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I need a research paper on topic Artificial Intelligence and I am not sure about the sub topic i am uploading a sample doc which is submitted by my friend. can you check and prepare it and I need at least 18 – 20 papers and no plagarisim.

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Artificial Intelligence

Navya Reddy Karnati (556139)

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Artificial intelligence is a new development platform which is able to make tasks with human intelligence. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in coming future to make things much faster without human force. There are lot of advantages using the artificial intelligence. Here the advantages below explained in detail. Here are the examples AI can perform tasks like visual identification, speech recognition, making the decisions and language translations.

Before knowing more about the Artificial intelligence, we need to know about the intelligence, types and components of intelligence.

What is Intelligence?

it is an ability to perform a task or an activity to learn from the experience, store and retrieve information from memory, resolve issues and adopt new situations. There are different types of intelligence detailed in below.

Here are the types below. Linguistic intelligence, Musical intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence , Intra-personal intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence.

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There are more real life examples with use of Artificial intelligence. One of the famous motor company TESLA has announced self-driving cars that are going to drive with using human intelligence so person may not be needed to drive any vehicle. This is the most trending innovation with the help of artificial intelligence. Another important feature here is Navigation System. This is also an important feature that helps us to reach any destination with the help artificial intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence designing robots which will he be helpful to control terrorist attacks without human force. Robots can be much helpful for the military. Google is also working on the artificial intelligence feature which will be helpful to the public in the form of providing benefits to the common people. There are several google applications everybody is using in today’s world like google maps, drive for sharing the data in the cloud and securing the data and back up the data. To conclude there are many more advantages using the artificial intelligence which can perform the tasks with human intelligence and also explained the real time examples detailed above.

Here are some weak points about the Artificial intelligence. The most weak point about the machine learning is , machines with weak Artificial intelligence are made to respond to specific situations but cannot think for themselves. On the other hand, there are more points about the artificial intelligence. A machine with strong Artificial intelligence is able to think and just act like a human which is an extra ordinary thing. The best real time example here is how the Hollywood movies can have portrayed their movies with the help of Artificial intelligence. So, Machine learning is an important application of artificial intelligence which can perform tasks and execute them using the machines ability to perform tasks without help of humans or programming.

The major benefits of of Artificial intelligence is to reduce the human force and perform the tasks.

  • Wars
  • Dangerous Workspaces
  • Car accidents
  • Natural accidents

Including below tasks such as,

Cleaning, Shopping and transportation etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gotten expanded consideration lately. Development, made conceivable through the Internet, has conveyed AI closer to our regular day to day existences. These advances, close by enthusiasm for the innovation’s potential financial and moral effects, conveys AI to the front line of numerous contemporary discussions. Industry interests in AI are quickly expanding, and governments are endeavoring to comprehend what the innovation could mean for their nationals.

The gathering of “Enormous Data” and the extension of the Internet of Things (IoT), has made an ideal domain for new AI applications and administrations to develop. Applications dependent on AI are as of now unmistakable in social insurance diagnostics, directed treatment, transportation, open security, benefit robots, instruction and diversion, yet will be connected in more fields in the coming years. Together with the Internet, AI changes the manner in which we encounter the world and can possibly be another motor for financial development.

Current Uses of AI:

Albeit man-made reasoning summons considerations of sci-fi, man-made reasoning as of now has numerous utilizations today, for instance:

Email separating: Email administrations utilize man-made reasoning to channel approaching messages. Customers can set up their spam channels by stepping messages as “spam”.

Personalization: Online administrations utilize man-made consciousness to customize your experience. Administrations, like Amazon or Netflix, “learn” from your past buys and the buys of different clients so as to prescribe applicable substance for you.

Extortion identification: Banks utilize computerized reasoning to decide whether there is peculiar movement for you. Startling action, for example, remote exchanges, could be hailed by the calculation.

Discourse acknowledgment: Applications utilize computerized reasoning to enhance discourse acknowledgment capacities. Models incorporate keen individual colleagues, for example Amazon’s “Alexa” or Apple’s “Siri”.

1 Someone’s knowledge is their capacity to comprehend and learn things.

2 Intelligence is the capacity to think and comprehend as opposed to getting things done by sense or consequently.

In this way, as indicated by the principal definition, knowledge is the quality controlled by people. Be that as it may, the second definition recommends a totally unique methodology and gives some adaptability; it doesn’t indicate whether it is somebody or something that can think and get it. Presently we ought to find what thinking implies. Give us a chance to counsel our lexicon once more. Believing is the action of thinking carefully to think about an issue or to make a thought.



Turing did not give meanings of machines and considering, he just kept away from semantic contentions by concocting a diversion, the Turing impersonation amusement. of asking, ‘Can machines think?’, Turing said we ought to ask, ‘Can machines pass a conduct test for insight?’ He anticipated that constantly 2000, a PC could be modified to have a discussion with a human investigative specialist for five minutes and would have a 30 percent possibility of deluding the examiner that it was a human. Turing characterized the astute conduct of a PC as the capacity to accomplish the human-level execution in intellectual undertakings. In other words, a PC finishes the test if investigative specialists can’t recognize the machine from a human based on the solutions to their inquiries.

The impersonation amusement proposed by Turing initially included two stages. In the principal stage, the investigative specialist, a man and a lady are each set in discrete rooms and can impart just through an unbiased medium for example, a remote terminal. The cross-examiner’s goal is to work out who is the man and who is the lady by addressing them. The principles of the diversion are that the man should endeavor to swindle the cross examiner that he is the lady, while the lady needs to persuade the questioner that she is the lady.

2nd ARTICLE: A Modern Approach to Distributed Artificial Intelligence

the field of distributed artificial intelligence (DAT), an indispensable sub field of AI, has encountered exponential development in the regions of innovative work. DAI is principally worried about frameworks that comprise of various free substances that cooperate with one another in complex issue spaces. The exploration zone of DAT has been isolated into two sub-disciplines:

Distributed Problem Solving (DPS) and Multi operator Systems (MAS). The focal point of DPS is on the

data the board parts of frameworks where a few operators are cooperating in a conveyed way towards tackling a given issue and along these lines attempting to accomplish a shared objective. On the other hand, MAS is related to DPS yet is profoundly focused on the behavior management angle of gatherings of a few autonomous elements or savvy specialists that are cooperating with one another in a given issue space.

Scientists in the region of MAS are fundamentally keen on concentrate the connections of computational savvy operators. These specialists speak to certifiable elements and have distinctive inclination structure. The key research objective in the territory of MAS is to configuration disseminated frameworks that lead to all inclusive attractive results for any issue area. An intriguing idea of MAS is that the partaking savvy operators can consider their own great and hence may act deceitfully.

Furthermore, their interactions can be either agreeable or selfish, whereby each wise operator can

either share a shared objective or can rehearse its very own advantages. The fruitful execution of MAS

specialists have been encouraged through exploring basic segments, for example, operator correspondences dialects, communication conventions and operator models. Because of the interdisciplinary idea of the field, specialists in the region of MAS investigate on ideas and models from numerous orders outside of AT, including brain science, financial aspects, reasoning, association and the board science. MAS innovation isn’t only an idea but instead it has several applications in the workforce and has been effectively actualized in territories, for example, organizing, working frameworks, advertising, back, assembling, and coordination’s.

The first article I preferred was written by author” Indrasen Poola ”. This article was titled as “How AI is impacting real life every day”. Theoretically speaking the author has justified the title. In this paper he covers topics such as

  • Methodology
  • Findings of automated transport system
  • Involvement in dangerous jobs
  • Computerized methods
  • Reducing human effect
  • Time saving, ECT

These are the 6 major things mentioned in the paper. Well as we are writing the summary I would like to discuss only the points that I liked. This paper talks about AI with self-driving cars. These cars still need a handler if in case something goes wrong but this is how AI Is being developed.

AI can also be involved in hazardous jobs. Advanced robots are used instead of humans to deal with hazardous stuff. A few things mentioned in this paper are in the paper. AI was used to build advance robots and these robots are used to defuse bombs in the army. This advancement has saved the life of many solders. This was designed by the key idea of the robots has nothing to fear. There are many places where AI is also being used. For example, GPS, Data mining, smart phone technology, ETC. with time AI has also been updating itself. Its has updated a lot and this paper only explains the basics of AI. After the AI came into act it has also reduced the effect of hard work a person can put into. Ai can also be used to save time. For example, consider Automobile industry. The assembly line was completely automated. Only a supervisor will be supervising for any flaws in the machinery and he rest is automated. This is one use of AI. The author had concluded saying that the AI has substantially changed and improved our way of life. Well this paper is just a rough introduction of AI and its implementations.


Article 2

The second article I selected was “the internet, intranets and the AI renaissance” and was written by author “Daniel E. O’Leary”. This paper explains how the AI can be used on the internet. According to thi paper It claims that few people think AI was a new branch of computers that deals with something else. But AI had its first application even 40 years back. The paper also explains that Ai may not be suitable with small applications but with an Application like WWW it is the perfect tool to search the search engine. The author has also mentioned how this search engine can be slowed down by the number of increasing users. Now it’s time to implement AI in WWW too. There are many advantages by using the AI in the world wide web. Some of the topics mentioned by the author were,

  • Intelligent Browsing
  • Intelligent agents
  • Special purpose agents
  • General purpose agents

There are also other topics covered such as using of the intelligent browsing of large databases, intelligent helpdesks ETC. These are the two papers that I have read on AI and could contribute more to this topic. But due to the time and word limitations I have to just confine it to he outline. We can say that now A is in every part of our life. This is my contribution for this assignment.


Article 1:

Artificial intelligence (AI) commonly refers to the use of computer science skills to create

applications and software’s that enables a machine to perform human-like tasks example speech

recognition. The AI of today has evolved to the extent of robot imitating human intelligence. Thus they

(robots) are able to perform a task that require thinking and learning. AI is making shuman dependence

on technology to increase daily.

Although AI replicas man’s mind they significantly differ, robots are created for a specific task,

while the human brain is made with sophisticated ability to multi-task. Despite the robots portraying

human characteristics, they fail at a point due to human-computer difference unlike with fellow human.

Hence, robots improve material circumstances rather than a human replacement.

Today’s artificial intelligence can perform a wide range of tasks by utilizing GPS and check-

scanning machines. In business, the computers perform huge data analysis and complex mathematical

calculations. In the medical field, they are used to perform delicate surgical operations. Artificial

intelligence help in research where human survival is difficult, example space exploration.

Though the technology is helpful it is posing challenges to human co-existence, human life will

soon be autonomous and will entirely depend on technology forcing the generation to be jobless. The

development of sophisticated weapons through artificial intelligence is a threat the global security. To

counter the challenge a symbolic approach with weak formalized representation with meaning should

be developed. With these rate of innovation, the future AI will be concerned with facial recognition,

improving speech and providing personal aid to automate a system fully


Article 2:

Artificial intelligence is the technological innovation enabling human simulation by machines. The

simulation goes to the extent of learning information and using information rules to perform a specific

role. John MacCarthy invented the word artificial intelligence AI is categorized as narrow or weak and

strong AI depending on the level of human intervention. The simulation ability of AI is used by man to

his advantage either to make a decision or to solve a problem.

There are several agents of action. They are software’s that gather information and then

execute the operation they include robots, a factory, a web shopping program, and a traffic control

system. They achieve the effect by algorithm method of solving a problem. They can be used in

mathematical calculations and also data computing.

Many fields have adopted the technology for their advantage. AI is being used in sport as

wearables are being used to analyze a player’s workload technique and strength. AI is being used in

business strategically analyze market trend to enable the organization to venture more in the market.

The companies are using the technique to compute their huge transaction data.

Regardless of the benefits, the technology is being associated with it threatens the existence of

human civilization due to workforce replacement. Global leaders have acknowledged AI technology.

Many countries like Finland and China have heavily invested in it. The paper brings about the need for

the government to sustain and control AI technology not to cause adverse effects like weapon

manufacturing and joblessness.

Internet has been used by many people for connections. These connections are made using

devices. However, nowadays there are multiple devices that are connected for performing tasks. people, even devices will have their own networks in the Internet. One person can have multiple devices that which can be used by connecting to the Internet. Hence, it is not only people but also devices need to be interconnected and this interconnection of networks are in called as the Internet of things. These devices communicate with the world using the Internet protocol and it collects the information and this information is then transformed into intelligent information. In an IoT system cloud computing is a very feasible option as it provides huge storage capacity and it also provides an easy way for accessing data and analyzing and decision making. For an intelligent IoT environment, good quality of the data collection by smart devices is extremely required. The ability to collect a large amount of data is the most important factor when it comes to an IoT. The network of IoT it is possible to form various modes of communication to perform an activity, such as D2D (device to device) where all the information is handled between one device to another. IoT uses two different types of operating networks to connect these devices, constrained and unconstrained networks. In constrained network devices with low memory, power and data rate are used, unconstrained devices use to capture physical data to perform a task autonomously. D2D communication is fundamental in IoT, it also provides robustness and leverage to the networks. The heterogeneous nature of the IoT needs the D2D communication to be intelligent, which is the ability of the device to be aware of the operating environment and from where the data is collected to the process. the common D2D communication technologies are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and cellular networks. As there are many devices connected in IoT infrastructure, these devices will compete for access to the frequency spectrum. Hence, to avoid starvation and ensure efficient turns fir accessing the spectrum there needs to be some mechanism such as sharing the frequency among the traffic using certain types of criteria for selecting frequency by scheduling within the network. As there are several devices that are connected in IoT infrastructure, security becomes a challenge. The data exchanged between the devices can be private and confidential.


Paper 2 summary

Artificial intelligence videos from computer task that acquired knowledge analysis and reasoning and understanding repeat process fun stuff there are two ways to implement artificial intelligence GameStop when is based on symbolism and is connectionism artificial intelligence uses machine-learning improve its performance over time. It uses the new Knowledge and Skills acquired by a machine learning to understand the previous knowledge and create a relatable equation. machine learning the keyboard function is used for adding weight to certain learnings or equation Flintstone every time the equation between the previous analysis and the current analysis is proved to be correct weight is added to that particular relation in upcoming process this weight can be used for understanding the equation that should be used mostly the equation which has higher rate is used in every case French toast another feature of machine learning is teacher learning negative feedback is used for correction of the analysis. teachers learning is also used for providing information from one model to another for example of Higher Learning module can provide a teacher aspect to learning module. There are two types of instruction systems one. Computer-assisted instruction system to the intelligent computer-assisted instruction system. In computer assisted instruction system a programmed instruction is used for instructing the operating system for the task to be performed programmatically. Intelligent computer-assisted instruction system is adding AI techniques to the previous instruction set. It is used for analyzing and increasing the performance in order to develop individualized tutoring strategies. there are two components for this one is Problem solving and the second is Student model Tutoring. problem solving module contains the knowledge the student model contains the information and it tries to understand what the problem is. Tutoring model is the model which is going to understand the problem, find a solution, and give a reasoning for the suggested solution.





Pottala, M. (2018). Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence in Sports.

Shabbir, J., & Anwer, T. (2018). Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Near Future. arXiv preprint





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