Prepare a training presentation (remember who your audience is-

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Prepare a training presentation (remember who your audience is-
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Prepare a training presentation (remember who your audience is- employees) that covers aspects of sexual harassment.  In your training you may wish to include a policy for your company so employees know how to comply as well as file a complaint.  Lastly, also include a way in which you can assess the effectiveness of the training.  The presentation should be developed in Power Point and include about 10 sides (plus one reference side). The presentation must include a script in the notes section of each slide OR an embedded audio of your voice -about 75 to 100 words each. Your presentation must include references from the text as well as two other credible references. APA citation format.

Research the cultural dimensions of the U.S. and your two other countries in Hofstede’s work. Goal is to explore and discover the practical business applications of these theories.  In other words, if the United States is a culture that has high individualism, what does this mean in practical terms?  Prepare a 10-12 slide presentation for your employees regarding cultural dimensions and business norms in the three countries.  Remember you want to make this useful and interesting for your employees, therefore consider images and well designed slides. For each slide, include a script of at least 75 words in the area under the slide (you may also embed an audio recording). Support your paper with the text and other resources utilizing APA standards (in-text citations in your script and reference slide required). 


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