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Reflective Essay

Task:       Explain how the process of completing your research project has affected your understanding of an issue or event in society.

Length:   At least 1200 words

Sources: No minimum number of sources. Cite any sources you use in APA format.

Due date and grading: This assignment is due by the end of Week 8. It is worth 10% of your course grade and will be graded with a rubric. To view the rubric, access the assignment from the Assignments area of the classroom.

Outcomes you should achieve by completing this assignment

Organize information clearly in an explanatory essay (Course outcomes 1 and 2)

Use an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement and a concluding paragraph to frame an essay (Course outcomes 1 and 2)

Demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics in writing (Course outcome 3)


You began your research project by reading an article from the news about a current issue or event in society. Your goal in this essay is to explain to your professor how the research and writing you have done for your research project changed your understanding of that issue or event. You will explain what changes occurred in your understanding and how those changes occurred.

Here are some questions you can consider in developing ideas for your essay:

What changes occurred in your understanding? 

Do you know more about the issue/event now than you did before? (Probably!)

Do you look at the issue/event from a different perspective following your research?

Have you reconsidered opinions or assumptions that you held at the beginning of the semester?

How did those changes occur? 

Which sources from your research had the greatest effect on your understanding?

Did the process of writing about your topic affect the way you thought about it?

What role did interaction with your classmates and/or professor play in your understanding of your topic?

Organizing and supporting your essay

Your essay must include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The introduction should gain your reader’s attention, orient the reader to your topic, and state your thesis.

The body of the essay should include focused body paragraphs in support of your thesis statement. There are various ways you might choose to organize information in the body of your essay. Here are some suggestions you can consider:

You might focus each body paragraph on a step of the research process and how that step affected your understanding of the issue/event.

You might focus each body paragraph on your understanding at a particular time relative to the research process (before, during, after).

You might focus each body paragraph on a particular aspect of the issue/event and explain how your understanding of that aspect developed during your research.

The essay’s conclusion should answer the question “So what?” by placing the essay’s explanations into a larger context. To accomplish this, you can consider addressing one or more of these questions:

Will your current understanding of your event/issue affect your future actions or decisions? If so, how?

What lessons—about interpreting current events, about your field of study, about the research process—can be drawn from the experience of completing the research project?

Is research of the sort done in WRTG 112 a worthwhile activity? Why or why not?

Point of view

First person (I/me/my) is appropriate in this assignment, but second person (you/your) should be avoided.

Formatting your assignment.



Research area: Determination of maternal factors that is associated with obesity among toddlers and my topic thesis statement on transgender

This is introduction is about all the pieces put together  about the trans  gender on thesis statement and also determination of maternal  factor that is associated with obesity and also the implement of health care management course agendas  dedications which I agree that it gives a lot of idea to make sure that student should know what they are doing when they  finish school or their program so they  will be able to accomplish a good job and able to rock based on the experience  and the way to  getting  job done on timely manner and for employees to able to see and  will to  deliver good ideas that are put together to accomplish  any company goals. 

The problem of transgender people that has been discriminated by society, which solutions must fix this problem because, this is particularly important and alarming factors for united states and all the world. This discrimination has increased every day from many transgender people which have affected with all parts of the country and their lives.

       “According to the national transgender discrimination survey” that this problem as affect about 26% of transgender people who lost their jobs due to bias, 50% have been harassed on their jobs 20% struggle to get housing or evicted 78% transgender people A student also facing harassment and assault. Transgender of color gets more problems with races, they also facing the highest discrimination rate, however transgender people should be able to make decision to whatever you want to do with their agenda or their bodies. Violence against the black and whites’ transgender people has also become rampant with an increase in records from 106 cases in 2017 to 146 in 2018 representing an increase of 34%. Their right has been violated and today being black or right, transgender lives leave in fear as in 20 19 more than 20 OVER transgender people has been fatally killed in the USA. SO, something must put in place to fix this issue so more problems will not arise. I believe that all public should be made aware of such cases and the public amenities to be made such a way that such people will also considerable. Furthermore, they should also not be discriminated against or be killed because of their changes of their agender or rather be treated as a normal human being. I will still further to see more improvement to toward this issue

Lawmakers should enforce the law in a book to write polices in order to stop discrimination and rules to many public places or sector to protect the transgender people. In this case I still argue that the government has not make it clear and on how they will protect gender identity or gender rights health care is still a big issue to agenda people.

Research area: Determination of maternal factors that is associated with obesity among toddlers.

This article for the maternal practices that have increased cases of obesity among minors. It shows that among 5 American toddlers one of them is obese; this should be herald health-wise as a nation. The authors, in this case, sums up the entire issue of obesity among toddlers as an issue of poor lifestyle that parents have adopted. The article thus indicates about nurture rather than nature in which most parents failed to applied caution on their role as parent to manger a healthy lifestyle for their kids. The analysis of this source shows how poor lifestyles can impact most of the parents have adopted over the years and have contribute toward rollback on trumps s the increased risk of obesity among minors. This is because of the consumption of bad foods and limited physical activities being engaged. Therefore, this an essential source of study that would be important for my research in the determination of the maternal risk that will be associated to the cases of obesity among minors in the United States. And it also affects young youth in this country, parent should look out for their children about the most alternate way to improve the issues. I am looking forward to seeing obesity issues being adhesively taking care of especially, for those young mothers that are still in denial. 

Research area: Implement meeting agendas into health management courses

This article of training students in receiving great benefits of career path through health management career in this agenda, it is very complicated program because, it involves a lot about the depth of health policies management and decision makings, for any  assignments you made to completes  managing policies during your healthcare career. management implementation has so many methods for professionals on how to develop decision making, techniques to have good training and time management fast and simple to all purposes of projects in order to succeed about agendas and how serves all the purposes to managed in your career path. Therefore, I totally agree with this topic of implement new ideas to student of health services managements. so, this course will be helpful and motivate to me as to organize and become a good decision maker and implements polices that will make employee services to save all the management’s areas a satisfactory and need for the costumer. To be student with no experience to what you really going do is like losing your from you career, getting ideas about your future job and know the method to implement skills for employer to see your brand of  how much you can work towards any company goals is very important. If working for any organization, for example, you have to know what is the computation of that company before for you make decision that will team with that company polices and needs, you have to look for the challenges to make right decision with others. The health management is field that involve most are aspect of decision making and to meet the team worker and other company to win costumers archived that experience and skills involve. So, implement some ideas during student course health management worth the trail of this program together with your degree background settings.

This is reliable source which was done by various authors with an overall analysis that the relationship which exists between maternal an early children obesity and late are determines through women`s body weight in their midlife. Therefore, most of the studies have rival that human body weight among the women in their midlife is increase with more chronic disease such as cancer, and cardiovascular effects that have increased over the years. However, this article releases that there is a close relationship between maternal disease such as gestational weight gain (GWG), pregnancy BMI and the life course of the offspring as from at the time of birth, childhood and at the time when he/she is an adult. Therefore, as this research provides me with an opportunity to effectively learned the relationship that exists between all these problems regarding both chronic conditions and maternal conditions associated with an expected mother with an increase in body weight among midlife mothers and their offspring. Now that we know the attachment to this issues parent should walk the right path to prevent future damager of coming generation. Obesity parent must do more about the ways to prevent themselves and the off springs to become healthy and look for other way to manage their health issues despite your situation.

Rusconi & Popovic, 2017, believed that obesity has the biggest problems and main unsafe public health issues around world. There are so many increases in the number of obesity problems among expectant mothers with more concern about those that are actively productive. This experiment indicates there will be more increase in maternal pre-pregnancy which goes all the way to the offspring from the mothers. However, this case the researchers are trying and conducting a study on the relationship between obesity and wheezing among children and increased cases of asthma. I totally believe that this will review and to provides an incentive on the issue of obese which has become quite common in society and they must be trying to manage and prevent for further issues. Therefore, this is an important source of researcher that would be useful in my research to determining how this relationship that exists between offspring and mothers for this case of wheezing among toddlers. There is also a contrast between obesity with non-smoke and smoker, which I believe there will be increase and more of the midlife of mother to child will be higher if prevention is not properly taken to save our offspring.

           The authors of this article explain about the effects that maternal obesity has on their offs   from a mother that already become obese once they are expectant. Obesity is on the rising very day among the expectant mothers in the world. This expected increase and the neonatal effects to the minors as they are born. However, this problem explains the bad effects that early cases of pregnancy among mothers to their offspring to be the adverse with cardio-vascular cases that accompany these toddlers. This article knows how maternal obesity an induced neonatal effect and it has was biggest linked with the obesity that is seen among the offspring. The authors of this source have been indicated for the role that obesity in during pregnant mothers has will have impact to the young ones once they give birth. This is the area that I will like to look on to conduct future research and more sources to presented in this case. I will be incredibly useful in making ensure     that I get the required data on maternal effects leading to obesity cases among toddlers in the nation. The researcher must do more on how to help the cases of obesity been affected from their mothers. Bad management of obesity issues bring more problems to unborn children, change on lifestyle will help souls of infant to live healthy and longer so mothers and government must put more effort to achieve this goal.

Finally, all transgender people must be protected by the lawmaker and the government of this nation to improve safety and good environment for this people to have peace of mind. While obesity offspring must be secure to their mothers to have good health and substantial ways to looking out for their unborn child. Government should find a way to help obese cases to reduce the amount of incent offspring to suffering because, of lack of healthcare needs to prevent them to been obese. The most way to achieve this security is to manage health changes must be make to we in order to protect my future offspring.

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