pin it you will select a u.s. supreme court decision and conduct

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pin it you will select a u.s. supreme court decision and conduct
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Pin It You will select a U.S. Supreme Court decision and conduct through analysis of the decision. In doing so, you will discuss where the case originated and track its development through the courts to the U.S. Supreme court (Procedural history). Further, you will identify and discuss the issue(s) presented in the case and the courts ultimate ruling. Likewise, you also engage in a lengthy discussion/analysis of the reasoning/rationale behind this ruling (and dissenting opinion). Lastly, and most important, you will want to discuss the social and political ramifications of the courts decision, if any. Please select One of the alternatives below. Capital punishment Kennedy v. Louisiana, 554 U.S. 547 (2008) Right to remain silent Berghuis V. Thompkins, 560 U.S. _ (2010) Life sentences (without the possibility of parole) for juvenile defendants Miller V. Alabama, 567 U.S. _ (2012). Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure Georgia V. Randolph, 547 U.S. 403 (2006) Comply with all APA formatting and citations. Include in text citations and a reference page as well as a title page Typed (times new roman 12pt font) No less than 8 pages

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