Pressure Ulcers Assignments | Online Homework Help

  • Identify a clinical issue of interest that can form the basis of a clinical inquiry.
  • Using keywords related to this clinical issue of interest and Boolean search terms, search at least four different databases in the Walden Library to identify at least four peer-reviewed articles relevant to your clinical issue of interest.
  • Create a 4- to 5-slide narrated PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:
    • Identify and briefly describe your chosen clinical issue of interest.
    • Describe how you used keywords and Boolean search terms to search your chosen clinical issue of interest.
    • Identify the four research databases that you used to conduct your search.
    • Provide APA citations for the four peer-reviewed articles that you selected.

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Pressure Ulcers Assignments | Online Homework Help
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 Etafa, W., Argaw, Z., Gemechu, E., & Melese, B. (2018). Nurses’ attitude and perceived barriers to pressure ulcer prevention. BMC nursing, 17(1), 14

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Truong, B., Grigson, E., Patel, M., & Liu, X. (2016). Pressure ulcer prevention in the hospital setting using silicone foam dressings. Cureus, 8(8).

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