Reflection Essay on Religion

Reflection Essay on Religion

In most cases, our experiences help in moulding us into our best versions by startling and challenging our voyage. If you have ever encountered a phenomenon or event that changes your view on certain things, then you are capable of writing reflective essays. Sometime, the existence of various aspects of life, such as religion could drive you into a mode of thinking. The several questions that arise from your view of faith could be the basis of a reflective essay on religion. A reflective essay allows anyone to compose their views and opinions in their true selves and personalities.

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Reflection Essay on Religion
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APA 7th edition

Self-reflection might come across as an essay thing until it’s time to write a reflection essay. Therefore, before delving into the basics of writing a reflective essay on religion, it would be wise to tackle the various aspects of reflective writing. This guide wills expertise your skills in writing reflective essays.

What Is a Reflective Writing Style?

A reflective writing style is a style used in composing reflective essays. A reflective essay is a work of literature that is written based on personal experience. When writing a reflective essay, a writer focuses on presenting their expertise on a particular subject matter and how the experience affected their lives.

Reflective essays give writers a platform to fully express their experiences on a specific matter. With the explanation of how the events changed his or her life, a writer may present a learning tool for others who have not had the same experience. Subsequently, a writer’s reflection essay may offer a realization of a mutual lesson with those who have had the same experience.

What is the Purpose of Reflective Writing?

In recent times, a reflection of the past event is often seen as a thing of the past. However, even with the gradual changes around us, it is essential to pause and reflect on past events. The importance of a writing a reflective essay is to provide a platform where we can analyze a subject matter based on previous experiences and draw conclusions from them. Consequently, we can learn from our experiences since experience is the best teacher.

Reflective Essay on Religion

What are the Characteristics of Reflective Writing?

  • Reflective writing employs transitional words and phrases
  • A writer should be concise in relaying information
  • Reflective writing should use the first-person point of view
  • A reflective essay depicts personal narration
  • Reflective writing uses own experiences with lessons or insights to develop the essay
  • There is the use of self-disclosure and honesty
  • Reflective writing uses scene building techniques to provide vivid descriptions

What are the Elements of Reflection?

  1. Reflection essays use descriptive language to relay information. Reflective writing needs a vivid description to make the readers understand the work better. Hence using expressive language helps the readers in visualizing the occurrence of events or experiences.
  2. There is the use of transitional words and phrases. Since reflective essays involve narrations of experiences, it is mandatory to use transitional phrases to ensure that there is a smooth flow in the composition.
  3. There is the incorporation of a turning point or point of realization.
  4. First-person narration. First-person narration or use of the first-person point of view engages the readers while reading the essay. The first-person narrative helps the readers in sharing the emotions of the writer.
  5. They are concise when relaying information. Reflective writing requires writers to formulate and communicate their points in a concise manner to ease understanding of the essay.
  6. Reflective writing reflects the true emotions and experiences of the writer. Since the essay requires the writer to convey their experiences through writing, there is an expression of the emotions and personalities of writers

How to Write a Reflective Essay

It is essential to know the basics writing a reflective essay before embarking on your writing. There must be a correct direction to your paper. A key point to note before starting your writing is that you are writing to share a valuable life lesson based on your personal experience

Here is how to write an effective reflective essay:

Reflective Essay on Religion

Have an important event in mind

For your reflective essay, you have to think deeply about an important event. Concentrate on events worth writing about. Consider picking an event from which you can pick out valuable points for developing your essay.

Choose a relevant topic

After you have chosen an event worth writing about, you will have to formulate a topic that best fits the event in mind. Make sure that the topic is relevant and exciting. A catchy topic gives a reader some interest to look into your work.

Introduce your topic

The introductory part of your essay should grab the attention of the reader. The introduction should evoke the emotions of the reader. The introduction introduces the reader to the topic while preparing them for the body of the essay.

Develop your points in the body

The body of the essay should develop your main ideas systematically. For a short reflective essay, three or four paragraphs would be enough to develop your points. Narrate your experience and explain the experience is of importance.

Conclude the essay

At the end of the narration, a writer must provide a concluding paragraph to wrap up the essay. The concluding section must reflect on the points discussed in the body of the piece. Besides, the writer could opt to include a recommendation on the subject matter.

How do you Start A Reflective Writing?

Writing a reflective essay requires that you share your experience on a specific matter or topic. You do not have to convince the reader with your narration like in other types of essay. Here are some tips on how to write an exemplary reflective essay:

Write a draft of your essay:

You cannot start your process of writing without writing down a draft of your paper. The draft guide in noting down all the key points you need so that you do not forget any when writing your paper.

Choose a topic:

Sometimes, you are assigned a topic by your instructor while other times, you need to come up with a topic of your own. The first step reflective writing is finding a relevant reflective essay topic. Be keen to choose wisely.

Brainstorm on your topic:

Depending on the item you have chosen, you might need to think deeply on the points you will discuss in your essay. A vivid description of your experience is what the essay is all about.

Formulate reflection questions:

Formulating reflection questions might come in handy in the vivid description. Ask yourself question that might help you re-live the experience. Consider the following questions when brainstorming on your topic:

Answer the formulated questions:

Use the questions above to come up with answers that would help you develop your essay. The answers to the questions will help you get as many ideas as possible.

Write the points in your draft in order

Ensure that you write the points in your draft in order so that you can develop your essay systematically. A chronological account would help your readers in understanding the plot better.

Create a summary

Create a summary of your whole paper to help you get an insight into what the final paper would look like.

Questions To Consider When Brainstorming On the Topic

  • How was the event or experience unique to you?
  • What did you notice during that experience?
  • How did you feel about the experience?
  • Why did the experience make you feel as you felt?
  • How has the event or experience changed you?
  • How did the experience challenge/ fascinate you?
  • Was this experience similar to some else’s or was it different?
  • What lesson did you learn through the event or the experience?
  • How did the experience affect your understanding of religion and theology?
  • What questions arose from the experience or event?
  • How can your experience be of help to a different person?
  • What different thing might you have done to change the situation?
  • Would you want to re-live the experience?
  • How did the experience inspire you?

Reflective Essay on Religion

How do you start an Introduction to a Reflective Essay?

Just like any other essay, the introduction of your reflective essay needs to catch the attention of the reader. The opening acts as the ‘hook.’ A well-defined introduction will make the reader look into the full essay. This section will help you in developing a compelling introduction for your reflective essay.

Grabbing the attention of the reader is key

When introducing your reflective essay, ensure that you start with a catchy statement that will captivate the reader. The sole purpose of the introduction is to grab attention and introduce the topic to the reader. You could start by mentioning unique and interesting beliefs or facts. You should be able to showcase a level of creativity that is out of the norm. Always ensure that the development of the introduction does not seem cliché.

Write a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph

A thesis statement is a statement that appears as the closing sentence in an introductory paragraph. The statement bears the focal point of discussion in the paper. The whole paper tends to develop in line with the thesis statement since it carries the central idea. This statement should be written in a clear and concise sentence. Using a thesis statement helps the reader in understanding the direction of the paper without reading the whole paper.

Use first-person narration in developing the introduction

Remember that a reflective essay is subjective and is dependent on the writer’s interpretation of the subject matter. Therefore, it is important to write your essay using the first person point of view. Using the first-person narration will help you in conveying your thoughts, opinions and experiences. Moreover, using first-person narration will help in engaging your readers as they read through your essay. The reader would always feel like the writer is narrating their own story.

Keep the introduction brief and informative

It is always essential to keep a reflective concise. Make sure that your introduction contains 5-7 that are detailed and captivating. The introduction must relay a complete and definite thought that makes the whole essay worth reading.

How to Make a Strong Reflective Essay Thesis

The thesis statement should always reveal the primary purpose of the essay. Ensure that you relay the following information through the thesis statement:

  • A definite experience or event
  • Include a strong example that will bring a fuller picture of the event or experience

How do you Write a Reflection?

As any other assignment, writing a reflective essay might be daunting. However, if you take your time and effort to learn the basics of reflective writing, the process becomes easier. The following points would ease the process of writing a reflective essay.

  • Avoid over-thinking about how to start your reflective writing. Ensure you are calm to maintain a flow throughout your essay. Make the first draft and correct it later into your final draft. Also, ensure that you stick to the initial draft wrote before starting the writing process.
  • As discussed early, always consider starting your essay with energetic and captivating statements. The introduction should evoke the emotions of the reader. By doing so, you become sure that your audience will be interested in your work. A poorly introduced work might be underrated even if the points discussed in the body of the essay are of much weight. Using a quote or an interesting fact could easily interest your audience.
  • When noting down the points on your experience(s), ensure that you include a supporting description of how the experience impacted you. Use specific word phrases to convey your feelings.
  • Write using the first-person point of view. Subsequently, make sure that you use a tone that reflects on your personal experiences. The first person point of view engages the reader, making them feel as though the writer is telling them a story.

Others important points to consider:

  • In case you feel the need to refer on notes concerning the outline of a reflection essay, you should have a look at them. Ensure that you develop your essay systematically and in the right order. Moreover, always remember to focus on the life lessons of the experience of the essay.
  • Ensure that you choose your vocabulary carefully. Even though you are supposed to convey your genuine emotions, avoid using slang word. Similarly, vague adjective such as ‘nice’ or ‘okay.’ These adjective do not depict your real personality or feelings. Subsequently, always remember that reflective writing requires a descriptive component. Hence, it is essential to use adjective throughout your work.
  • Be honest about pointing out your emotions and feelings. Remember that you are writing a reflection essay. Hence, the essay requires a deep level of reflection that reviews your feelings and thoughts. Critically analyze your experience and ensure that you make judgments that incorporate ideas from outside your experience. Use your words to reflect your personality.
  • Try incorporating imagery are a stylistic device in your reflective writing. The use of symbolism helps in creating a vivid description in reflective writing.
  • As a smart way of developing your reflection essay, ensure that you highlight the turning point in your essay. The ‘Aha!’ moment strongly supports your feelings and arguments.
  • Last but not least, always remember to point out the lesson learnt from the described experience.

How do you Conclude a Reflective Essay?

The last paragraph of the reflective essay should reinstate the rest of the article. Focus on collecting all your points together to offer a concluding summary of the whole essay. A valid conclusion logically wraps up the paper.

What is the Example of Reflection?

A good example of reflection that is worth writing about is a reflection essay on religion. Religion involves believing in the existence of a supernatural being that controls different aspects of the universe. A reflection essay on religion unravels the sacred engagement with that which is supposed to be a sacred obligation. Even though religions guide us through life, most people find themselves having a profound reflection on faith.

The Development of a Reflection Essay on Religion

The topic of religion is a diverse kind of topic considering the fact that there are many different approaches to religion. In a general point of view, reflection on religion is distinct because of several reasons:

  • Some people believe in faith, while others do not. At this juncture, a reflection essay could incline on the need for religion while others might incline their reflection on the regarding religion as useless. Both arguments, independently, could be used in constructing a reflection essay on religion.
  • The fact that are different religions with different beliefs and concepts of worship; the Islamic religion, Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism, among others, makes it easier to formulate reflection essay on religion.
  • The different denomination is some of the religions. The fact that there are still different beliefs within the same religion is though worth pondering into.
  • Discrimination based on religion is a puzzling issue. Is there a religion that is superior to the others? Is there an inferior one? If there is, then who is the judge of superiority or inferiority of religion? Why would people who believe in the same God discriminate against each other on religion basis? Such are the questions drive most people in writing refection essays on religion.
  • The philosophy of religion. Several books of philosophy try to come head-on with religion. These books of philosophy give much insight into what religion is. Most philosophers are non- believers of religion.

Reflection essay on religion

After reading and observing all major religions of the world, here is my conclusion on religion. All religions are different. They all bear different concepts on practices such as worshipping, fasting, festivals and traditions. However, I have found out one outstanding thing; all religions believe in one God and agree on the existence of God. For example, Judaism and Islam believe in the worship of one God. In Christianity, however, the concept varies slightly in the belief of one God but three different divine substances of the Trinity.

In my thirst for religious knowledge, I came to find out about the unifying factors in religion. All religions teach on our role as a human being in the universe. Subsequently, all religions teach humans to evade sin. The concept of sin is almost the same in all religion. Last but not least, I came to realize that praying regularly will give peace of mind.

The above example illustrates how you can develop your reflective essay on religion. The concepts of religion vary from person to person. My understanding of religion might be far from what your belief is. All these different views are acceptable since everyone has the right to expression.

APA 7th edition

In conclusion, a reflection essay on religion helps one in understanding the different views and aspects of religion. Moreover, the reflective essays help in the knowledge of the origins of different religions as well as their beliefs. Writing a reflection essay on religion would help in understanding your religion better. Consequently, you get a better understanding of other religion and the influence of religion on the world. Although people are active in different religions, there are still doubts in some beliefs.

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