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The major reason behind writing a reflective essay on a movie is outsourcing people’s reactions towards a specific movie. All the responses in a reflective paper ought to be in a personal presentation style. Throughout their coursework, students often have to write a reflective paper as part of their assignments, hence learning how to write a good reflective paper can be a useful skill. Writing a reflective essay on a movie is an excellent way for a student to enhance his/her writing experience since it invokes feelings, analyses, and reactions of a specific movie in a personal manner.

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What Is a Reflection in an Essay?

Most students unclear about how to write a reflection essay on a movie and up searching, “What is a Reflection in writing?” A Reflection essay on a movie refers to a paper where the student or writer shares their personal thoughts about a specific movie. While reflection papers can be about other subjects such as articles, books, or incidents, we will be specifically focusing on movies. The focus of reflection in an essay, therefore, is describing specific experiences, analyzing what they mean and what others can learn from it.

Writing a Reflection essay on a movie, therefore, requires the writer to open up about their thoughts and emotions. Opening up helps a writer develop an accurate image of the relevant personal, personality, and historical traits. When writing your Reflection essay on a movie, always include a concise summary describing your experience to adequately put readers in your shoes. Therefore, besides the usual reactions, include things like vivid explanations of thoughts and feelings you have towards the movie.

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How Do I Write a Reflection Paper?

Generally, reflection papers require the writers to express their thoughts about a given topic. Writing a Reflection essay on a movie is no exception to this. As such, when writing a Reflection essay on a movie, always express yourself in the first person unless you are lecturer or teacher instructs you otherwise.

If you review some forums for homework assignment help online, you will quickly discover that writing a good Reflection essay on a movie requires providing an opinion about the movie and adequate evidence in the form of experts’ knowledge and examples to support the opinions made.

How to Write a Reflection Essay on a Movie

Write the Introduction

According to peers in most forums for homework assignment help online, the best way to write the introduction of a Reflection essay on a movie is by describing the initial expectations, experience, and attitude that you had before watching the movie.

For example, you may have had average expectations about a movie because of its title. Express the first impression you heard of the movie before watching it, then proceed to express what you deciphered after watching the movie. The introduction paragraph should have a good thesis statement.

Provide a Thesis Statement

Similar to other works of academic writing, your Reflection essay on a movie should have a central, unifying idea in the form of a thesis statement. A strong thesis statement should sum up the content of your entire Reflection essay on a movie.

Write the Body

The body of your Reflection essay on a movie should be between 3 to 5 paragraphs. The body should elaborate on the thesis statement of your paper while explaining what you deduced by watching and analyzing the movie.

Cite some specific, relevant examples that demonstrate how you arrived at certain conclusions about the movie. For example, quote a few statements made by characters in the movie to support your thesis statement. Include any thoughts and reactions about the movie or your experience of watching the movie in the body of your reflective essay.

You can begin your body by presenting your feelings and explain your conclusions based on those feelings. Make sure the point you make in your body is cohesive with specific references to specific parts of the movie or quotes that inspired you.

Note that in a Reflection essay on a movie, you can include your personal experiences. However, they should be relevant to the subject, i.e., the movie.

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion of a Reflection essay on a movie should explore your initial experiences while analyzing your feelings and reactions towards the movie. Since you have already elaborated how you feel about the movie at this point, explain the reasons behind your reactions or conclusions. You can also inform the readers on how to apply the knowledge you gathered from the movie.

Edit and Proofread

If you read reviews on forums for homework assignment help online, then you will quickly gather that a common mistake students make is not proofreading their work. After writing your reflection paper, proofread it for any editing or revision necessary. Ensure your paper is free of spelling, typing, and grammatical mistakes.

How Do You Start a Reflection?

While reflection papers are very subjective and personal in nature, they should still maintain an academic tone and a cohesive organization. You should begin your reflection paper with an introduction paragraph. Identify the paper’s subjects and provide your readers with a concise overview of your initial impression of the movie. Also, provide a thesis statement that acts as the main point of your paper.

State the major reasons behind the impressions you have on the movie’s subject. Given this is a reflection paper, you are free to speculate or reflect as there are no right or wrong solutions to writing this kind of paper.

What Is A Reflective Essay Format?

The format for writing reflective essays greatly differs from that of research or argumentative paper. Reflective essays are more like well-structured stories or diary entries that provide meaningful insights and reflection. Depending on the instructions given, you may have to arrange your essay using MLA or APA formatting styles.

The typical length of a reflection paper ranges from 300 to 700 words. However, always adhere to the word count required by your instructor. Reflective essays follow the classic essay formatting of introduction, body, and conclusion. Some other popular formats include a reflective model for a section of the essay or journaling.

Reflective Essay Outline

For ease of writing, creative brainstorming table and refer to it during the entire writing process. Ideally, the outline of your reflective essay should be as follows:

An Introduction

  • Introduce your essay with a hook to grab your readers’ attention. They hope it should be a short preview of what you have written about.
  • Provide a strong thesis statement that includes past experience information, a concise statement of what your essay will be about.

Body Paragraphs

Express the bulk of your information in about three body paragraphs. Ideally, the body paragraphs should be in the order of chronological events. The reflection in your body paragraphs should create a linear storyline.


Wrap up your ideas and create a sense of how you have personally developed from the experience of watching the movie. Mention discoveries, describe how you feel, and, more importantly, describe your plans for the future.

What Is the Best Definition of Reflection?

Reflection is a form of analytical writing where the writer describes real or imaginary events, scenes, interactions, memories, or passing thoughts and adds their personal reflection to the meaning. During the process of reflection, many writers aim to answer questions such as “how has this changed me?” or “What did I notice?”

Therefore, the focus of reflective writing is not merely descriptive. Reflective writers revisit scenes to note emotions and details, reflect on their meanings, examine any revelations and need for additional learning while relating what transpired with their lives.

According to Kara Taczak, “Reflection is a mode of inquiry: a deliberate way of systematically recalling writing experiences to reframe the current writing situation.”

What Is an Example of Reflection?

Some examples of reflective writing essays include:

  • Critiquing your own personal experiences
  • Analyzing works of art such as books, movies, and articles
  • Describing critical experiences that shaped your perception of the world
  • Peer review activities such as critiquing learning or teaching activities

The language and style to use in reflective writing tasks greatly depend on your discipline and assignment instructions. However, in most reflections, readers expect to learn about the writer’s personal feelings, experiences, opinions, and ideas. Writers can use personal pronouns such as I, me, and action verbs to express their opinions and feelings, e.g., I agree, I think, and I felt.

Writing a Reflection Paper on a Movie

Reflection Paper Template

Writing a reflection paper gives you the chance to express your own thoughts and experiences about a specific movie. It can also involve interacting with your readers and describing some personal life experiences. As you express your feelings, ideas, and opinions about a movie, your experience reflects how the movie affects your personal life.

When writing any reflective papers, it is necessary to create or follow a suitable template. Regardless of the template you follow or create, ensure that it has the following;

An Introduction

The introductory paragraph of your essay should include:

  • The introduction should have a hook, which is a concise preview of what you have written about to capture the attention of your readers.
  • A thesis statement that provides information about the previous experience and what the paper is about.

The Body

The body of your reflective essay should contain:

  • Your initial expectations in relation to the movie
  • The first impression of the movie
  • Your experiences of the movie
  • Any new findings or discoveries
  • The feelings and passions developed towards the movie

The Conclusion

The final paragraph of your essay should:

  • Wrap up your ideas while demonstrating their development
  • Express your plans for the future
  • Highlight any new discoveries
  • Express your feelings and reactions

reflective essay

Reflection Paper Outline

The key reason behind writing reflection papers and movies is to show that students understand the specific movies. Creating an outline is an essential step in the planning process. With an outline, students can ensure that they do not leave out any major points in their paper.

The First Body Paragraph

State the prime reason behind the impression you have on a specific subject and why you hold such an impression, to begin with. Remember, there are no right or wrong solutions when writing a reflective paper. Hence you can speculate or reflect as much as you wish.

The Second Body Paragraph

Dive deeper into the subject, and if you deem necessary, provide a second reason for your impression of the movie and the reason behind this impression.

The Third Body Paragraph

In this section of your reflective paper, you can recap the thesis statement while stating the reasons for the illustrations in the previous paragraphs. As you provide your final thoughts and opinions in relation to the movie, summarize your reflection paper. Remember to provide closing remarks or reflection opinions.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Reflective Essay on a Movie

For most students, writing reflection papers on movies is a relatively simple and enjoyable task. The mere thought of writing an essay that requires you to relax, watch a movie, then provide a review about it is very resounding. As a matter of fact, it is very interesting and fun.

Movies are perhaps the best unconventional means of teaching students. This could be because they offer viewers very distinct perspectives on different issues of life. Therefore, school assignments that involve reflection papers enable students to understand coursework while appreciating how it relates to their respective causes.

reflective essay

Below are some steps you can follow when writing your next reflection paper on a movie.

Theme Development

The main idea behind this first step is considering the movie review just like you would any other pieces of literature review work. As you watch the movie, consolidate different ideas that you can include in your reflection paper. During the Watching phase, you should idealize and visualize the concept and storyline of the movie. In simpler terms, break down the movie as you watch it, just like you would do with other works of literature.

Breaking down the movie will involve identifying various themes. For instance, a movie that solely focuses on the disagreements that led to a war showcases a theme of rivalry. Also, derive all existing motifs displayed throughout the movie.

Just like other pieces of literature that have different characters with diverse roles, you will have to consider each individual character and their respective roles. When doing this, identify the main characters, assistant characters, and the roles they play in determining the movie’s plot. You should put great emphasis on the movie’s characters since they will likely influence your perception of the movie to a great extent.

Your perception of the movie is the figurative backbone that you movie reflection essay depends on. This implies that you ought to systematically and carefully analyze the roles played by different characters from scene to scene. Also, take note of how their roles contribute to the development of different themes.

Select A Focus for Your Movie Review

Choosing a good, easy to understand focus for your movie review is a very underappreciated part of writing a reflective essay on a movie. When choosing your area of focus, make sure it will put your review in a position of harmony with the provided class topic or course.

To explain this point clearly, I would like you to assume that you were doing a movie review for a history class. Your teacher gives you an assignment that needs you to watch a history movie and write a Reflection Paper about the movie. Arguably, the best way to tackle such a movie review assignment is assigning first priority to the historical details presented in the movie.

Prioritizing the historical details of such a movie will ensure your paper stays in line with the history class you are taking. In such a scenario, some important factors to consider include the accuracy of the dates you provide for different scenes in the movie. In addition, as a history student, you may have to focus a lot on the geographical locations highlighted in the movie, since they play a vital role in the plot formation.

Identify Interesting Movie Elements

Identify an interesting selection of particular movie elements to include in your reflective paper. Movie elements, in this case, refers to the various production elements of the movie you are watching. These production elements, albeit underappreciated, play a massive role in developing the movie’s plot.

Some important elements you can consider for your paper include camera clarity/movie clearness, sound effects, and the background music that plays in different scenes. Scenes a movie reflection essay is subjective and depends on your personal perspectives of the movie, always indicate the movie production elements that stand out in your opinion.

In addition, you can compare and contrast the various movie elements you selected. Do the elements create a sense of harmony in the success of specific scenes? This question alone is effective for relating various movie production elements during the reflection essay writing process.

Review Your Paper

This is the fourth and final step of the reflective essay writing process. This step involves going through all your consolidated work.

reflective essay

This final step includes processes such as punctuation review, grammar corrections, spell checks, and more. Doing a full review of your work enables you to check whether the ideas in your essay have a systematic flow. It is through this process that you can identify mistakes and make the necessary amendments. Besides creating room for perfection, reviewing your paper allows you to check whether you met all the guidelines and instructions provided by the instructor.

When reviewing your paper, put yourself in the shoes of a second party to avoid any biases and check for consistency and smoothness in the flow of logic throughout the paper. A common technique you can use to do this is reading your work out loud to give you a better picture of the quality of your paper before submitting it.

Some important changes you can make during the review process include removing any unnecessary sections and adding any important points that you may have left out. After making these corrections, go through your paper one last time to ensure perfection. When finalizing your review process, make sure your paper’s formatting is correct and include the appropriate spacing and fonts. A well-formatted paper creates an appealing impression to the readers.

Tips for Writing a Reflection Paper on a Movie

Never Repeat the Story

A response paper should not focus on narrating the story to the readers. Avoid repeating the story at all costs. In fact, focus more on the major themes of the movie than writing a synopsis.

Review the Movie’s Central Theme

While you are free to talk about a broad range of issues regarding the movie, do not forget to bring out the central theme of the movie.

Do Not Critique the Movie

Remember, you are writing a reflection paper and not a movie critique. Therefore, forget about the lighting, editing, and other filmmaking processes. The issues that the produce of the movie passes across are what matter most.

Make Your Paper Flawless

Strive to write a perfect paper free of punctuation and grammar mistakes. Do this by thoroughly proofreading your work after writing.

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