Read the instructions and tutor comments and make corrections in my

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Read the instructions and tutor comments and make corrections in my
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These were the initial instructions


I need help doing some writing journals. 

They are 4 in total each 300 words. 

References used should be at least 2 per journal. In my instruction file, there are also links, these may be used as references for the specific journals. 

Also, I have attached reading files, Use ONLY these as yoyr references, unless you consider the links in the instruction file

No external references required apart from thereading files I attached and the links in the instruction file. 

Gramer should be simple and easy to understand. 

Just one page for every jornal


these are the comments of the tutort:

This is a good draft. The main problem (in terms of getting credit for the assignment) is that you only discuss one reading when at least two are required. Since a minimum of two readings must be discussed, this one could be about half as long focusing on the main argument(s) and perhaps connecting it to what you have previously learned (including, as you do, your reaction and what you found interesting). You are not expected to research other sources as you do, but certainly that is fine if you wish.

The second main concern is the writing. Although it is generally well written, I could not understand some of your sentences, including all of those indicated below. The first two or three are at least in part due to grammatical or wording issues (with which the Writing or Learning Center can help). Others are due to not fully explaining what you mean and it is not easy for your reader to guess. (You should also review any words underlined by your MS Word program in green or red and correct if needed). 

I hope this helps.

“Arming Ukraine will commence decades of War may be as strong alliances try to prove their might.”

“…Russia might not give up easily as it’s a neighbored by Ukraine.”

“Will Ukraine give in and let Crimea,…”

“The same case applies for America.”

“Crimea was a main region that supplemented the country’s budget hence war is not a solution.”

“Will both alliances agree on a non-aligned Ukraine?” (I am not sure what you mean by “both alliances” or by “non-aligned”).

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