Reflective Essay on Group Work | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

Reflective Essay on Group Work | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

It is a busy semester, and your lecturers require you to present a reflective essay on group work. Now, you are wondering how do I write a reflective essay? Typically, reflective essays are subjective and personal. In them, you recount your viewpoints about a topic, subject, or undertaking.  What is more, your piece must obey academic rules to obtain muster grades.

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Reflective Essay on Group Work | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service
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If you are struggling to craft a high-quality reflective essay, then read on for tips on how to ace your assignment. In this article, we present the ultimate reflective essay writing guide, in which we include answers to your most pressing questions.

Mastering Reflective Essay Writing

Reflective writing is an academic engagement that reveals more about you and your group project. As such, you get to demonstrate your ability to accomplish the following:

  • Analyze and summarize your personal experiences
  • Relate experiences to personal circumstances
  • Apply what you have learned
  • Express yourself subjectively while identifying your interests

So, read on through this guide to learn more about writing the perfect reflective essay.

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Format of A Reflective Essay on Group Work

In a group reflective essay, you primarily examine the personal experience you had while working in a group. Treat reflective essays as opportunities to recount specific life experiences as well as explore what you learned.

Different formats are available for writing reflective essays with the most common being log or diary entries. Use the diary format to convey the progressive development of your thoughts over time.

Also, remember that formats for reflective essays on group work change based on your audience. So, remember your audience when choosing the format of your reflective essay. Sometimes you write academic essays or magazine pieces, for example. On the other hand, you might need to write class assignments. Though presentation formats may vary, the purpose is usually the same: to nurture critical thinking skills on a subject matter.

How do you Format a Reflective Essay?

Formatting a reflective essay on group work requires you to adhere to specific formatting requirements and standards. Typically, lecturers may require you to submit compositions formatted in either in the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard formats.

Besides that, you need to have a plan for developing your reflective essay on group work. Through this plan, you connect an essay’s paragraphs together to achieve a unique flow of thoughts from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, start by creating an outline, to guide the development of your essay into a coherent body of work. Also, an overview reveals the steps you need to accomplish to establish the essay paragraph by paragraph and page by page. As a result, you simplify the essay writing process. Hence, pay special attention to the following points:

Creating a Reflective Essay on Group Work Outline

Always outline every section of your reflective essay. Doing so simplifies the writing effort. So, address these points before commencing the development of your essay:

  1. Choose an interesting topic
  2. Gather necessary information

Evaluate potential information sources

  1. Write the first draft
  2. Write the first section of your group reflective essay
  3. Provide references and supportive evidence for your essay

Other requirements entail that students review what they have learned and present their thoughts on paper. For instance, interning students must write a reflective essay on group work of their experiences. For this reason, lecturers require that you employ a specific paper writing format. So, inquire from your tutor, which formatting style to use for your reflective essay on group work.

Typically, if you are a humanities student, you will use the APA format, which specifies the following guidelines:

  • 1-inch margins all over (top, bottom, left, and right)
  • Double spacing of all lines
  • Printed on 8.5×11-inch paper
  • 12-point New Times Roman font size

For other formatting styles, review this link.

Reflective Essay Structure

An essay’s outline determines its structure. As such, a reflective essay on group work comprises the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

What is more, all reflective essays have these elements regardless of their type. Now, let us examine each aspect of the reflective essay on group work.

About the Introduction

An essay’s introduction concisely describes the main topic you are going to discuss.  An introduction also performs the following three functions: provides the contextual background of a reflective essay on group work, hooks readers to continue reading, and presents a thesis statement upon which the entire piece revolves. However, you might ask how do I craft a decent introduction? Here are steps to use to create a practical introduction for your essay.

  • Identify what you want to write about. So, include appropriate background references; contextual information related to the subject of your essay, or historical data to help readers understand what you are writing about.
  • Determine how to present your topic. Start your intro paragraph by moving from general to detailed information. Offer your readers general information at the beginning, and narrow down your focus to the thesis statement. Even so, you can still choose to provide specific details from the start.
  • Develop your thesis statement. Thesis statements are an intro’s critical component. Make it as specific and accurate as possible by avoiding generalizations.
  • Create a hook that grabs your reader’s attention. Although you have the essay’s context, background, and thesis statement, readers may find your essay uninteresting. So, what can you do to spice up your writing? Use attention grabbers! Consider using controversial statements, provocative or rhetorical questions, intentional generalizations, or absurd statements. Anything that can get your reader’s attention to read your reflective essay on group work is a go!
  • Reread and edit the intro paragraph. Avoid phrases such as, “This essay will discuss” or “In this essay, I will prove that.” So, rewrite these phrases to match the context, background information, or supporting evidence contained in the intro. Sometimes it is okay to rewrite the entire intro, its sections, or the thesis statement. At other times you can write the intro after writing different parts of the reflective essay on group work. But never trivialize the introduction!

Composing the body

The body section is where you support your arguments, present ideas, and provide examples. It comprises the central part of your reflective essay on group work. Next, use topic sentences to begin your paragraphs. Each topic sentence identifies critical issues, core points, and conclusions.

Besides, you must use logic and concrete information to support your conclusions within a paragraph. Finally, create a separate paragraph for each idea you present. While writing the body of your reflective essay on group work, use a transparent approach to develop your ideas and obey the rules of academic writing. Although it is a reflective essay on group work, you must use facts to support your conclusions, observations, or opinions.

Also, liberally use transition phrases throughout your essay. In writing, transitory expressions shift arguments, introduce concepts and illustrations, or link ideas necessary for creating understanding or formulating conclusions. Popular transition phrases include: “as a result, for example, therefore, moreover, subsequently, finally, on the one hand, and conversely.”

Writing logical reflective essay conclusions

Conclusion paragraphs appear at the end of an essay. Regrettably, most college-level conclusions are just summaries of the essay’s body. A conclusion does not necessarily have to be so. As conclusions are the opposites of intros, several types are available which you can use in your essay.  So, here are a few tips for making your conclusions interesting.

What to Avoid in a Reflective Essay on Group Work Conclusion

Start your conclusion with a transitory phase. For example, “Finally” or “In conclusion,” “In summary,” or “In brief” to signal to readers that this is the end of your essay. Then avoid:

  • Rephrasing your thesis statement
  • Introducing new ideas or subtopics
  • Using sentences tacked to your final point
  • Using apologetic sentences or making up for incomplete essay structures

For a valid conclusion, do the following:

  • Summarize the main points of your reflective essay on group work
  • Use framing to revisit the introduction
  • Prompt readers to act in a certain way
  • Demonstrate the applicability of your observations to other circumstances
  • Illustrate outcomes or consequences
  • Use an anecdote to create great impressions
  • Ask a provocative question that propels readers to research on their own

By using the above tips, you provide readers with a high-level understanding of the issues tackled in the essay. Also, you effectively answer the reflective question, describe your overall experience with the subject matter, and support your thesis statement.

What is the Purpose of a Reflective Essay?

Typically, tutors, lecturers, and teachers assign a reflective essay on group work to stimulate critical thinking and to explore personal experiences in an in-depth manner. Professional arenas also use reflective essays to help team members learn from group activities.

Typically, reflective essays let you demonstrate your ability to analyze, evaluate and relate content to your personal life. Here are a few scenarios showing the purpose of reflective essays.


Professionals such as doctors, social workers, and teachers employ reflective essays on group work during training. Through this essay, employers and employees learn how to perform their jobs better. Check out the benefits of a reflective essay on group work for these professionals below.


Use reflective essays to evaluate the effectiveness of business interactions. Also, these essays help entrepreneurs formulate strategies for better representing their products or services to potential and existing clients.

Medical assistants and nurses:

These professionals write reflective essays regarding different aspects of patient care. Reflective essay on group work help nurses think deeply about responses to patient demands, improve skills for helping patients cope with stress, pain, and illnesses.

Reflective writing assists nurses address stress and emotions arising from relationships with patients and doctors.  Through this type of writing medical assistants and nurses gain a deeper understanding of their role in healthcare settings.

Medical students

Another set of professionals that utilize reflective writing is medical students. While in training, medical students write about their experiences with patients. For instance, students describe their thoughts and patient conditions, an essential element of determining the right diagnosis and treatments. Besides, they can assess how capably they interact with patients under their oversight.

Through reflection, medical students gain critical skills for formulating conclusions. In this way, they can identify practices that work and those that do not work in given situations leading to improved patient outcomes.

Social workers

Reflective writing equips social workers with a tool for critically evaluating client problems and environments. In addition to that, social workers encourage clients to share their experience using reflective writing.

As a result, they enhance the ability to identify problem causes and effects, reveal client behavior and circumstances, and develop appropriate interventions.


Teachers frequently employ reflective writing to analyze student case studies. In this regard, reflective essays help teachers review emotions related to teaching experiences and exam patterns. Then, teachers use the obtained insights to plan lessons and solve student challenges.


In education, institutions typically ask students to write reflective essays as a way of analyzing and understanding group learning experiences or projects. Additionally, reflective essays help students grow emotionally, as well.

Personal Growth

Reflective writing can help individuals enhance their personal development. Besides that, you get to understand yourself better.

Selecting a topic for your reflective essay on group work

Sometimes it is daunting selecting a subject for your reflective essay on group work. Despite knowing how to write a reflective essay, you might find it challenging to select a captivating theme. So, how do you overcome this obstacle? Here are a few suggestions for potential reflective essays on group work topics.

Before choosing a topic for your reflective essay, always remember it is highly personal. Often, you want to target your specific audience with a personal narrative of your experiences.

A reflective essay on group work is more than a personal recounting of a story. You must reflect on your experience and demonstrate how it affected your subsequent behavior as well as how it changed your life.

For starters, think of a significant group project you engaged in whether positive or negative. For instance, you might write about a hypothetical event, real-life event, a place, object, or person who impacted your life, or something you read or watched as a group activity.

If your group project is academic in nature, lecturers often ask students to focus on a subject or topic of their choice. In most cases, you will need to reflect on the impact a decision you made had on the overall group objective. However, you need to keep the overall goal of the reflective essay on group work in mind. Otherwise, you will just tell a bland story.

All of us have different viewpoints on life which determine our personal experiences. For this reason, most lecturers encourage students to select a topic they are conversant with. Regardless of the topic you choose for your reflective essay on group work, you have lots of subjects to write about.

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So, How do I begin Writing a Reflective Essay on Group Work?

First, before commencing writing your group reflective assignment, you need to understand what is a group. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines a group as “two or more figures forming a complete unit in a composition” or “a number of individuals assembled together or having some unifying relationship.”

Importance of Group Work for students

Typically, group work emphasizes collaboration between group members in their preparation of project material designed to satisfy the requirements of assignments. But the project may differ due to the differences in perception of the group’s participants. Even so, group members must accommodate different opinions for them to work as a team.

But how does a team achieve the goals of a group project? In this regard, groups need to design a methodology that allows them to address each element of the reflective essay on group work. Here are a few pointers for accomplishing this goal.

Tips for Writing an Effective Reflective Essay on Group Work

Like all writing assignments, putting the pen down on paper (or fingers to a keyboard) is frequently a daunting undertaking. You might ask, how can one overcome this dilemma? First, create a thorough plan to simplify the writing process. Then, follow the tips below to begin writing:

  • Research creatively to determine the tone and feel of the reflective essay on group work. You might need to read reflective pieces from magazines or newspapers, for example.
  • Avoid overthinking how to start the first line or paragraph of your reflective essay on group work. Just dive in and come back later to edit whatever you wrote down! When it comes to writing, first drafts are not always perfect. But the earlier you begin writing, the more time you will have for editing.
  • Then again, do not worry about using a free-flow method for your writing. The goal here is to record your thoughts and feelings as they come to you while sticking to your plan. Use your plan as a roadmap to keep you focused. Otherwise, failure to do so will have you meandering off course.
  • As you relate to your group experience, ensure that you provide supportive evidence. Substantiating events may entail detailing their impact on you. Next, avoid using vague words to convey feelings or experiences.
  • Use the first-person narrative to give your essay the personal touch, which reflects your character.
  • As you progress with your assignment, methodically present your thoughts while focusing on your group’s learning outcomes.
  • Starting your essay’s introduction with an anecdote is a powerful way of grabbing your readers attention. Also, you can use flashbacks to accomplish the same goal.
  • Additionally, use candor when writing your reflective essay on group work. Remember, this is an opportunity to reveal any disappointments you encountered without fear of repercussions. Tutors expect deep reflection on the reflective essay as compared to literary or other writing formats. As such, you must describe, critique, evaluate, make value judgments, and incorporate external ideas when analyzing your group experience. Strive to write directly using words that mirror your personality. For this reason, consider hiring a cheap reliable essay writing service to finetune your reflective essay on group work.
  • After finishing your reflection, ask yourself the following questions: what did I learn from working with the group? And how successful was the experience? To answer these questions: evaluate the difference between your past perceptions and insights gained from group work. In this way, you enhance your ability to write a reflective essay on group work.
  • Use punctuation liberally and imagery to give your essays a tantalizing vividness.
  • Be sure to highlight your “Eureka!” moment, which validates your feelings and thoughts.

On Proofreading and Fixing Mistakes

Assuming you have finished writing your essay, you need to proofread it for grammatical, spelling, and logical errors. However, avoid proofreading your essay immediately after you put down the pen.

Give yourself a break, perhaps several hours or days to refresh your eyes. This way, you increase the chances of spotting subtle mistakes. As a reflective essay on group work is descriptive in nature, feel free to use varied vocabulary to convey your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Even so, avoid the pitfall of using vague adjectives if you want to make your writing engaging to the reader.

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In this post, we highlighted the secrets of writing an outstanding reflective essay on group work. Also, we covered the purpose and format of reflective essays. Besides, we explain the importance of hiring a cheap reliable essay writing service to assist you with your essay. Given the challenges of essay writing, hiring us is the best thing you can do.

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