Program evaluation form for msop

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Program evaluation form for msop
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program evaluation form for MSOP

the sample is in the attachment



Program Evaluation


Name __________________ Program Name _______________________


Please answer EACH question in complete sentences. Your responses should be thorough. You will use this form for every week of this quarter.




1) Please provide a brief overview of the program. (This may be 1-2 sentences.)




2) What, in your opinion, makes this program effective?




3) What, in your opinion, makes this program ineffective?




4) Name one thing you would change about the program as it currently exists.




For the following questions, pretend you are a prison warden. You have the decision to continue to offer the program at hand, or to terminate it. For the first 2 questions, assume the program continues. For the third question, assume the program is terminated. Please answer the last two questions accordingly.




5) Should this program continue, how many offenders would you attempt to target (i.e. how many offenders would ideally participate) each year?




6) Should this program continue, what hiring requirements would you implement? In other words, how will you choose staff to run the program?




7) Should you terminate the program, how else would you use the funds initially allocated for this program?




8)  How would you ensure your program was working efficiently and effectively?




9) Finally, would you keep this program, or terminate it?


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