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The production function of a country is as follows: Y,- F(K,4 L.) -K) (4.2.)? When the population growth rate n=1 and the technical level A increases by A certain rate g>0 every year, the savings rate is fixed as s>0 and the depreciation rate : >0.Homework For You

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Production Function of a Country Assignment | Homework For You
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) Find the change formula of capital per worker =K/AL) for this economy and explain its meaning. Explain how the rate of economic growth changes as capital per worker in this economy increases.

2) Figure out the price of and the level of (per capital idle labor production = Y /AL) and (per capital labor consumption =C/AL) in the economic equilibrium state.

3) in this economy, if the savings rate is exogenous increased, what will happen to the price of kºze in the state of equality?

– When in equilibrium state, total factor production A increases at a growth rate of g>0, please indicate this economic growth path. s, Explain the gold ratio of capital accumulation and find the value of the deposit rate in this economy that can meet its conditions 6. The current savings rate s is lower than the savings rate of the gold ratio. In this economy, the government decides to tax consumption. What effect will this policy have on the movement path and equilibrium consumption? Get Economics homework help today

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