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  1. Summarize the story in detail:
    • Write three well-developed paragraphs that summarize the main points of the story. (450 words with APA citation)
    • Determine what nursing issue is reflected in the story and key people involved
    • Share your viewpoint about the story as it relates to nurses and the nursing profession.
  2. Explains how the topic is related to the course (nursing). Explain in excellent detail how the topic is related to the course.
  3. States the date when the story appeared
  4. Provides correct and working location of the story on the Internet.
  5. Summarizes the story including the nursing issue that is addressed, the nurses and other key people involved, and other pertinent information that informs the reader as to what occurred.
  6. Excellent mechanics and organization with minimal errors

article link will follow. 450 words reference and app in text citation

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Research Assignments | Online Homework Help
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1. When you propose a budget increase or cut, think about the longer term consequences of your proposal. What impact, if any, would there by over the longer term with a budget cut? Or a budget increase?

150 Words response with reference and in text citation****

2. A common refrain is that “all citizens must pay taxes, and by doing so contribute to their fair share” of the national economy.

Is this in fact a true statement though? Do all citizens pay taxes, let alone a “fair share”? Do those who receive an EIC pay taxes? What constitutes “fair taxation,” and who determines which segments of the population have paid their fair share?

150 words and reference with in text citation****

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