Reply to the disscussions in your own words

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Reply to the disscussions in your own words
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1: In this new generation, technology is in part a great if not the best tool for communication in the new era. because of the technology, smart phones and portable devices, the communication across the globe is now closer than what it was decades ago when all the communication was conducted by mail or personal messenger. Today, because of them and the social networks created, companies and organizations can reach employees, clients, shareholders and owners as well as prospect candidates across the nation and overseas. they can literally carry their offices on their smart devices responding to emails, texting, talking and analyzing live and real data and information is now possible from the palm of our hands, making the companies and industries more efficient when it comes to negotiations. although when it comes to personal live it could be catastrophic if person doesn’t know how to use it.

2:With all the new ways of communication I think its important that we learn how to communicate on all platforms the correct and most effective way. This section really breaks down how people should communicate within business on different platforms. Having ethics in communication is very important because the goal is to do good business and if your making unethical decisions then the outcome would not be good for business. With so many platforms to communicate on I feel that it is important to take advantage of these tools to make your life and your business better but make sure that you do it the right way.

3:Please list examples of Professional Social media and how they are used today. Also, explain how they work for you pros and cons.

4:I think that all social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are good platforms to use in business. I feel that the people that are using them decide if they are professional or not. I see a lot of businesses using social media to help promote their business or to interact with customers to help improve on how to make it better. The thing i hate about social media is all of the trolls that will leave negative comments and rude things on your page without even trying your product just to get a laugh. For a long time I sold shoes using varies Facebook groups and i made pretty good money doing it. The bad thing about that is that their are a lot of scamers out there and I have had to deal with that issue from time to time.

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