How to Write a Reflection Paper on a Presentation

How to Write a Reflection Paper on a Presentation

The main goal of a reflection paper is to shape the understanding of a presentation, an article, a movie, a documentary, a lesson, or any other content. A reflection paper is written in a subjective manner or style and conveys personal opinions, judgments, and considerations of students regarding that particular material in the study, such as a presentation. However, to avoid too much subjectivity, it is advisable to maintain academic styles of writing. For this reason, Myhomeworkwriters.com provides you with this guide on how to write a reflection paper on a presentation.

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How to Write a Reflection Paper on a Presentation
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A reflective essay is a personal essay, can be in the form of an assignment, asking students to look back and reflect on what they have learned or experienced. Generally, it is advisable to use the APA format, which is the American Psychological Association format. Additionally, in a reflective essay, you share a personal experience with some activity or thoughts with regard to an article or a lecture. The aspect of analyzing a past event in the future is what brings out the reflective nature of reflective essays. Thus, this article aims at giving insight into how to write a reflection paper on a presentation.

Reflective Essay

A reflective paper entails encounters or events. When writing a reflective essay, there involves an analysis of the encounter, its essence, and lessons you learn from such an experience. The format of a reflective essay requires one to open up about your emotions, judgments, thoughts, and instincts to unveil your character, personality, background, and mindset. Also, your essay should entail a brief description of your encounter or literature piece and elaborate explanations of your feelings, reactions, and thoughts. However, reflection essays are very subjective and personal. Therefore, you must maintain a formal tone and have the essay well organized.

What Is the Purpose of Writing Reflective Papers?

Reflective papers are forms of academic writing assignments that aim at revealing more information about who you really are, such as your personality and traits. Thus, reflective writing allows one to:

  • Make an analysis and conclusion on what they have read, seen, or head.
  • Connect the texts, literature, presentation, or group work and themselves.
  • Think about what they have learned and ways in which they can or will use the new information.
  • Write subjectively from their point of view and identify their interests.

How do you Present a Reflection?

The first step to understanding how to write a reflection paper on a presentation is to know how to present a reflection.

How do you Start a Reflection Paper?

You can probably be unable to borrow a topic for a reflection paper since it ought to be your own experiences and thoughts on a subject matter. However, Myhomeworkwriters.com provides you with some subject ideas you can use to begin your writing:

  • An encounter you will never forget.
  • The day you overcame fear.
  • A moment you had different beliefs.
  • A group presentation.

Furthermore, you may decide to create a chart to keep track of your train of thoughts and your ideas. Then, you divide your chart into three sections:

  • First column – note down the major experiences, or your key points. In order of importance.
  • The second column – write down all your personal reactions to the points you highlighted in the first column.
  • The third column – note down all the views and points you would like to share in your essay.

What Is an Example of Reflection?

When writing a reflection paper on a particular text, reflect on your original thoughts and emotions while reading the paper. For instance, when writing about activity in your life or about yourself, have enough time to brainstorm and make a chart with the three columns we discussed above. State the past experience, the descriptions, and reflections. The table will help you have a suitable structure of all the information on the introduction and the body of your essay.

For example:

Past experience: Community service in a children’s home

Description: The children’s home is located near a church. I was in the company of four other volunteers and the owner of the children’s home…

Reflection: I was amazed by a large number of homeless kids, some were so young, less than a year old, while on the other hand, others were old enough to be having their own apartments. Working with those kids was such an empowering and heartwarming experience…

How do you write a Reflection Paper in APA Format?

A reflective essay format is greatly different from the format of writing a research paper or an argumentative essay. Generally, a reflection paper or essay is more of a story that is well-structured with insight and elaborate reflection.

There are two main formats used when writing refection papers. They include:

  1. APA format or style
  2. MLA format

Furthermore, a basic reflection essay ranges between 300 and 700 words. However, it is advisable to seek for more instructions on the length from your instructor or lecturer. In as much as the essay is all about you, avoid using too much informal language.

APA Format

The following is how to write your reflection paper using APA format.

  • The font style is Times New Roman
  • Font size should be 12
  • Double spacing
  • One – inch margin, top, bottom and sides
  • Have a page header on top of each page
  • Number your pages on the right
  • The essay should be divided into four sections: the title page, the abstract, the main body, and references.

MLA Format

In case you are instructed to write your essay using the MLA format, use the following guidelines:

  • Times New Roman as the font type
  • The font size must be 12
  • The entire essay should be double spaced
  • One-inch top, bottom, and side margins
  • The top right should include the last name and page number on each page
  • Make sure to center the titles
  • The header should include your name, the name of your professor, your course number, and the date. The date should be in the form (dd/mm/yy).
  • The last page entails works cited.

Reflective Essay Outline

The first step before writing your reflective essay is to have a well written comprehensive draft. Your draft should contain past experience, description, and reflection. These should make up to less than 10% of the entire essay.


The introduction is the first section of your essay. Therefore, your introduction should entail:

The hook

Your hook should grab the attention of the reader immediately they start reading your essay. Additionally, the hook should also inform the reader briefly of what you will be writing about.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement of your reflective essay should majorly have information on past experience, that is, a brief summary or statement of what you will be talking about in the entire essay.

  1. The body

The body of your reflection essay is best put in chronological order. Ensure that you provide answers to all the questions you have, write down all your thoughts and your judgments.


Summarize all your ideas and showcase the impact and how you have developed due to the experience. Talk about your feelings, state the various discoveries you made, and above all, state your future plans.

How Do You Write a Self Reflection?

A self-reflection paper is a personal type of writing as it entails feelings, opinions, and reflection about a situation or something. Here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, we recommend that before you write or add information to your essay, ask yourself if the information is appropriate or not.

Points of Realization

Points of realization are also known as turning points. The use of turning points provides the reader with a chance to identify the point of reflection, the exact point where you developed a different perspective, and developed a different perspective. Furthermore, a point of realization also enables you to change your direction and take a totally new direction towards your reflection.

Stay Professional

In as much as a reflection paper is personal, always keep it professional. Refrain from using slang and always use the right grammar and spelling. Avoid the use of abbreviations. Furthermore, this is your personal story, give more focus on your experiences and reflections. Remain professional and present a neat and organized essay.

First-Person Narration

The use of first-person narration or narration from the first-person point of view is essential when writing a reflective essay. The first-person point of view enables the readers to share the views and the emotions of the writer. Thus, the readers are better placed to share the sentiments of the writer.

Crosscheck Your Work

Always check your paper twice for a complete review. Check the paper sentence by sentence to correct all the errors and eliminate any other exiting mistakes. Additionally, have comprehensive sentences, and above all, avoid squeezing two or more thoughts into a single sentence. Bring out all your points clearly and in every sentence. Give your ideas equal chances. Lastly, have complete sentences. Do not have incomplete sentences and always ensure all your sentence have a meaning.

Use Transitional Words

The use of transitional phrases is like a cherry on top of your cake. Embrace the use of transitional phrases to shift from one argument to another and to introduce particular details. Thus, the paper will look professional.

Descriptive Language

Reflective essays employ the use of descriptive language to pass information. A comprehensive and well-organized reflective essay uses vivid descriptions to enhance the understanding of the reader better. Additionally, the use of expressive language helps the readers visualize the events or experiences.

Critical Reflection on Group Presentation

A critical reflection on group presentation uses reflection to analyze experiences and all group encounters which took place during a group assignment. The reflection process will help in highlighting how the experiences, whether positive or negative, impacted the group learning results. As a result, refection can be said to be the process that enables individuals or a group to undertake a reflective evaluation or analysis of past learning or experiences to make changes when necessary.

Therefore, reflection can be linked to learning since it allows an individual or group to consider past encounters so that they can come up with solutions and ideas to handle future roles and issues or challenges.

How do you write a Reflection Paper for a Group Project?

Reflective Essay on Group Work Presentation Example
A reflective essay on group work presentation elaborates on the different ways in which your group identifies the unique personalities of every group member and subsequently form and assign roles to every group member.

There are two theories tan facilitate the ease of writing a reflection essay on group work. They include:

  • Tuckman’s theory
  • Belbin Test Theory

Belbin Test Theory

The Belbin Test theory model describes the various team roles of each individual in the group.

Tuckman’s Theory

Tuckman’s model provides a comprehensive highlight of the different stages of developing a team. The team development stages are divided into four:

  1. Forming
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing


The forming stage is when the group members come together to hold a meeting, trying to understand the different identities of every member. It is at this stage that the group selects a group leader who then begins by delegating individual tasks and provide general guidelines and direction for the entire group.


At the storming stage, your group begins to come up with different ideas, various suggestions, and solutions in regard to the group assignment. Also, it is at this point where some of the group members bring forward their disagreements concerning some of the suggestions presented.


At the norming stage, the group gets into an agreement and consensus concerning the particular roles to be performed by each group member. Furthermore, at the norming stage, the unity of the group is stronger and individual members are able to communicate with each other freely.


The performing stage has more ease with little or no interference from the group letter. At this stage, everyone clearly understands their role in the group and can carry out the tasks assigned to them.

How do you write a Reflection Paper on PowerPoint?

In this modern era of technological advancement and civilization, professors are likely to demand for PowerPoint presentations instead of term papers at the end of the semester. Sometimes you might know how to use the software, and it is important to organize the work in a professional manner when making college presentations. To create a powerful personal reflection PowerPoint presentation, consider the following:

Research Your Topic Thoroughly

There are several techniques you can use to research the topic. First, you can use the internet. Secondly, you can consult your school library for more information. Keep on open mind and use a wide variety of research materials to help you have a well-research and organized ideas. Good research help you have an easy time speaking about your topic.

Create an Outline For your Presentation

Write a comprehensive outline for your presentation and include all the important information and speaking points. Also, ensure that you think through your presentation to have an easy time composing your slides. Additionally, you can begin by writing your presentation outline in word processing application, then subsequently copy and paste the outline directly into PowerPoint.

Design the Presentation in PowerPoint

Select a professional and a style that is easy to read for your presentation. Also, on every slide, you might decide to include a picture, a graphical representation, or a few text points you would wish to put more emphasis on. Each slide should take approximately 30 to 60 seconds of the presentation time. Therefore, it is vital that you understand each point and not cram them. Above all, make the presentation such that you want your audience to focus on you and not the PowerPoint. Lastly, your PowerPoint should only serve to enhance your presentation and not provide the audience with all the information you are about to give.

Rehearse your Presentation

Make sure you have enough time to rehearse your presentation before presenting it in front of the class. Stand out and speak out loud during your rehearsal. As a result, you will solidify what you will say, work on your pace, and work on your transition techniques from one slide to another. You can rehearse with your friends or family. Rehearsing helps you ease the anxiety you might have when presenting in front of the entire class.

How to Write a Review of a Presentation

Reviewing a presentation is essential, especially to the presenter. Presentation reviews help the presenter determine how good they are, what areas do they need to improve on, and what are their strongest points during a presentation. To do a comprehensive review, you need to have presentation reflection questions, elaborate self-evaluation presentation examples, and good reflection presentation ideas.

Furthermore, you will need a presentation reflection form, with the following guidelines to help you write a review of a presentation. Also, due to the complex nature of the oral presentation, here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, we advocate for a review in segments.

The Speaker

On the speaker’s linguistic behavior:

  • Rate the speech, do they use pauses?
  • The tonal variation.
  • Verbal mannerisms, such as “like,” “mmm.”
  • The questions the speaker asks the audience.
  • How the speaker responds to questions asked by the audience and the comments.

On the speaker’s non-verbal ques:

  • The use of gestures
  • Use of the stage, movement around the room
  • The speaker’s facial expressions and mannerisms
  • Does the speaker maintain eye contact with the audience?
  • How comfortable is the speaker while speaking before the audience?

Context of Presentation

On the modes of presentation:

  • How does the speaker present their information?
  • What are some of the tools and instrumental media the presenter uses? Such as overhead projector, handouts, computer. Blackboard etc.

On the form of organization and content of presentation:

  • How coherent is the speaker?
  • Can you follow the speaker’s train of thoughts?
  • How well does the speaker understand the topic?
  • Do you concur with the conclusion of the speaker?

The Audience

On the audience response to the speaker:

  • Is the audience attentive? Do they seem to be understanding what the speaker is saying?
  • What are the sitting postures of the audience?
  • How active is the audience, do they ask questions, and do they respond to questions?
  • Are there some members of the audience dominating the entire discussion?

The Physical Environment

Reviewing the presentation based on the physical environment as the presentation kicks on:

  • How adequate is the lighting?
  • What is the configuration of the furniture?
  • How does the arrangement of furniture affect the presentation?
  • What are some of the available visual aids?
  • How much is physical space available between the audience and the speaker?
  • Are there available, or can you hear ambient noise?

How to Conclude a Reflective Essay?

Now that we have addressed the question, how do you write a reflection class? It is vital to learn how to conclude a reflective essay. Good and comprehensive coverage on how to write a reflection paper on a presentation ends with good guidance on how to conclude your essay.

The knowledge on how to write a reflection paper on a presentation is vital. Remember, a reflective essay describes some encounters from your personal life, and in the essay, you share your views and opinion. Therefore, to write a strong reflective essay, you should not only write on the changes you have undergone but also include the supporting statements and examples. For instance, if you have a positive outcome, show how it helped get the outcome.

In conclusion, it is essential to understand how to write a reflection paper on a presentation as it provides you with the chance to express your personalized views on the presentation. Keep your essay as professional as possible. For more information and other related articles, visit Myhomeworkwriters.com.

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