Res 351 business research week 1 dq

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Res 351 business research week 1 dq
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Often the word “Research” can put fear into the hearts of a student.  Don’t let the complexities of research overwhelm you, there is a mathematical basis for research but there is so much more to learn.  You are a consumer of research, from exit polling at voting stations, to Consumer Reports reviews and you own personal comparisons of products and services.   In Chapter 1 you will get an overview of how research relates to business and how business utilizes research to provide better service, better products and to survive in this competitive global market place.  In this chapter you will learn the “why” and “how” businesses use research.  Make sure you pay particular attention to “Research Process: An Overview”, this will help give you a vision of where we will be going this week.  Also the Four Research studies will give you a wonderful example of the four types of research designs that have been used by companies.  Also take note of what is ‘good’ research.  I still remember my very first graduate research class (taught in the summer too), the professor started by staying “figures don’t lie but liars sure can figure”, so by learning the parameters for ‘good’ research you will be able to determine if the research results are valid.  I look forward to meeting your comments this week.

Class, visit some of your favorite company’s websites and see if they have a code of ethics, can you easily find it?  Is it a measurable code?


In this video the discussion of Ethics & business continues.  One question posed is “Does Ethics in Business Pay?”, and I think the answer incorporates not only looking at this from a researcher lens but from a business lens.  It may appear cheaper to forgo including an ethics debate in making a corporate decision, however you can argue in the long run business can save money by paying more attention to potential ethical issues.  For example, in a 2012 Huffington Post article on “The Worst Business Decisions of all Time”, discusses how major corporations made decisions despite internal warnings that they should have either proceeded with caution or move in a new direction (McIntyre, Allen, Weigley,& Sauter, 2012).  Specifically, GM continued to make larger cars when the demand for small cars was increasing.  Did the managers decide to discount the consumer’s desire for fuel efficient cars for environmental and economic reasons?  Also Firestone reportedly continue to manufacture tires with known defects and they paid a considerable amount out to consumers, and the additional cost of repairing their reputation and try to renew consumer confidence. 

 Class, what other examples of ethics and business decision making can you find?

Class, do you have any examples from your professional life where data was evaluated to make business decision?

Published research reveals many ways that businesses use research. Can you find an article that addresses an area of interest to you?  Discuss the findings and or methods used, are there any ethical considerations that were or should have been addressed?

In Chapter Two the author provides a good foundation in the hot topic of ethics and how it relates to businesses.  One point I would like the class to consider is the concept of professional organizations (and sometime businesses) developing their own professional codes of ethics.  A study that assessed the effects of personal and professional values on ethical consulting behavior concluded that “… unless ethical codes and policies are consistently reinforced with a significant reward and punishment structure and truly integrated into the business culture, these mechanisms would be of limited value in actually regulating unethical conduct.” (Cooper & Schindler, 2014).

 Can you find any examples in professional organizations and/or businesses that you have come across and would like to share?  Also, evaluate the efficacy of these codes, are they reasonable, measurable, etc.  Do you have any recommendations how they can be revised?  Take time to review the content in Chapter 2 when crafting your response.  I look forward to reading your postings.

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