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You are to take on the role of director/adaptor of a play written during the scope of the class (1870 1970). Your job will be to figure out a way to envision the production of this play that feels relevant and clear. To do that you’ll have to go through the steps of investigation I go through as a director, laid out below.College Homework Help

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Rasin In The Sun Assignment | College Homework Help
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MLA Format 5 pages

Write out the event of the production in one paragraph in your own words.

Major Dramatic question

Inciting Incident (When Dramatic Question is raised)

Climax (When Dramatic Question is answered)

What is the style of acting? Representational or Presentational?

Describe the overall objective and obstacle for two of the characters in the play

• Cast the play with real celebrities or other public people, NOT actors, including pictures that evoke your idea of the character.

Thought – Major themes

What is the thematic question?

How is the theme concerned with the period the play was written in?

• Historical, Scientific Context Conventions Get English Homework Help Today

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