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Unit III Project Topic

Leadership Coaching Plan:

Creating a Coaching-

Friendly Context: For the Unit III assignment, you are asked to create three components for your Leadership Coaching Plan: the title page, the “Creating a Coaching-Friendly Organization Context” section, and the

References page.

Note: All segments will need to be resubmitted within one cohesive packet within Unit VIII for final grading.

Title Page

Create the title page for your Leadership Coaching Plan, using APA style.

Self-Assessment of Coaching Competencies


Insert the “Self-

Assessment of Coaching Competencies” section, which you wrote for your Unit I


Defining Coaching Success


Insert the “Defining Coaching Success” section, which you wrote for Unit II.

Creating a Coaching-Friendly Context


For this segment of the Leadership Coaching Plan, draft a paper,

minimum 300 words in length,to discuss why a coaching-friendly context is an essential foundation for the coaching experience. How would you create

a coaching-friendly context, specifically with the leader you will coach? Long-term, how would you hope to impact the organization culture to create a widespread environment that is open to coaching? Describe the strategies and the approach you would use. Be sure to use library resources, the unit video, and unit readings to inform your

Leadership Coaching Plan. Use APA citations

if appropriate


References Page


Finally, create the references page for your Leadership Coaching Plan. For this assignment, obtain a

minimum of six references (or sources) about coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, leadership

development specifically within your career field, or coaching in organizations. You may use your textbook

and the article we read in Unit I as two of the six sources. Use those references to create a references page

ORG 6000, Leadership Development and Coaching 5 in APA style. In addition to the six references you are listing now, you may add references to this list

throughout the course, if you wish. Acceptable sources include journal articles, books, and e-books obtained through the Waldorf library, or they may

be books on your shelf at home.

The only internet source that may be used is the web site of the organization where the leader works. You may also use the leader’s personal website, if he or she has one. If you would like to use another internet source,

check with your professor first.

Do not use encyclopedias, including Wikipedia.

For in

formation on how to create a reference page using APA style, watch the tutorials provided in the

“Supplemental Reading” section of this unit. For additional questions about searching for sources, please feel free

to contact a Waldorf librarian. Also, be familiar with Waldorf’s Academic Integrity Policy, located in Waldorf’s

Online Programs Catalog, in order to ensure that your work aligns with this policy.

Appendix: Informational Interview Field Notes

Insert the field notes you created for Unit II, base don the informational interview.

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