Political science – assess democracy in the united kingdom

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Political science – assess democracy in the united kingdom
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 Due midnight on Wednesday May 2nd according to New York time zone.

Assess democracy in the United Kingdom on ONE of these bases:

1. Representation 

2. Participation

3. Freedom of speech

4. Rule of law

Consider both the formal and informal aspects of British politics, as well as all relevant institutions, actors, attitudinal information, issues, and processes. 

You may structure your analysis as a case study of a single topic or use several topics as a basis for explaining your chosen aspect of democracy in the United Kingdom. You would be wise to stick to topics we’ve covered in this course.

This is not an opinion essay, but an analysis of particular elements of democracy in this specific political system, using the tools and concepts of political science. Be careful to define your terms for the purpose of your analysis and support your assertions with evidence.


Font: Times New Roman. font size: 12. Double Spaced. 

NO PLAGIARISM! You have to cite any source you use. Put all the citations in a bibliography page. I will attach the citation instructions.

Use the Chicago citation format. Include the websites too, so I can check them.


4-5 pages of writing (excluding the bibliography page)

This is a university-level analytical paper.

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