The Perfect Reflective Essay on Leadership and Management

The Perfect Reflective Essay on Leadership and Management

When writing a reflective essay on leadership and management, express your ideas and opinions on leadership based on your experience in a leadership role.

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The Perfect Reflective Essay on Leadership and Management
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Assignments are a critical element in the life of a student. It is no doubt that the life of any student regardless of their level of education is incomplete without assignments. Instructors issue assignments; both written and oral to students from time to time in the course of their learning. Usually, the instructor will give the student an assignment and indicate the topic that they should write on. In some cases, the instructor will require the students to come up with a topic to write about. Take, for instance; you are told to write a reflective essay on leadership and management. How should you go about it?

reflective essay on leadership and management

Role of assignments

Assignments help instructors assess the level of understanding of a subject among students from the assignment. On the other hand, assignments help students relate the things learnt in class with issues in the real world. Instructors like to give students assignments that are related to the daily life of a student. So, when your instructor requires you to write a reflective essay on leadership and management, there are a few factors that come to play.

First, you need to know the outline of a reflective essay as you need to express your ideas in that format. Second, you need to conduct your research on the subject you will be writing about—in this case—leadership and management. There are different approaches you can use for this task. One, you can analyze the subjects and write your essay on that. Two, you can write about someone else or yourself in a leadership position. First things first, let us look at the outline of a reflective essay.

The outline of a reflective essay on leadership and management

The purpose of a reflective essay is to let you describe your opinions and feelings on a particular thing or experience. Therefore a reflective essay on leadership and management will entail you narrating your opinions and ideas on leadership and management. The structure of your essay will be on what you know, have read, or hear about the topic subjects. Essay writing experts indicate that a reflective essay on leadership and management should include the following:

reflective essay on leadership and management


The introduction of your essay makes the first paragraph of your reflective essay on leadership and management. Like any introductory paragraph in an essay, the introduction of your reflective essay on leadership and management will entail a summary of what you will be highlighting in your essay. Remember the purpose of an introduction is to capture the attention of a reader and implore them to read further. Start your introductory paragraph with a hook. The first statement could be a catchy statement, fact, or short story. Either way, it should grasp the reader’s attention.

You should also give the background information on the subject matter. The background is essential as the reader gets an in-depth understanding of the subject topic. It is not good to assume that everyone understands what leadership and management are. Lastly, you should come up with a relevant thesis statement for your essay. The thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction of your reflective essay on leadership and management.

The body

The body of an essay takes the largest part of an essay. It is in this section that you should let the reader know of the experiences that are relevant to the subject topic. In a reflective essay on leadership and management, you will be narrating your experiences both in leadership and management. You need to give detailed explanations of your experiences so that the reader relates to your experience. A better way to write the body of your essay is this way; let the reader know your initial expectations in detail. Secondly, describe a relevant experience in leadership and management. The experience can be first-hand or second-hand.

Consider other experiences you have had and let them build to the first experience you explained. You should end the essay by discussing in detail other lessons you have learnt from other experiences on leadership.

The conclusion

The purpose of a conclusion is to ensure that the reader is aware of all the issues you have discussed in your essay. You also want to be sure that the reader did not miss a single point that you highlighted. Also, you want the content that the reader has obtained from your reflective essay on leadership and management to linger in their head long after reading the essay. Your reflective essay on leadership and management should be a summary of all the points and ideas that you have highlighted in the body.

Give a brief description of your views that are a result of the experiences you have had in leadership. You can state any new conclusions you have made from the experiences. Be careful not to overdo the conclusion as it should be a summary. Lastly, indicate your future plans which relate to both leadership and management. That way, a reader grasps the whole concept of leadership and management and what it means to you.

Reflecting on leadership and management

As mentioned earlier, there are different angles that you can use when writing a reflective essay on leadership and management. One valid angle to use when writing a reflective essay on leadership and management is to choose a leader you know of and make them the center of your discussion. You will be focusing on the leadership and management skills of the leader of their choice and how they shaped them. Think about it. There are numerous leaders; both dead and alive around the world who have had a significant impact in their sphere of influence.

Each leader has had their fair share of impact; negative, positive or both. You will be focusing on their impact when writing a reflective essay on them. Since there are multiple things that concern a leader and their management, you need to choose a theme for your essay. Whatever theme you choose, ensure that your theme is consistent throughout the entire reflective essay.

reflective essay on leadership and management

Management skills principles

First, you can start your essay by identifying different principles that are applicable to management skills. After that, you need to find relevant experiences that related to those management skills. Management requires a leader in whatever capacity to have different skills. Some of these important skills include:

Decision-making skills

At one point or another in the course of leadership, a manager has to make decisions. Decision-making skills come into play when a manager has to make accurate decisions. These skills are also helpful in the identification and identification of opportunities and potential problems. When making appropriate decisions, a leader should prioritize every individual in the organization and as well as make time-sensitive decisions.

Time management skills

Time is a critical resource that every manager and leader should make good use of. A leader should be work efficiently, prioritize work according to the timelines, and delegate tasks accordingly. The unique element about time that differentiates it with other resources is that if one does not make good use of it, they can never get it back.

Communication skills

Throughout the course of leadership and management, a leader will interact with different people of different capacities. During the interaction, the leader will be passing information to subordinate staff. Communication skills are critical to see that the leader conveys the right message and in the right way to the subordinate staff. Communication skills are also essential in dictating how the leader receives information conveyed to them.

Diagnostic skills

Challenges are an inevitable element in life, and a leader will no doubt experience some challenges in the leadership position. A leader should come up with a proper response for a particular challenge. Diagnostic skills help a leader visualize different solutions to challenges and choose the most appropriate solution to a particular issue. Remember that every solution that a leader may have at his or her disposal has consequences. It is the responsibility of the leader to compare the benefits and consequences of a certain solution and select the most appropriate one.

Conceptual skills

There is a saying that goes ’change is the only constant thing in life’. While that is very true, human beings ought to know how to deal with the change as it will always be there in life. A leader, in this case, should understand how to manage change as it arises in the course of their leadership capacity. Managers understand the different elements of an organization and how the subordinate are connected to the organization. It is his or her responsibility to ensure that everyone in the organization is well embraced in the change.

Technical skills

Specific procedures within an organization are necessary for tasks to be complete. Any leader should understand what the procedures are, and the right way to handle the procedures. This is where technical skills apply. For effective performance in a leadership role, a leader should possess different technical skills to handle processes, methods, and procedures. The technical skills that a leader should possess depend on their area of specialization. For example, the technical skills that an engineer has are different than those that an accountant should have. In whatever position of leadership and or management that an individual is, they should possess the right technical skills for the task.

Design skills

In the course of time, there may be issues that may arise. Any leader should foresee issues before they can happen. That way, they can address the issues before they can cause serious implications. Besides foreseeing issues, a leader should frame appropriate solutions to the issues. Failure to identify an issue or a solution to an issue is a sign of incompetent leadership. Therefore, an effective leader is one who sees issues beforehand and frames feasible solutions to the problem. The solutions should cater to both internal and external elements in the organization.

reflective essay on leadership and management

Human skills

An organization would be incomplete without people. Consider this; would one be labeled a leader or manager is there were no people they were leading or managing? Absolutely not. From time to time, a leader will be interacting with other people in the organization. Human skills are essential to see that a leader works successfully and diligently with other people. Human skills entail the ability to pass information, lead, and collaborate with other people to accomplish certain set objectives for the organization.

When a leader has proper human skills, they create a conducive environment in the organization. People can express their opinions and ideas in the organization without feeling intimidated. Human skills are also important in how colleagues interact with each other in the organization. When a leader has good human skills, the juniors in the organization have someone to emulate.

The significance of management skills principles

Management and leadership skills are essential for a leader and manager to accomplish their responsibilities in an organization. Here are some of the ways that management skills are essential in the running of an organization:


It is the responsibility of a manager to communicate different ideas and concepts to employees in an organization. Employees are a critical element in an organization, and their input very essential to managers. Proper communication skills help a manager in the following:

  • Solving issues among employees
  • Negotiating factors such as work timelines, salaries, and work terms
  • Effective purpose training for the employees
  • Holding effective meetings with the employees
  • Maintaining openness with the employees


A manager occupies the highest rank in an organization. That means that every employee is looking up to them. Therefore, a manager should set a good example for the employees. Employees should look at the manager and understand what the organization is all about. A manager should strive to be honest, professional, and have a high level of integrity. In regards to professionalism, a manager should do the following:

  • Exhibit the right initiative
  • Issue proper customer services
  • Be part of seminars that focus on professionalism and personal development
  • Instill solutions to issues in the organization
  • Showcase effective moral standards


Since the employees look up to the leader and manager in the organization, an effective leader should motivate employees in their field of operation. The right motivation will steer employees to working hard to accomplish the goals of the organization. Motivated employees not only exhibit employee satisfaction but also have a high productivity rate. Before coming up with a motivation strategy, a manager should seek to understand the weaknesses and strengths of each employee. That is because one cannot generalize motivation elements among all employees. Some of the elements in motivating employees are:

  • Supporting employees with stress
  • Encouraging employees to run different projects in the organization
  • Issuing incentives to well-performing employees
  • Acknowledging the contribution of each employee in the organization

Solving problems

Any leader should have the right skills to identify, face, and overcome any arising issue in the organization. One, a leader needs to be attentive to spot any arising issue or problem before the employees. That way, there can be a sense of who is leading the other. Not only so, the leader should identify the real cause of the problem. Analytical skills are helpful in identifying a cause of a problem. A leader should find out any relevant information, determine how the information flows within the organization, and the outcome of that information. The skills that are helpful in solving problems include:

  • The identification of factors causing problems
  • Issuing resources when there is an issue
  • Efficient and quick troubleshooting skills
  • Coming up with effective solutions

How to develop as a manager leader through observation and self-reflection

Self-reflection in nursing leadership

Retired nurse leaders testify that once they have retired from nursing practice, they have ample time to conduct a critical self-reflection on leadership. During this time, they look through the different things they underwent as nursing leaders. When in the leadership position, one is busy solving challenges and progressing forward that they hardly have time to reflect on their leadership practice. It has been stated in the past that one can learn through three ways; reflection imitation and experience. It is until one reflects on their actions and behaviors that one can obtain useful insights that will prompt different thoughts and actions in the future.

reflective essay on leadership and management

Reflection on situational leadership helps one become resilient. Also, you get the opportunity to think through the things in the past and see the different ways you could have handled a situation differently. In summary, reflection is proactive thinking versus reactive thinking. Reflection is a necessary tool for one to become a true leader. You need to acquire self-awareness that only comes with a serious commitment to learn about yourself. You should consider your emotions and see how they influence your thoughts and behavior.

How do you start self-reflection?

There are many approaches that you can take when reflecting about yourself so you can write a personal leadership essay. However, a practical way is to ask yourself questions that would give you insights into how you operate. One way that coaches assist individuals who want to start self-reflection is to ask them to write their younger selves a letter. In this case, one would write a letter to a younger self with the basis being the leadership path they took, but now with present-day knowledge. It is important to note that life experiences and the people we come across in life influence the way one is and consequentially their leadership.

Self-reflection gives you the opportunity to explore your growth and how viewpoints change with time. When an individual takes up a new leadership role, they can take advantage of reflective journaling for self-reflecting. Reflective journaling in a leadership reflective journal involves the use of reflective skills to write down thoughts and ideas to help with clarity of thought. Here is a valid format that one can use to evaluate their experiences:

Consider an event

Here you need to choose an event in your life and analyze what happened. You need to be objective when describing the event strictly looking at pure facts. What was the event? Where did the event happen? Who was there? When did the event take place?

Analyze your reaction

What was your raw and unfiltered reaction from the event? Here you need to be also objective and factual in narrating your reaction. What was your first action? What thoughts did you have at the moment? How did you feel?

Evaluate the lessons

You need to consider the lessons that you picked from the event and your reaction. Is there a pattern in your reactions? Is there an issue that you need to address?

Leadership experiences are only as helpful as what you accomplish with them. Nursing leaders can use their experiences to coach young nurses into the leadership team reflection. Encouraging these young nurses to reflect on themselves and asking them reflective questions will prove helpful. Leaders should also embrace reflection on group work leadership to instill a sense of oneness. It is from this that the leaders can come up with a leadership report essay on the progress of leaders.

Reflection is a critical skill that every individual should consider. It is no surprise that reflection is part of leadership competency models. During these trainings, leaders reflect on their own management and leadership skills using a range of models. Effective action in leadership will only arise from productive reflection.

Sample of a reflective essay on leadership and management

A reflective essay on leadership and management should have five paragraphs. The first paragraph will be the introduction, the body should then take three paragraphs, and the last paragraph should be the conclusion.

reflective essay on leadership and management


It is a great delight for me to reflect concepts of both leadership and management in any organization. Leadership and management are not new ideas to any leader in whatever capacity. According to many leaders, the concepts of leadership and management are relatively simple. That, however, does not mean that every leader is putting these skills to practice. According to my leadership experience, one needs to reflect on the main concepts and skills before you can say they will emerge good leaders. There are the most critical concepts in my view:

First paragraph

Self-awareness is the first step to effective leadership and management. That means anyone in a leadership position should take the time to learn more about themselves. When learning how to write a leadership essay about yourself, you can start earning more about yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you should learn to respect the opinion of other individuals. The organization I work in teaches us about leadership aspects and models what leadership entails on a daily basis. There are different courses, events, and programs that individuals can be part of.

Second paragraph

As a leader, I highly value integrity in all my undertakings. Different people interpret integrity in different ways. One key thing about one’s integrity is how they uphold one’s word. To me, a person with integrity should say what they mean and mean what they say. I find that people with integrity are also responsible and trustworthy. That, in turn, helps individuals accomplish the given goals and objectives. Therefore, any leader should strive to keep their word to themselves and those individuals around them.

Third paragraph

As a leader, you need to care of other individuals who look up to you. However, you cannot take care of others effectively if you do not know how to take care of yourself. Self-care involves the distinguishing of what is acceptable to you and what is not. That will help you in identifying the tasks that you can undertake and the limits that you need to abide by when undertaking your tasks.


Leaders are key in any organization and should present a leadership and employability reflective report of the organization. As they are on top of the organization, a leader is essential in seeing that an organization accomplishes its goals and mission. A leader can only be effective in their leadership capacity if they reflect from time to time and are self-aware. A leader who seeks to be effective in their leadership capacity should embrace these skills.

Leadership and management are inseparable elements, and both come to play in the day-to-day activities of everyday life. It is for this reason that leadership and management are part of what instructors teach in schools. Whatever level of education one is, instructors give lessons on leadership and management. With that in mind, a student will have to handle assignments on leadership and management. One example of a written assignment that a student will have to handle is to write a reflective essay on leadership and management.

At first, the task may seem like a walk in the park. However, there are certain things that one must include in your reflective essay. As such, seeking essay writing services by My Homework Writers may be the best way to get your perfect essay on reflective essay on leadership and management. The writing team at Myhomeworkwriters.com focuses on delivering quality and plagiarism-free work to their clients.

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