What are Effects of Poor Diet on Lifespan | Descriptive Essay Format

Do you have a descriptive essay assignment and do not know how to go about it? If yes, you are not alone; there are a lot of students who do not know how to write a descriptive essay in the right format. Before handling your assignment, you need to understand what a descriptive essay is, the descriptive essay format, the details you should put in your essay, and how to go about it. The article below seeks to shed more light on descriptive essay writing, and the descriptive essay format:

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What are Effects of Poor Diet on Lifespan | Descriptive Essay Format
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What is a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay refers to a paper that describes or summarizes a particular topic. You can describe a person, event, or place. Unlike other types of essays where a writer needs to give examples and facts, descriptive essay format rely on the ability of a writer to imprint a mental picture on the reader’s mind. Therefore, descriptive essays use figurative language in their format.

descriptive essay

What is the purpose of a descriptive essay?

Descriptive essays seek to reveal more information about the subject through detailed observation. The descriptive essay format utilizes the power of human senses and language to make a reader understand the subject. For instance, an individual who reads a descriptive essay about a place will feel as though they have visited the place.

Types of descriptive essays

Although descriptive essays follow the same format, there are different types of descriptive essays. The common types of descriptive essays are:

Human essay

This kind of essay seeks to give more information about a person. The major description one can make of another person is the qualities, behaviors, and appearance.

Place essay

This essay will be describing a particular location. When writing a place essay, a person should stick to the paper’s focus. One should describe the breathtaking aspects of the place and make the reader feel the gist of the place.

Event essay

This essay describes a life event. The event could be a trip, a music festival, or graduation.

Occupation essay

This type of essay explains a particular job. You may write an occupation essay in a job resume or when seeking school admission.

How to write a descriptive essay format

Writing takes work. You need to prepare yourself before the actual writing and later review your work after writing. Here are the steps you can take when writing your descriptive essay format:


One should take time to determine what they will be writing about and why. There are no specifications as to what one can write about. However, if a student is writing a descriptive essay assignment, there are high chances that the teacher gave the writing instructions. The instructions will not only tell you how to write the assignment but also will give you the subject topic. In that case, the prewriting phase will require a student to brainstorm on what they will write about. One should seek the physical characteristics of what they want to describe and generate the emotional aspect of the subject. That way, they will convey the significance of the subject to the reader right. You should then create an outline on which you should follow when writing your descriptive essay. The outline will ensure that you stick to the subject topic.


Once you have your outline and ideas, it is important that you consider writing a draft essay. The draft should contain the helpful information as it will give you the final essay after editing. The most important aspect of a descriptive essay is to show. Therefore, make use of figurative and descriptive language when writing about the subject. The writer should have the reader in mind when writing. Even with the requirement to give precise details, a descriptive essay should follow a logical sequence, or else it will be hard to create an image on the reader’s mind.


In this stage, the writer should modify their work to create the best descriptive essay. When revising, a writer should consider the following:

Does the essay describe the subject fully?

Is there a connection between the description and the meaning to a writer?

Does the language in use convey meaning and emotion?

Have the details given the reader a complete image of the subject?


This stage is common for all writing assignments. You need to edit your written piece before submitting it. When editing, you will be looking for any errors in grammar, flow, and idea expression. Editing gives you the chance to improve the clarity of the article and the writing style.

Descriptive essay example

Here is a sample of a descriptive essay on “The effects of poor diet on lifespan.”

The introduction

Health is an essential requirement for one to undertake life normally. The key to good health is proper nutrition. Many people, however, do not pay much attention to the food that they take daily despite the significance of food in ensuring good health. Eating food is not about eliminating hunger. The food you eat should nourish your body, give strength to your muscles, and ensure overall health. Studies show that eating healthy food affects our lifespan. Therefore, you should ensure that you eat the right foods and in the proper quantities to lead a healthy and long life.

As one grows older, the body’s nutritional needs change. Older people do not need many calories as younger people. However, elderly people need more nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. Therefore, the nutrition requirements for the elderly are different from those of a young person.

The article below is a description of the effects of a poor diet. But how does one know that they are not eating right? Here are signs of poor nutrition:

10 signs of poor nutrition

It is essential to know the signs of poor nutrition so you can talk to a health practitioner once you notice any. These signs include:

descriptive essay assignment

Slow Immune Response

The immune system becomes weak without proper nutrition. That means that the body will not be able to fight illness-causing organisms. That means that the immune response will be low and you will get sick easily. The essential nutrients for a functional immune system are vitamins A, C and E, zinc, and protein.

Slow Healing and Fast Bruising

Do you get bruises easily even without any reason? Do your wounds take long to heal? Slow healing and fast bruising are symptoms of lack of vitamin K, Vitamin C and protein. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting, while Vitamin C helps in fast tissue repair.

Bowel Movements

Difficulty in making bowel movements is an effect of a poor diet. The lack of fiber causes difficulty in bowel movements. Fiber is present in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

Mental health

Depression is one of the mental health issues that affect men and women of different ages. Depression affects the mental health of an individual. In extreme cases, depression causes memory loss.

Dry Hair

You need vitamin C, iron and folate to grow healthy hair. When you do not get any of these nutrients from your diet, your hair will start to dry and become brittle.

Ridged Nails

Besides noticing dry and brittle hair, your nails can tell if you are getting a healthy diet or not. An individual who is not eating well will experience ridged nails, or worse, the nails will start getting out of the nail bed. Such nails are a sign that you are low on calcium, protein, and iron.


Food gives the body enough energy to perform normal body functions. When the food does not have the necessary nutrients, you may find that you are getting tired fast and often. For instance, iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells that facilitate the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the entire body.

Lack of appetite

Eating an unhealthy diet for long affects your taste buds. As a result, one experiences a decrease in their appetite. Lack of appetite is a sign that you have nutrient deficiencies. You should contact a practitioner when you notice that you can stay for long without getting hungry. The practitioner will conduct blood tests to determine if the lack of appetite is an effect of a poor diet.


When your body does not absorb the nutrients from the food you eat well, you are prone to experiencing diarrhea. Malabsorption of nutrients as an effect of a poor diet can happen due to digestive disorders, infection, use of certain drugs, or after surgery.

Mouth problems

Mouth problems are one of the common effects of a poor diet. Inflammation of the mouth which is seen by sores on the corners of the mouth are an indication of iron deficiency. Also, once your body is deficient of zinc and vitamin B, you may experience a burning sensation in your mouth.

Effects of poor diet

Food affects the mind and body, both in the short-term and long-term. Here is a breakdown of these effects of a poor diet:

Short term effects of poor diet


Eating complex and smart carbohydrates causes a boost in an amino acid called the tryptophan. Tryptophan is helpful in the synthesis of serotonin—a hormone that is responsible for boosting your mood.


A diet loaded with protein, carbs, and fatty acids gives you enough energy to go through your day. Deprivation of nutrients from your diet causes low energy levels.


The portion of food one consumes is as important as the choice of food. Eating foods that are high in fat and taking alcohol causes heartburn issues, acid reflux, and other indigestion issues.


Your diet affects your sleep patterns in this way: overeating before going to bed will cause insomnia and stomach pains. Drinking large amounts of caffeinated drinks hinders your sleeping ability.

Effects of Poor Diet

Long term effects of poor diet

Mental Health

The deficiency of vitamin B worsens the signs of depression. Also, medical studies have shown that patients suffering from mood disorders and anxiety improve when they consume food that is rich in Omega-3 loaded fatty acids. A healthy diet is helpful in managing mental health conditions.

Chronic illness

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses which range from arthritis, diabetes to cancer have signs of the lack of a certain dietary nutrient. Smart food choices will minimize your risk for such chronic illnesses. Patients who are already sick can manage chronic illness by consuming a healthy diet.

Cardiovascular system

Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in the world. You can avoid getting heart disease by having a regular exercise routine and eating a healthy diet.

Effects of an unhealthy diet on students

Recent studies show that eating low-nutritional foods causes a decrease in academic performance among students. The academic performance aspects affected by a poor diet include the language, reading, and numeracy abilities. A healthy diet which comprises of food rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole foods delivers essentials nutrients to the body. These nutrients are necessary for improving cognitive behavior. Also, the additives in unhealthy foods which include preservatives affect the academic performance of students.

The benefit of physical exercise

Besides eating a healthy diet, it is advisable that one incorporates exercise in their life. Regular exercise has both short-term and long-term benefits. Have a look at the benefits of a regular exercise routine:

Weight control

Regular exercise helps in maintaining weight loss and preventing weight gain. When one engages in physical activity, they lose burn calories. A more intense physical activity means that an individual will burn more calories. You can get a gym subscription, so you stick to regular exercise. Also, you can check home exercises on the internet and begin exercising at home.

Combats health diseases

A physically active person has high-density lipoprotein, which decreases the unhealthy triglycerides in the blood. That means that blood flows well in your body and thus lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise improves the body’s cognitive function, which lowers the risk of death from lifestyle diseases.

Better mood

Physical exercise stimulates chemicals in the brain which leave one happy, less anxious, and more relaxed. After exercising for some time, your body will be in great shape. That will make you feel good about your appearance and thus boost your self-esteem.

Better sleep

Individuals who have difficulty in getting sleep can benefit from having an exercise routine. However, that will happen when you exercise earlier in the day. Exercising before going to bed will get you energized and thus hard to sleep.

Boosts energy

Do you get tired by undertaking tasks no matter how minor they are? If yes, regular exercise will boost your endurance levels and muscle strength. Exercise promotes proper delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your body tissues. That improves the health of your respiratory and cardiovascular system. You will then have lots of energy to keep going through your daily tasks.

Good for the skin

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and thus should be in great condition. The oxidative stress in one’s body affects the condition of the skin. Oxidative stress happens when the antioxidant defenses in the body cannot repair cell damage from free radicals. That will deteriorate your skin and the internal structures. Also, exercise boosts the ability of your body to produce antioxidants which protect your cells.

The conclusion

Your diet plays a major role in daily well-being and overall health. It is thus important to ensure that you are eating the right foods and in the right amounts. Our bodies are different, and therefore you will want to be sure that you are taking food that is right for your body. You can consider seeing the help of a nutritionist who will analyze your body and help you understand your personal nutritional needs. Depending on your nutritional needs, the nutritionist will create a 5-day meal plan for your to stick to throughout the week. Following the nutritional plan will be helpful in optimizing your health.

A descriptive essay takes the structure of a normal essay only that the writing process differs. The purpose of a descriptive essay is to give more information about a particular subject, and the essay should meet that objective. If you have a descriptive essay assignment or any question regarding how to write a descriptive essay, reach out to myhomeworkwriters.com for assignment help. My Homework Writers has expert writers with vast knowledge on how to write different types of essay assignments. On the website myhomeworkwriters.com, you can find descriptive essay examples and other articles on health and nutrition. You can be sure that the writers will deliver excellent work to you and at a friendly rate. Talk to the admin and submit your assignment guidelines to get a quotation. You will then receive your descriptive essay format assignment in a few days so you can submit your assignment before the deadline.

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