protect themselves from making the wrong decisions. On the other hand, they give others the confidence to speak up and say no. 

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In conclusion, peer pressure is a situation whereby peers influence teenagers to behave like them or join their groups. It is common among teenagers and without guidance; a teenager can end up on the wrong path of life. It is, therefore, important to educate them on the causes and effects of peer pressure. Research paper on peer pressure in teenagers shows how peers can highly influence teenagers. In order to write such a paper, it is essential to know everything about peer pressure. The best place to get assistance is via the research papers help homework by My Homework Writers. Irrespective of the location and subject, feel free to contact us anytime!

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