Reporting career assessment results | Psychology homework help

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Reporting career assessment results | Psychology homework help
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Reporting Career Assessment Results 

Early in the week, gain permission from your instructor to use an assessment you have selected.  Take that assessment.  Once you have the results, write up a report about the results of the test, as if you were a counselor writing a report for your client.  Then, create a video on YouTube of yourself as the counselor explaining the results to your client in terms they would understand and what the results mean and what they can be used for.  Include any resources you would refer your client to for more information to explore their career options.  Be sure to look to page 140 for suggestions about how to discuss the results of the test.

*Post your video on YouTube.  Be sure to mark your video as “Unlisted.”  You will turn your report in a word document with the link to your video at the end of the document where you normally turn in your assignments.

Here is a website with directions on making your videos unlisted Create an unlisted videoLinks to an external site.

UMBC (n.d.) How do I create an unlisted YouTube video? Retrieved from https://wiki.umbc.edu/pages/viewpage.action?

 The assessment that needs to be used is…. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 

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