How to Write a Reflective Essay for University

How to Write a Reflective Essay for University

So many students joining university find it a great challenge writing university essay. There are different types of essays that students might be required to write. Also, there are university essays students write when applying for university. Additionally, there are essays students write to get admission to university or college. Furthermore, in the course of your study at the university, you might be asked to write a reflective essay. It is for this reason that provides you with this guide on how to write a reflective essay for university. A comprehensive and clear understanding of how to write a reflective essay for university is, therefore, of significance.

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How to Write a Reflective Essay for University
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how to write a reflective essay for university

Since the reflective essay that you have to write for your university application requires you to be as open as possible, you must have an open mind before you start the writing process. Additionally, reflective essays you write for college applications have a big influence on your chances of getting a chance at the university. Therefore, it is essential that you personalize the essay by staying true and authentic. It is for this reason that offers this guide to clearly show you how to write a reflective essay for university. Furthermore, it is from your essay that the admission committee will get to know your personality and authenticity.

What Does Reflective Essay Mean?

A reflective essay is a personalized reflection on particular experiences, topics, movies, and activities.

Reflective Essay Meaning

A reflective essay is like academic writing; however, it is less formal. Also, a reflective essay provides you with the chance to speak your views concerning an experience. Also, you get a chance to air your opinions, judgments, views, and claims concerning an encounter. When writing a reflection paper, you can use a casually professional tone, adopt the first-person narration writing style, unless your instructor directs you otherwise, and provide your personalized opinion on the selected topic. That is to say, a reflection paper is your opinion on what you feel and think about an experience concerning the particular topic. Nevertheless, a good reflective essay evokes feelings and makes you think deeper.

Also, a reflective essay provides a writer with an opportunity to entirely express themselves and their experiences on a certain matter. Giving detailed information on how those events affected his or her life, the writer presents other learners with a writing tool or a different approach of viewing an issue, opening their minds, and readiness to accept different perceptions on the same matter. As a result, a reflection essay can provide a chance for the realization of a mutual lesson with others who have had such an encounter before.

Reflective Essay Outline

A reflection essay has an outline that makes your work easy to read and understand. The following are some of the tips you can acquire to help you understand how to write a reflective essay for university.

The Title

For a reflection essay for university, the chances that your professor will provide you with a topic is high. However, in case there is no topic at it is upon you to decide on a topic of reflection, ensure that the topic is relevant, and makes you feel excited to talk about it. Selecting a topic is the first step when writing a reflective essay for university. Be careful to select a topic that will keep you in an open-minded mood and ready to explore different ideas. Additionally, ensure your title is captivating enough to make someone interested in reading your entire essay.

Create a Draft of the Essay

The entire process of essay writing begins with a well-formulated draft. You should have a draft to provide you with the guidance you need as you write your essay. In your draft, note down all the major points you want to discuss, put them in the order of importance. Also, writing the points helps you to remember the points as you continue exploring different ideas concerning the topic and draw conclusions and make judgments.

Create a Structure For your Essay

Have enough time to brainstorm on your topic and have a comprehensive draft and outline for your essay.

Develop Several and Diverse Reflection Questions

Having well-formulated reflection questions play a key role during vivid descriptions. Continuously ask yourself questions that will keep you interested in providing an elaborate picture in both your mind and the mind of the reader.

Give Answers to the Questions you have Formulated.

Use the questions you formulated earlier to help you develop the content of the essay by providing answers to them. Comprehensively provide solutions giving elaborate examples that you support all your varied perspectives and judgments.

When writing a reflective essay for university, make as much use of your draft as possible. Note down all the points you would wish to talk about and in a systematic order. Develop a summary draft of the entire paper to assist in getting insight into what the final work would be like.

how to write a reflective essay for university

How do you write a Reflective Essay for University?

Before you embark on writing, it is essential to understand how to write a reflective essay for university. Your reflection paper must have an appropriate sense of direction. Furthermore, it is advisable to note that the main objective of your reflection paper is to pass information and probably lessons based on your personal encounters.

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When writing a reflective essay for university, your introduction plays a major role.

The Introduction of a Reflection Essay for University

Just like any essay, an introduction is one of the most integral sections. The effort you put in the introduction will determine how much interest one is likely to develop when they come across your essay. You must have a well-defined and powerful hook to keep your readers interested in knowing more.

As a result, here at, in as much as we provide homework assignment help online, we also provide suitable guides for our clients. Therefore, this section of the article provides a guide on how to write a compelling introduction for your reflection essay.

Ensure you get the Attention of the Readers with a Powerful Hook

Introduce your essay using a catchy hook that will keep the readers glued. The main objective of an introduction is to catch the attention of your reader; therefore, you must employ creativity in this section. Make sure you depict creativity and knowledge of what you are talking about. Avoid repetition and clichés in the introduction.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a closing statement in your introduction paragraph. It is at the thesis statement that the essay picks up your focal point. The thesis statement bears the major idea. Therefore, the thesis statement should be clear and concise. Lastly, your thesis statement helps the readers understand the direction of your reflective essay without reading the entire essay but makes them want to know more by keeping then hooked to your essay.

how to write a reflective essay for university

Use First-Person Narration when Developing an Introduction

A reflective essay is subjective, and the explanations rely on the interpretation of the writer from their point of view. Hence, it is advisable to write your essay from the first-person point of view. Also, first-person narration helps in conveying your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in a way that is simple, and you can relate to it. Furthermore, the first-person narration style will help engage your readers better. The writer will always seem to own the story, which is a good perspective to the reader; they are able to step into the shoes of the writer.

Have a Short and Precise Introduction

Always keep your introduction concise and straight to the point. Ensure your introduction contains 5 to 7 sentences that are compelling and comprehensive. Your introduction must pass a comprehensive and concise idea that makes the entire essay interesting reading.

How do you Start a Reflective Essay?

First, the introduction is the initial section of your essay. However, the entire process of receiving a chance in a university ought to begin before you put down your introduction. As part of the preparation to write an outstanding reflective essay, allocate enough time, develop a reflective essay outline, and ensure you keep track of the deadlines.

Below is a reflective essay outline on how to start a reflective essay.

Understand the Prompt

Ensure that you exactly and carefully follow all the reflective essay prompts. You might write an exceptional essay but still have your university application rejected if you fail to follow the instructions and adhere to the prompt. Examples of reflective essay prompts are word count guidelines that should be between 300 to 700 words and the required formatting.

How Long is a Reflective Essay?

Your essay should be between 300 to 700 words unless you are given a different direction from your instructor.

You should carefully read the instructions to get what is expected from you. Also, your main focus should be illustrating why you deserve the opportunity. Additionally, consider the following questions when writing your university essay outline:

  • Why are you applying for a particular university?
  • What goes through your mind when you think of that university?
  • Your career objectives and aspirations.
  • What are the goals you are pursuing?
  • What exclusive contributions can you present in a particular field of study?


The format of the essay submission will guide you on whether or not to include a topic in your essay. First, there is a provision of a text box entry; all you will have to do is copy and paste the body of your university essay, without the title. Secondly, in case you are attaching your essay as a word document, including a title is optional. However, the title is normally unnecessary unless there is a provision or an instruction to include a topic for your essay. Nevertheless, a topic can be essential if you wish to provide the reader with more information before you start the essay.

Also, when you are required to include a topic, it is advisable to do the following:

  1. Have enough time to think of a title before you write.
  2. Write the entire essay, then create your title.

Additionally, a comprehensive and descriptive title summarizing the prompt could work well, provided you present a strong essay.

Writing the Hook

A hook is the opening statement of the essay, and its key objective is to capture the attention of the readers and make them want to read the entire essay. The hook is a vital section of your essay. Remember, the committee or board has dozens of essays to review. Therefore, it is critical to make your paper catching and worth remembering. Thus, a strong, captivating, and powerful hook comes in handy. You should ensure you are as creative as possible and original.

Create Your Content in the Body

The body of your essay should have a systematic flow of ideas, the main ideas. When writing a reflective essay on a movie, for instance, you require three to four paragraphs to make the body of the essay. Provide a vivid narration of the episodes. The entire experience you get from the movie or the documentary should be carefully captured and explained. Also, start with your most significant points as you move forward.

The Conclusion of Your Essay

The conclusion also plays an important role in your reflection essay on how you conclude your essay matters a lot. Therefore, at the end of your essay, ensure that you provide a paragraph to summarize your entire essay. Furthermore, your conclusion should reflect the major points you have discussed in your essay in your paragraphs. Consequently, as a writer, you might decide to prove a recommendation on the subject matter.

Reflective Essay Conclusion Sample

The main objective of a conclusion is to provide a sense of closure for the presented ideas. However, the success of every paragraph lies in the final sentence. In conclusion, the writer considers the present and future as it guides the reader from the page out into the world.

What is an Example of Reflection? provides you with the following creative writing reflective essay examples, personal development reflective essay examples, reflective essay examples for high school, reflective essay on writing experience, reflective essay examples about life, self-reflection essay about yourself, and an ideal individual reflective report example.

The reflective essay topics are diversely suitable for different levels of education.

how to write a reflective essay for university

What are Reflective Topics?

The following are reflective essay examples for high school

  1. Talk about the best symposium you took part in
  2. Are tests such as SAT and ACT effective?
  3. What are you proud of?
  4. Changing the city to live in
  5. Rising poverty rates in the western world
  6. How globalization affects the economy
  7. A big reunion with your former classmates
  8. Your first public speaking
  9. Online personal space
  10. Is music an effective technique to cure mental illness?
  11. Life in a new state.
  12. Getting married
  13. Getting engaged
  14. When you first skipped school
  15. When you were an assault victim.

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To conclude, it is vital for students to understand how to write a reflective essay for the university to have more chances of getting admission. For any questions on how to write a reflective essay for university and more information on how to write a reflective essay for university, do not hesitate to visit

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