Professional expectation and evaluation | Education homework help

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Professional expectation and evaluation | Education homework help
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As a teacher, you will be under scrutiny to show the progress and growth of your students as part of the accountability movement. In this assignment, you will investigate and summarize the connections between professional expectations of teachers, teacher evaluations, and the law. 

Choose a current local, state, or national model for teacher evaluation and/or the assessment of teacher effectiveness, and read the policies and resources connected with the model. 

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation or a 1- to 2-page graphic organizer in which you address the following questions: 

  1. What are the basic inclusions in the model regarding ethical and legal responsibilities for teachers?
  2. What rubrics or ratings are provided for the assessments within the model?
  3. What opportunities exist for growth within this model?
  4. What are the ramifications for not meeting the standards? Do these evolve or change year by year, according to the model?
  5. What professional development would be appropriate for utilizing this model with teachers?

Include APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference slide or reference page.

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