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Quiz 3 | Biology homework help
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1.Rods and cones are examples of:

a. chemoreceptors.

b. mechanoreceptors.

c. photoreceptors.

d. encapsulated nerve endings.

2.Mechanoreceptors for balance and equilibrium are located in the vestibule and in the:

a. semicircular canals.

b. organ of Corti.

3.Which of the following structures in the inner ear is the organ of hearing?

a. Bony labyrinth

b. Semicircular canal

c. Vestibule

d. Cochlea

4.Acromegaly is caused by:

a. hypersecretion of ACTH.

b. hyposecretion of ACTH.

c. hypersecretion of growth hormone.

d. hyposecretion of growth hormone.

5.Most salt sold in the United States is iodized salt; that is, a small amount is Na+ rather than NaCl. One benefit of this is a reduction in the number of goiters.

a. True

b. False

6.Cranial nerves are part of the:

a. CNS.

b. PNS.

c. diencephalon.

d. dermatomes.

7.The eustachian tube connects the throat with the __________ ear.

a. middle

b. inner

8.There are four layers of meninges.

a. True

b. False

9.The macula lutea contains:

a. cones.

b. cataracts.

c. aqueous humor.

d. rods.

10.Which of the following most accurately describes the kind of fibers found in spinal nerves?

a. Only sensory fibers

b. Only motor fibers

c. Completely autonomic fibers

d. Motor and sensory fibers

11.Which of the following is not true of the thymus gland?

a. It is located in the neck.

b. It is composed of a cortex and a medulla.

c. It produces thymosin.

d. It is important in the body’s immune system.

12.All of the following are examples of parasympathetic stimulation, except:

a. contraction of the urinary bladder.

b. relaxation of the sphincters of the digestive tract.

c. increased salivation.

d. increased heart rate.

13.The hemispheres of the brain are connected by a structure known as the sulci.

a. True

b. False

14.Which of the following would not be an effector of the autonomic nervous system?

a. Skeletal muscle

b. Blood vessels

c. Sweat glands

d. The iris of the eye

15.Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are neurotransmitters that are classified as:

a. acetylcholines.

b. neuropeptides.

c. catecholamines.

d. None of the choices apply

16.The lens of the eye is held in place by the:

a. suspensory ligaments.

b. aqueous humor.

c. vitreous humor.

d. cornea.

17.Which of the following can pass directly through the cell membrane of the target organ cell?

a. Nonsteroid hormone

b. Steroid hormone

18.Which hormones are produced in the hypothalamus and control the hormones of the adenohypophysis?

a. Tropic hormones

b. Releasing hormones

c. Growth-stimulating hormones

d. Luteinizing hormones

19.Clouding of which of the following structures causes cataracts?

a. Retina

b. Sclera

c. Lens

d. Cornea

20.A synaptic knob would be located on a(n):

a. cell body.

b. axon.

c. dendrite.

d. cell body, axon, or dendrite.

21.The main divisions of the central nervous system are the:

a. brain, spinal cord, and autonomic nerves.

b. brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.

c. brain and spinal cord.

d. brain, peripheral nerves, and autonomic nerves.

22.Two involuntary muscles make up the front part of the choroid: the iris and the pupil.

a. True

b. False

23.The term tissue hormone is another name given to prostaglandins.

a. True

b. False

24.The ceruminous glands are located in the:

a. external acoustic canal.

b. middle ear.

25.Which of the following is not one of the three layers of tissue that forms the eyeball?

a. Conjunctiva

b. Sclera

c. Choroid

d. Retina


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