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Promotion selection improvement | 6000 |
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you will review the promotion selection process. As a starting point, consider your  

Minimum requirements for this paper are:

no plagerism

– APA Formatting (margins at 1″, minimum font size 12)

– Cover Page


– 13 pages in length

– 5 references from scholarly studies. 

The paper should be at least 13 pages in length (excluding cover and citations) with at least five different references (one may be the text book). Please make sure the paper is free of grammar and spelling errors.

The focus on this assignment is to have you display your expertise in HR by identifying opportunities for improvement with the selected topic.  You should have at least 3 paragraphs, 1 full section of your paper, dedicated to recommendations for improvement. Consider this assignment a paper you are delivering to the HR Manager at a company who has asked you for help on the topic. 

Tables, graphs, and illustrations can help bring out key points. 

Remember that these are only the minimum requirements. An “A” paper will achieve a higher level of quality. 

This is a paper that you should be proud to give to a fellow HR Manager and say “Here is what I recommend.”


reetings one and all.  Just a quick note about what I expect from the level of quality in your submitted assignments.  Here are some hints that can help (or hinder if missing) your grade:

 – For graduate work, a cover page is expected for ALL assignments.  Obviously you cannot submit one for discussions. 

– Turnitin.com is used for all of your assignments.  A high similarity score will result in reduced points.  YOU MUST WRITE YOUR OWN, ORIGINAL PAPER USING YOUR OWN WORDS.

APA style is a requirement for all papers in this course.

References from scholarly journals to support your conclusions and articles is expected. 

Critical analysis of articles will help you.

– For your project, remember that the recommendations are the MOST important part of your paper.  I would expect no less than 3-4 pages on your recommendations which could include expected costs of any recommended changes, anticipated benefits in terms of cost, anticipated resistance and the source of that resistance to any changes, and supporting references from empirical studies that support your recommended changes. 

– Tables, charts, and graphs can make a BIG difference in the level of quality of your recommendations and can show the expected value of the recommendations. 

 As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

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