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William J. Quarterman:

Leadership & Organizational BUS 520

Dr. Tillman



Rhino Foods Inc. was founded by Ted Castle and Anne (his wife) in 1981 starting as a small ice cream shop. Today, the company hasmore than 150 employees, generatingaround US$ 50 millionannual revenue. Ice cream sandwichis its major brand (1).  The company major local competitors are; Purbeck Ice Cream Ltd, Three Twins Ice Cream, and Concord Foods.

Generally, inany organization, organizationalculture plays a major role indetermining employees’ motivation thus affecting their productivity. A favorable or good culture will boost employees’ motivation, creativity, and innovation and as a result increase productivity. However, Rhino Foods has successfully instilled various positive corporate cultures; the company is promoting a number of cultures in the organization that are decreasing employees’ productivity slowly by slowly (2). The most concerning culture arethe company’s customer-centric nature and the organization structure which is strictly chain of command communication.

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For Rhino Foods, its vision of being the most customer centric company in the food industry has pushed it forward, avision which would only be achieved through employees.However, the company leadership been putting more emphases on the customers satisfaction without giving the employees the recognition they deserve leaving employees feeling unvalued and uncared for.Such feeling definitely makes employees less motivated thus unwilling to offer their best to the company, eventually leading to a decline in productivity as it has been recorded in the recent months (2).

Another issue at Rhino Foods that is affecting employees’ productivity is the company’s communication policy. At Rhino Foods, communication, especially upwards communication is usually done by strictly using the chain of command. For instance, if it is the employee at the lowest level want to communicate about something to the company’s manager, he or she will be required to communicate it to his or her immediate supervisor, then the immediate supervisor take the message to his immediate manager and so forth until the message reach the intended person(3).The prolonged communication chain demotivates the employees in a number of ways. First, is the employee want to let the management of the company know somethingabout his or her senior, it becomes very difficult and secondly, the long communication chain discourages employees from sharing the new ideas they may be having about improving various aspects of the company’s operations.

Rhino Foods is weak in a number of areas regarding its organizational culture. The first weakness is that it has a conservative leadership that finds hard to adapt to new ways of doing things. A good example is its unwillingness to adapt modern communication networks within an organization such as the star or the wheel communication networks where every employee is made to feel that his or her views are valued. In addition, these networks are less time consuming.  The second weakness is the organization failure to understand that employees should be given equal, if not more, attention just like customers.

To solve the above issues, the company should adjust its vision, which is being the most customer centric company in the food industry, in order to accommodate its employees into the vision to make them feel that theyare part of the organization’s future. This way, it will be able to come up with new strategies which will recognize employees as an integral part of the company. The strategies may involve company coming up with various motivation programs meant for the employees, for example, rewarding the most productive, the most improved etc. programs which currently do not exist.

About the communication system, the company should bring to an end the current chain network communication and adopt other communication networks. The star and the wheel communication network would be the best to ensure free flow of communication between the subordinates and the seniors with any interference, within the shortest time possible, and also with the highest level of confidentiality.Employees will be motivated and encouraged to be efficient at work place knowing that their ideas, complaints, and views are valued by the company in which they are working and this will make them psychologically settled thus being productive.



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Professional Development Program Proposal

William Quarterman

BUS 520

Leadership & Organizational Behavior

February 12th, 2019


Emotional intelligence may be defined as that special ability an individual has that enables him or her to recognize, understand and manage his emotions as well as that of other individuals around him or her. It helps in the daily routine of individuals as it makes them to be aware that emotions have a major influence on our behavior and may impact other people e.g. friends, family, workmates, employees and so on either positively or negatively therefore it is upon individuals to manage those emotions. Emotional intelligence helps us to make decisions and relationships with people around us and help in the developing of personality of individuals. It is important for leaders, parents and any other individual who has administrative roles to possess good emotional intelligence as it helps in the general performance of companies, homes, places of work and so forth where can be used at the various circumstances.

As defined early emotional intelligence is the ability to maintain ones emotions as well as that of others, on the other hand motivation is what pushes or drives someone to behave in a certain way. The push or drive may be influenced or triggered by a number of reasons e.g. personal desires, goals, external pressure e.g. pressure to achieve and many other causes. The following are some common emotional building blocks; first of all we have self-esteem andself-perception whereby it deals with the level of self-motivation and the general way one sees himself or values himself. The second one is self-regulationor some scholars define it as self-management and the third one is motivation, just to mention a few ones.

The above mentioned building blocks of emotional intelligence are important in the management of employees but motivation is one of the best ways to influence employees. Motivation is the ability to influence others either by action or psychologically to do according to your wish. For the managers or administrators to succeed in motivation of their employees it is important for them to have strategic plans and ways to do the motivation. Some of the strategies they may use include through equipping this workforce with necessary skills to perform their duties. Secondly the company should provide a safe environment for its workers this includes clean environment, properly working tools and security of their lives and property. Also they may motivate employees by the use of monetary incentives whereby top performing employees are encouraged actually this is one of the greatest means of motivation of staff.

Lastlyempowerment is also a method of motivating employees this is possible when the management encourages the staff and helps them in decision making. This helps them to achieve their goals hence they will feel motivated and appreciated by their employers and the company they are working at. Reinforcement is the ability to influence the existence or removal of a certain behavior from individuals. We have two types of reinforcements and they include positive and negative reinforcement. The positive reinforcement method involver giving rewards to encourage a certain behavior for example when a company awards the cleanest employee in the organization. On the other hand negative reinforcement happens when a certain behavior among employees is discouraged for example though reprimanding an employee directly.

Emotional intelligence work hand in hand with social skills in the various circumstances of decision making in the management. Social skills may be interpreted as those basic skills needed to handle and influence other people’semotions some of them are; the basic communication skills used by the individuale.g. use of appropriatetone, gestures and signs etc. Second the skills to convince others that a certain decision or opinion is correct or better if not best, this skill works with thepersuasion skill. The third skill is conflict management skills whereby one decide what is the best action to take in solving a certain dispute it is important to be free from biasness and favoritism in solving issues. Besides that it entails good leadership skill whereby the leader leads by example and all characteristics of good leadership. Collaboration skills team work are also some of the skills needed in social skills and lastly the art of creating a rapport with workmates and other individuals in the work place. These skills are important as they guide one in making decisions not only mere decisions but also the most appropriate decision that helps in the good performance of an individual on his duties this will in turn have a positive influence in the performance of the business entity.

An effective team is a group of individuals working together to achieve goals within an organization therefore it needs to work in harmony and unity so as to achieve this goals. The following are the key attributes of an effective team; first of all, members  should have common goals and share among members ways to improve and determining the most appropriate ways of attaining the  which they are working on. Secondly all individuals in the team are mutually accountable of all circumstances they may find themselves in the line of duty i.e. they should attack a problem as a team and support each other when need arises.

There is no room for blaming others in case of failures also when it comes to success it is shared and celebrated by all without any discrimination and at times the best performers may be appreciated by rewards and prizes.In addition no time wasting hence total commitment to the team. An effective teams allows individuals to give their own opinions and no interference with right of speech and communication. This helps in the incorporation of various skills each individual has in the team. Also it helps in seeking clarification when needed or not understood well besides that there should be free communication among the members and outside the organization incase required.

Team trust also is important for an effective team, the trust may be from there seniors or among employees themselves this is because it helps in achieving the organization goals, also it helps in smooth flow of information therefore improves confidence among members. Also respect to oneself and others is important this entails respect of other people’s opinions, culture and property. Fairness and justice to all is another important attribute in an effective team therefore no employee or team member should treated different from the others regardless of the gender, age or race. As the old adage goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” it is very important for a team to have time for humor and refreshment during and after work but it needs to be to appropriate level and much of it may lender the team to challenges. Lastly the team should be led by an inspiring leader who has all the necessary qualities of a good leader i.e. one who motivate the team, always available for consultation and one helps the group in achieving the group’s goals

Team dynamics are the various psychological and unusual unconscious forces that control a team to behave in a certain way. Therefore it is influenced by a number of factors within the group e.g. different personalities in the group, relationship among members etc. before the implementation of the team dynamics it is important to observe  the following first you need to understand your team very well second respond to questions and solve problems appropriately, clearly define roles and responsibilities of various employees within the organization.in addition it is crucial to enhance team culture so as to exploit to the fullest their abilities of each employee and improve performance of the business. Lastly break down barriers of communication to allow smooth flow of information.

In conclusion to the above emotional intelligence is important in every individual since it helps in developing various skills which are very key in life for instance leadership skills, personal management skills, decision making skills which are used in the daily instances of life. Besides individuals the skill is important for various leaders ranging from political leaders to organizational leaders as it helps them to make suitable choices and in business it helps in the general success of the business. Failure give it the first priority this skill it may lead the business to serious problems.




King, D. D., Newman, A., & Luthans, F. (2016). Not if, but when we need resilience in the workplace. Journal of organizational behavior, 37(5), 782-786.

Martin-Raugh, M. P., Kell, H. J., & Motowidlo, S. J. (2016). Prosocial knowledge mediates effects of agreeableness and emotional intelligence on prosocial behavior. Personality and Individual Differences, 90, 41-49.

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