Reflectlon journal “cyber crime’ | Law homework help

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Reflectlon journal “cyber crime’ | Law homework help
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·         Reflection Journal “CYBER CRIME”


This week, through our work, we are looking at ways we can make our work better through the revision process. Additionally, we have begun to explore the following course outcomes:


  1. Articulate research findings in a concise, comprehensive report
  2. Combine two specialized areas of expertise with a well-rounded understanding of the sociological and cultural implications of the specialized knowledge


In this reflection journal, in at least 150 words, reflect back on what you have learned so far through the course readings, assignment (if you’ve completed it yet), and our discussion. Consider the following questions to guide your reflection:


  1. What, if anything, did you find surprising, particularly challenging, interesting, or useful?
  2. From what you know about this course so far, what connections can you make to previous learning experiences, and how do you think this course will help you as you move forward in your college and professional life?
  3. How do the course outcomes for this week apply to your experience so far?
  4. What questions do you still need answered?


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