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Papers must be at least 5-7 pages (not including title and references) and in APA format.

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Qualitative Analysis Assignments | Online Homework Help
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**The “interview part” for this paper is attached below** 

Please reference the interview when analyzing for this paper.

1. Students will evaluate and analyze the interview data collected *ATTACHED* from a sociological perspective. Readings have been made available on qualitative interview analysis.

2. Students must evaluate the relationship dynamics as well as specific problems/issues that the couple interviewed have faced or are currently facing.

3. Since each interview is different, the types of sociological concepts that are applicable will also be different. **Examples of concepts to incorporate include: courtship patterns, communication in the relationship/family, conflict resolution strategies, family and/or gendered roles, balancing work and family, coping with stress, etc.** Recall that concepts are the bolded terms in your textbook.

4. Select the terms that best speak to the sociological themes and patterns found in your qualitative interview data.

5. While writing the essay, be sure to BOLD the concepts that are introduced and make sure each term is properly defined and/or explained before applying it to examples.

6. Students must also utilize the textbook and 3-4 additional peer-reviewed journal articles (Jstor.org is recommended) to address these relationship dynamics and issues from a sociological perspective and how these sociological themes can be applied to couples and/or families more broadly in society.

7. Finally, students should incorporate the Christian worldview by incorporating the Biblical perspective by way of solutions and/or guidance.





SOC 323 – Interview Questionnaire for Couples and Families



Instructions: You must interview a couple or family in order to understand the dynamics of what they may experience. These questions are meant to guide the interview process only. You may find that some of these questions are irrelevant to your interviewee. You may also find that additional details or clarity is needed, so feel free to ask follow up questions as necessary. While conducting your interview, be sure to allow your interviewee to finish responding before moving on to the next question. Taking notes during the interview is critical. You are required to submit both interview responses and notes in order to receive credit.



Interview Questions geared towards couples:


The couple was interviewed together at the same time. They both seemed to answer for one another with most of the questions, with Ashley taking the lead on most.


  1. Me: Hey guys so what are your names (giggling)?


(Laughter) Ashley: Nicholas and Ashley Siems


(Both seem to be very relaxed, they are sitting next to each other and toes are pointed towards me so I know they’re listening)


  1. Me: And what are your ages?


Ashley: Nicholas is 29 and I am 30 (Smile on her face, looking at Nick with a smirk)


  1. Me: So how did you meet each other?


Nick (stoic/not very much emotion): We met in the 6th grade at Park View Middle School

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Ashley: (Nodding her head) Yeah when I still had braces, what were you thinking?! (Laughter)


  1. Me: And how long have you been together?


(Looking at each other) Ashley: We have been together for 4 and half years and married for a year and half

(Nick nodding)


  1. Me: Can you discuss the phases of your relationship up until this point?


Ashley: We were really close friends for several years (eye roll) and would hang out and have coffee/homework dates in our early twenties and occasionally go out for a beer (under her breath) nothing else.


Nick: Yeah, we started dating and then got married.


  1. Me: How long before you two were married?


Nick: We waited 2 years


Ashley: We? (With a confused look on her face) No, you (harsher tone) waited two years (she then giggled a little)


  1. Me: (Laughing at them) Were you two not on the same page as to when you wanted to get married?


Ashley: No, we were, I just really like to give him a hard time about it because I was the one pushing him to take me out of the friend zone, and I don’t think he realizes JUST how long I waited. (Emphasis on tone to show Nick she is being semi-serious)


Nick: Oh come on! (Slight sarcasm/irritation detected)


  1. Me: Ok, can you describe your wedding for me?


Ashley: Our wedding was a dream.


Nick: Ashley designed the entire day.


Ashley: (Interrupting Nick) It was magical, but one of the shortest days of our life. It went by so fast. Nick had butterflies the entire day and couldn’t wait to see me (his bride) (looking at Nick with a longing/silly look).


Nick: Yeah and Ashley were ready to see her groom (sarcasm) and what the venue finally looked like.


Ashley: Everything was perfect. Everyone just danced the night away and had a blast.


(Nick nodded his head in agreement)


  1. Me: Ok so what are your occupations?


Ashley: Nicholas works construction and helps run our wedding rental company by building and setting up wedding inventory. I run the family business “The Vintage Establishment” which is an event and wedding rental company that specializes in farm table and wedding décor.


Nick: Yep, just call me the handyman. (Laughing)


(Ashley sort of laughed but rolled her eyes)


  1. Me: what commonalities do you think you have with each other?


Ashley: We share the same religion. We are both strong Christians and enjoy going to church together. We are huge sports fans. We are both very active people and love working out and being busy yet at the same time, we enjoy sitting down for a nice relaxing evening at home.


Nick: We are both types A personalities as well. We both have OCD but in our own way. (Pointing around the house, showing me how neat and tidy it was)


  1. Me: Ok and what differences do you have? What makes each one of you tick so to speak?


Ashley: Nicholas is a morning person and I am a straight night owl.


Nick: Oh I know one….I love to drive and Ashley hates (emphasis on hates) driving. (He was sort of mocking/making fun of her) Ashley is a neat freak and me, not so much.


Ashley: We both have our own way of doing things and I think that stems from growing up different households. (They both got very quiet, almost like it was a sore subject so I didn’t press any further)


  1. Me: I am scared to ask this one (haha) so who makes the decisions in your relationship?


Ashley: We tend to have the hardest time ever making a decision. We can never decide anything. When it comes to the little things.


Nick: Yeah but when it’s a huge decision financial or something big we tend to both sit and talk out it and decide together? (Tone was definitely questioning Ashley on why she felt differently about how they make decisions together)


  1. Me: What are the roles you each have in your relationship?


Ashley: (Laughing and looking at Nick) Nicholas does the “man roles” cars, trash, you know, the “dirty” work (smiling).


Nick: Yeah and Ashley does the “wife roles” (laughing) Laundry, cooking, cleaning, the usual wife duties. But we do grocery shop together! (excitement in his voice as if he was proud they have a role together)


  1. Me: Do you remember experiencing any conflict or difficulty in your relationship? If so, what was it over? Go into detail if you can or as much as you feel comfortable I know this question is a little awkward.


Nick: (Sighing) Yeah we have experienced a lot of conflict and difficulty in our marriage. The conflict has stemmed over being a lot of not being out on our own and still living at (pause) the in-law’s house and having other people involved in our relationship (Ashley rolled her eyes).


Ashley: We recently just went through difficulty in almost losing our newborn son. (Tears started to well up in her eyes, nick grabbed her hand and she pulled it together) It was probably the biggest conflict we have ever had, but it brought us closer than we have ever been to.


  1. Me: Here’s a big one. How do you resolve conflict?


Ashley: We resolve our conflict by talking with each other and our mentors. Like, we do a lot of counselling and meet other married couples from our church which helps a lot. (the mood seems to be kind of somber, not as much excitement from either of them as in previous questions)


  1. Me: What are the difficulties facing couples today? Have you experienced any of these?


Ashley: I think boundaries between in-laws (sighing and looking in Nick’s eyes), social media, trust, opposite-sex relationships, worldly encounters and no communication.


Nick: Yeah, (looking down) we have come across a few if not all of these in our relationship (still holding Ashley’s hand).


Ashley: Nick and I started off as friends, really close friends so we knew a lot about each other before we started dating so it was hard to get over each other’s past and build a trusting relationship before really being able to focus on each other.


Nick: Yeah, it wasn’t easy that’s for sure. (slight laugh)


  1. Me: What are your views on the future of your relationship?


Ashley: Our view for the future is to just focus on each other and not worry about the petty little things that used to bother us. We have a beautiful miracle baby who needs all of our focus and the only way to manage our marriage and him is to communicate with each other and focus on God at the centre of our relationship and keep holding each other accountable on our relationship with God and make sure we stay grounded on what matter most.


Nick: Yeah, she took the words right out of my mouth. We are definitely super involved in our church, which is amazing and now having Nash (our son) around, I think the future is going to be pretty amazing. (Smiling and looking at Nash in his bassinette)


  1. Me: What responsibility does each person have in your marriage?


Ashley: We share rolls. We don’t consider one person to ever be fully responsible for one thing.


Nick: I help with the dishes, Ashley will help clean the cars, I help with the laundry, I help with the outside stuff and she does too…(pause) sometimes (slightly rolling his eyes).


Ashley: (Blowing him off) We offer each other support wherever we need help. Nick is gone the majority of the day working, I am a “stay at home mom” yet I run a business from home. So I work from home and take care of the new baby. (tone seemed to be a little resentful towards Nick)


  1. Me: Okay last one. What activities do you tend to do together?


Nick: We are very active people which is so cool to me, I love being outdoors and working with my hands.


Ashley: Yeah, you’re good with those! (laughing with each other) We run our business which is weekends now, but we love to go out walking, hiking, shopping, and as we said, church is a big part of our life, family outings, we love our friends, angel games (Nick threw his fist up as if he were at a baseball game) and of course we are homebodies as well (pointing to baby Nash)

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