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Project final | Business & Finance homework help
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The company must be pepsi cola


This is the conclusion of your research project and has two parts.

Part 1
Identifying the opportunities and threats of a corporation is a strategy to pinpoint the potential that the corporation has in new international markets and to also shed light on the threats that can cause the corporation to not achieve a certain level of international success.

In 2-3 pages:

  • List at least two opportunities and two threats of your chosen multinational corporation.
    • One of the proposed opportunities and threats must be financial oriented (i.e., increased or decreased demand in product or service, strong or weak stock market share, increased or decreased product price potential).
  • Explain why it is a chosen opportunity or threat and the impact it has on global presence and expansion for the corporation.
  • Support your examples with research from the sources you identified in during your background research.

Part 2
Write a strong conclusion of your overall findings and thoughts on the corporation you have analyzed. In your conclusion you should reflect on the strong points of the corporation and whether or not the MNC can have a strong global presence.

Your final paper should be 4-7 pages combine all previous parts into one document and be structured as follows:

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction and background on MNCs
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List

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