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Process Costing for a Service Company

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Process Costing Assignment | Top Universities
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Madison Electric Company uses a fossil fuel (coal) plant for generating electricity. The facility can generate 900 megawatts (million watts) per hour. The plant operates 600 hours during March. Electricity is used as it is generated; thus, there are no inventories at the beginning or end of the period. The March conversion and fuel costs are as follows:

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Conversion costs $40,500,000
Fuel 10,800,000
  Total $51,300,000

Madison also has a wind farm that can generate 100 megawatts per hour. The wind farm receives sufficient wind to run 300 hours for March. The March conversion costs for the wind farm (mostly depreciation) are as follows:

Conversion costs $2,700,000

a. Determine the cost per megawatt hour (MWh) for the fossil fuel plant and the wind farm to identify the lowest cost facility in March.

Cost Per Mega-watt Hour
Fossil plant $ per MWh
Wind farm

b. Why are equivalent units of production not needed in determining the cost per megawatt hour (MWh) for generating electricity?

c. What advantage does the fossil fuel plant have over the wind farm? Which of the following is true.

  1. Fossil fuel is easily available.
  2. Fossil fuel plant has a cost advantage over wind farm.
  3. The wind farm is subject to the presence of wind and thus, not reliable.
  4. The fossil fuel plant can be turned on and off on a schedule, while the wind farm is subject to the varieties of nature.Get Accounting Homework Help Today

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