Writing a Reflection Paper on the COVID 19 Pandemic

Writing a Reflection Paper on the COVID 19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly across the world. You never know when your professor might ask you to write a reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to go by.

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Writing a Reflection Paper on the COVID 19 Pandemic
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Throughout your time in college, your professor will ask you to write several reflection papers about almost any subject. The main purpose of doing this is always to gauge your opinion on different matters and how they affect you in life. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can write a reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic. By that, we mean what you should include in your reflection paper, the format and outline that you should use as well.

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has affected all of humanities lives either directly or indirectly. This global pandemic has affected almost all countries in the world, with just a handful remaining. Covid-19 forced countries, societies, and health systems on their knees and almost crippled even countries with supposedly the best healthcare systems in the world. Safe to say that nobody is safe from this disease.

Knowing all this, schools have closed, and online schooling has become the norm these days. And as a consequence, your professor will almost certainly ask you to write a reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic. Is so, this article should provide you with the best way to go about your assignment.

What Is A Reflection Paper?

By now, you should probably gather that a reflection paper is a type of assignment that requires the writer to express his/her opinion a topic. The writer, in this case, the student, must also support the topic that they decide to write about using observations and personal examples.

Unlike other types of essays, a reflection paper allows you to share with and express your thoughts. Usually, the topic range is endless, especially when your professor grants you the privilege to write about anything. In this case, however, you’re asked to write a reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic. Basically, you can write about almost anything that touches on the Coronavirus disease. The only catch is that you should support your writing using observations and examples too.

How to Write a Reflection Paper on The Covid-19 Pandemic

First, before you start writing a reflection paper, you must do thorough research on the topic you want to write. Fortunately, you can now find thousands of information about Coronavirus online that you can use.

You can start writing your reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic by summarizing your main concepts. Remember, you want to include all of your main ideas in your paper. You can also add charts, lists, and diagrams to deliver your ideas in a better fashion to the audience. The reflection paper is, therefore, probably one of those essays that you cannot borrow a topic for. That’s mainly because the contents of a reflection paper are about your own experiences and thoughts.

The Key Components of a Reflection Essay

As the name suggests, a reflection essay requires deep reflection about the writer’s thoughts and feelings on a subject. A good reflective essay should, therefore, reflect on the writer’s personal component. In this case, the Coronavirus pandemic and its life-changing events. This is something that college professors highly favor when going through reflection paper assignments.

The Covid-19 pandemic is something that you should truly be familiar with. It’s your level of familiarity with the topic that should make your writing all the more intimate and passionate. This also allows you to make a much more coherent argument in your paper.

Reflection Paper


That said, here are the key components that every graduate course reflection paper should follow:

The Introduction

As with any other essay, a reflection paper outline begins with an introductory paragraph. This will form the first component of your paper. It’s, however, not necessarily the first thing that you must write in your paper. Most students usually think that being the first part of an essay, the introduction must always come before anything else. This is far from true.

Remember, first impressions matter. You must, therefore, ensure that your introductory paragraph is as impactful as possible. You want to surpass the reader’s initial attitude and expectations of your paper. A strong first impression will provide you with an effective lead-in as well into what you learned and gained from your experience with Covid-19.

With a reflection paper, you have the opportunity and freedom to craft your paper whichever way you like. You can, therefore, write your content in whatever order that you deem fit at that moment. You can even start with the body if you feel that you should write the body paragraphs immediately in your paper. Nobody will fault you. In fact, many students even prefer to return to the introduction after finishing their reflection papers.

Still, whatever the case, it’s vital that you craft an impactful introductory paragraph that will invite the reader to want to read your paper even more. But that’s if you decide to go with the introduction paragraph first. Ensure to include all of your main concepts in your introductory paragraph. Let your audience know what to expect in the rest of your paper.

The Theme

Your reflection paper should also have a core theme that is developed in your thesis statement. In this case, you want your reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic to be about how it taught you to the challenges in life. Your thesis statement can then read, “Writing my reflection paper has taught me how far we have come and still have to go with regards to our healthcare system. Proper sanitation and adherence to the health guidelines issued by respective authorities seem to be a solution to the problem. But the world as a whole still has a long way to go towards ridding itself of this disease.”

By the time your reader finishes reading your reflection paper, he/she should have a clear understanding of the Covid-19 and what the world health services are doing to curb the pandemic. In addition, the reader should know what you have gained from the Coronavirus pandemic and your thoughts and experiences on the subject as well.

The Body

Body paragraphs function pretty much like any other essay body. Your reflection paper’s body paragraphs will, therefore, include different aspects of your entire reflection. It’s also important to note that every key concept of your paper should be in a new paragraph. You must not introduce more than one main idea in the same paragraphs. Your audience might end up missing out on some of your main ideas if you cramp them in similar paragraphs.

Similarly, you don’t want to spread out your main ideas so thinly to the point that your paragraphs consist only of one or two sentences. Illustrating your main ideas with examples can help you get more flesh into your body paragraphs. You can, for instance, describe the various challenges and victories that you’ve faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. You want to help the audience see the significance of your experiences and what you learned from it.

If possible, always make all of your body paragraphs the same length. It’s also imperative that you use transitional words and phrases to introduce your audience to new paragraphs seamlessly. All of your essay paragraphs, from the first to the last paragraphs, must flow seamlessly. Thus, the need to use good transitional phrases.

The Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph basically forms the final component of your reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic. A good conclusion paragraph should always leave the audience with a lasting impression of your paper. It’s at the conclusion that you can remind your audience of every idea that you shared with them in the body of your paper. It’s also vital to note that the conclusion section of your paper should coincide with your introduction. This helps to create a frame around your entire paper.

The conclusion and the introductory part of your paper must, therefore, work in tandem. And that’s why most introductory paragraphs are often somewhat similar in the structure to the conclusion summary of the paper. If possible, have approximately one sentence for each main idea that you explained in your body paragraphs. You want to remind your audience of the purpose behind every idea you presented in your reflection paper.

By tying together these three vital components of your reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic, you will have the writing guide that you need to create your best reflective piece. Or you could always hire an academic writing service to work on your paper for you. Online websites like Myhomeworkwriters.com have a reputation for producing the best writing services for reflection papers for their clients.

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Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper Format

Although there’s a specific reflection paper format that every student must know, it isn’t always a must that you adhere to it. This is, especially true if your professor hasn’t provided you with a specific writing format to follow for your reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic. Usually, the format for writing reflection papers is somewhat similar to that of journals or diaries.

A reflection paper shouldn’t be lengthy. A typical range of words for a good reflective paper should be between 300 and 700 words. Still, it’s always best that you confirm with your instructor on the range of words to stick to when writing this type of paper.

It’s also always best that you refrain from using too much informal language. As much as you will be free to write your thoughts and opinions on your reflective paper, your audience might not take too kindly to the use of too much informal diction in your writings.

Finally, it’s vital that you always try to incorporate the required academic way of writing for your paper. Your instructor may ask you to write in APA or MLA format or any other format. Fortunately, there is a specific, recommended format that you can use in your paper.

Here are some formatting tips that a good reflection paper assignment should follow:

  • Use Times New Roman font style
  • Use 12-point font
  • Ensure that your work is double spaced
  • You must include a reference or works cited page
  • The essay must be divided into an introduction, main body, and conclusion paragraphs

Things to Include in Your Reflection Paper

There are some basic things that every reflection paper must have to be effective and impactful to the audience. These include:

Topic and Subject Selection

Usually, the topic and subject that you or your professor ask you to write about can be about an event, film, lecture, or book that you can relate to. In this case, the Covin-19 pandemic. Writing a reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic requires you to talk about and discuss your own thoughts and experiences in connection with the Coronavirus. You should, therefore, choose the chosen topic as the structure of your entire paper.

Outline Development and Brainstorming

Before you start writing any type of essay, it’s important that you take notes and concentrate on finding the best ideas to use in your paper. Can you keep your ideas in control and lay them out throughout your paper effectively? It’s very easy to write off-topic if you don’t have a clear and concise outline of what you want to write about.

Ensure, therefore, that you outline your ideas and brainstorm each of them so that you can use them as your key pointers in your paper effectively. A good brainstorming session should enable you to compose a perfect reflection paper that your audience will also appreciate.

Organize Your Reflection Paper

Typically, an effective reflection paper should be between 300 and 700 words. This amount of words doesn’t really provide you with much room to incorporate all of your ideas. It’s, therefore vital that you think about the ideas that you plan to use on your paper and brainstorm how you will organize them in your essay. Organizing your paper is vital. Without proper organization, you cannot write an impactful reflection paper.

Implement Some Reflection Questions

Questions jog the mind and keep you thinking about the best ways to approach the reflection paper topic to write about. As a result, it’s essential that you use questions that are related to the subject that you are writing. You can also ask a few questions to your audience in your essay to make it more engaging. Asking questions in your paper will attract your readers to read further into your paper while seeking a solution. Remember, you want the reader to be able to go through your entire essay and feel grateful to have read such a paper.

Start Your Introduction Strong

As aforementioned, it’s important always to start your paper with a strong, memorable introduction. You must, therefore, be exact about what you want to write about from the get-go. Your audience should know what your paper is about from the first few lines of your introductory paragraph. Also, readers will only read the rest of your paper if you have a catchy and attractive introduction.

Concentrate on the Thesis Sentence

It is imperative that you follow your introduction with a strong thesis sentence, as well. Your thesis must explain your expectations, thoughts, and opinions to your audience regarding the topic. A good thesis sentence helps to give harmony and focus on your reflective essay.

Interpret Your Main Ideas In The Body Paragraphs

The main body of your reflection paper should clarify your thesis sentence with evidence. Ensure, therefore, that you describe your whole story in the body. Also, remember to provide sufficient evidence that supports your thesis sentence.

Closing Comments

Similar to other types of essays, reflection papers also need to have a strong conclusion summary. Based on your thoughts and expectations, concluding remarks are usually based on your ideas and feelings about your topic in two or three sentences. You must also remember to craft an interesting concluding summary that lets the reader know that your story has come to an end.

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It takes time and practice to learn how to compose a good reflective paper. Unlike other types of essays, reflective papers allow you to express your experiences and thoughts in writing. Thus, the need to consider doing a lot of practice. With time, you should be able to compose the best reflection paper on the Covid-19 pandemic. Follow the tips and tricks in this excerpt to improve your reflection paper writing skills.

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