How to Write a Persuasive Speech Outline | Essay Guide

How to Write a Persuasive Speech Outline | Essay Guide

The essential steps in an essay guide for learning how to write a persuasive speech outline include sufficient preparation, engaging your audience, and presenting your arguments strongly.

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How to Write a Persuasive Speech Outline | Essay Guide
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What gives certain people influence over others? In most cases, it is because the influencer has a valuable idea. But a valuable idea is not enough. How you convey an idea to other people matters a lot in whether they will consider and buy your idea. Delivering an effective persuasive speech may seem like an inborn ability. But is it? Partly, yes. There are individuals who are naturally good speakers. However, one can learn how to write a persuasive speech outline on social media with the right essay guide.

The delivery of an effective persuasive speech requires one to understand what it takes to write a persuasive speech outline and how to convey your ideas. The article seeks to expand on the intricate details of an essay guide on how to write a persuasive speech outline.

What is a persuasive speech?

A persuasive speech refers to one whose main objective is to convince an audience to do or believe something. The audience should see your point of view through your speech delivery and thus bring them on board about the subject you are presenting. So, how do you go about convincing an audience to share with your line of thought? How do you build a connection with them that calls them to earn your trust?

How to write a persuasive speech outline

A persuasive speech follows a particular outline than other types of speeches. The steps to follow in learning how to write a persuasive speech outline are as follows:


You need to prepare for a persuasive speech as you would with any paper. You need to have clear objectives on what you what to accomplish with your speech. That will help you put your thoughts in an organized manner. That way, you will keep your audience entertained. But first, you need to understand your audience better. What are their interests? What is their belief system? Your audience plays a big role in how you will structure your speech. Take into consideration their age, gender, attitude on the subject, cultural background, and your common interests.

Approaches to use when persuading an audience

There are different approaches that you can use when you want to persuade an audience. These approaches are:


This approach appeals to the morals and ethics of an audience. It looks into the right thing for human beings to do. When using this approach, consider what the audience considers as morally right and base your speech on that.


This approach targets the emotions of the audience. Human beings are emotional beings, and this approach works when you use it from the right angle. You should make the audience have a feel of being the main character in your speech.


This approach seeks to appeal to the logic of an audience. Therefore, your speech will depend on mere facts and logic. This approach beats the other two approaches because you will be causing an audience to get your point of view based on facts alone. The audience will then have no doubt that your point of view is the logical and true one.

How to write a persuasive speech outline structure

A speech contains two most important elements; the opening and closing part. The opening part should be strong enough to grab the attention of the audience and give an impressive first impression. You can choose to give facts in your opening statement. Also, you can include the audience in the subject that you want to address. The closing statement is as important as the opening statement. The closing statement should be conclusive. It should summarize the whole idea in the speech without seeming like you are trying too hard to impress.

Argument statement

It is advisable that you have certain themes that you want your speech to cover. The themes should range from 2 to 4. That way, you will have enough time to go through each point thoroughly and convince the audience. Every point should transition to the next one to ensure a logical flow of ideas in your speech. When connecting themes in your speech, be sure to use connecting sentences well. Evert argument that you put across should have a strong backing of facts and not mere opinion. You may include examples and stories in expressing your argument to make the speech more relatable to the audience.


Every good theory has arguments and counter-arguments. After addressing the arguments, you should tackle the counter-arguments as well. In so doing, you will be objecting your audience’s views while trying to bring them on your end. Expressing counter-arguments shows that you are also knowledgeable about other people’s opinions. When expressing your counter-argumentss be careful not to use language or words that imply bias of the counter-arguments. That way, you will use reasoned judgment to help the audience reach your point of view. You should explain each counter-argument independently as you did with the argument points. Every counter-argument point should have a strong explanation, as well.

Closing your speech

The last line of your persuasive speech is the last chance to convince an audience about the summary of the persuasive speech topics. The large part of the audience will remember the last sentence of the speech. You, therefore, want to make sure that it counts. The greatest persuasive speeches are those that end with a call to action.

So, how does one make the perfect call to action?

Monroe’s motivated sequence

Do some people have a gift of persuasion? Or does one need to learn the ability to speak and convince an audience? While it may seem that some people have an easy way of convincing other people, there are ways that one can use to deliver a speech effectively. The call of action that you put to your speech determines the effectiveness of your speech. When you want to come up with the best call of action, consider following the persuasive speech outline using Monroe’s motivated sequence.

This sequence gets its name from the founder Alan H. Monroe who was a Purdue University professor. Monroe came up with a speech outline that delivers effective results and included it in his book ‘ Monroe’s Principles of Speech.’ Today, the book is famous as Monroe’s motivated sequence. The sequence is tested and proven over time to be effective in organizing speech presentations for the best results. You can use this sequence when arrange your persuasive speech. The steps of this sequence are as follows:

Get the audience’s attention

The first thing is to ensure that you get attention from your audience. You can use humor, a statistic, a rhetorical question, or a story that will draw the attention of your audience. It is important to note that this does not replace the introduction of your speech. When making an opening, you should establish your credibility with the audience, state the purpose of your speech, and give the audience an idea of what to expect.

Establish a need

Once you have the audience’s attention, you should proceed to show them that there is a need to be met. The statement you give should convince the audience that the current state of the subject topic is not good enough. You can establish a need by giving statistics that back up your statement, narrate the consequences of the subject topic, and show the audience the effects of the problem.

Meet the need

Letting the audience know there is a problem is not enough; you need to give solutions to the problem. This is the major part of your speech delivery and will vary depending on your specific purpose. When giving a solution, give the exact facts and get evidence to support your facts.


Make the audience get the picture of what it would be like if they implemented the solutions to the problem. The vision you narrate to the audience should be clear and detailed enough to prompt the audience to buy what you recommend. You should motivate the audience to buy into your line of thought and show them what they would get by getting on board with you. Your vision should realistic, executable, and believable.

How to share your vision to the audience

The three ways to share your vision to the audience are:

Positive method

In this method, you should emphasize the positive aspects of embracing the changes you recommend. Give a description of what a situation would be if the audience adopted your ideas.

Negative method

This is the exact opposite of the positive method. You should show the audience the negative impact of failing to implement the changes you are recommending. Focus on the challenges that the audience will continue to face by not adopting the changes you recommend.

Contrast method

This method gives a view from both sides. You should first develop a negative picture in the mind of your audience. You should then proceed to show them what would happen if they accepted your ideas.


Once you have made the audience understand the whole picture, you should then give them a call of action. You should show them what they need to do to adopt the changes. Give the audience multiple options to choose from that way; they will get a sense of ownership of the solution. Avoid giving too much information when making a call of action. A call of action can be an invitation to a question and answer questions. Speeches that tackle complex problems might need a call of action that includes reviewing of plans.

Delivering your speech effectively

Learning how to write a persuasive speech outline is not all that you need; you should deliver your speech in a manner that will drive the point home. Some of the ways to deliver a speech that you will learn alongside knowing how to write a persuasive speech outline include:

Practice, more practice

The day you present your speech should not be the first day you read the speech. Consider recording yourself reading the speech and look out for any nervous habits when delivering a speech. You will also notice any nervous laugh, the speed of speech, and the use of filler words. You can then focus on correcting the errors you notice when listening to the recorded speech.

Body language

Your body language will either build or destroy your speech delivery. You should adopt the right posture when delivering a speech. You should stand upright align your shoulders centrally and ensure that your legs are width-apart. The hands should be beside your body so that it will be easy to make the hand gestures. Your body language should be strong enough to resonate with the speech.

Do not deliver the speech word for word

Memorizing your speech will make you look like a genius. However, to the audience, your speech will appear less authentic. Also, you are likely to panic when you forget a particular word or line. Reading your speech off-script is not a good idea either. Your speech will not appear genuine to the audience. Furthermore, you will not make eye contact with the audience when reading your speech and thus miss the impact of eye contact when delivering a speech.

Use facial expressions

The right facial expressions will help your audience relate with your speech. At the end of the day, you want to establish a connection with your audience. Therefore, ensure that you know the right facial expressions that you should use when delivering your speech. You will be adding life to your story with your facial expressions and engaging the audience with your speech.

Be concise

A lengthy speech is boring to the audience. You should structure your speech in that you deliver the intended message without using too many words. You can be sure that the audience will resonate with your speech when you deliver a short and concise speech instead of a lengthy and boring speech.

An example of a persuasive speech outline on smoking

Take, for instance, you are learning how to write a persuasive speech outline on smoking. How do you go about it? Have a look at the components of such an outline:


Your introduction should contain several things. These things include:

An attention grabber

Imagine going through a stressful period, and someone offers you a cigarette with the promise that it will eliminate all your stress. Now suppose the same person offers you the cigarette with the reminder that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health and could cause death. Would you still proceed to take the offered cigarette?


There are people above the age of consent who take cigarettes by choice. I, however, notice the effect that the cigarette has on them. Stinky breath coughs from time to time. It is clear that smoking cigarettes has a bad impact on the lives of human beings.


Recent reports have shown that tobacco use contributes to about 6 million deaths in a year. It is estimated that the number of deaths due to tobacco use will continue to escalate in the near future.


This artifact seeks to show all people that smoking cigarettes is in more than one way writing your death sentence. It seeks to convince smokers to quit the habit, and non-smokers to not embrace cigarette smoking.

The body

The main part of the speech will contain the following elements:


The speech should seek to emphasize that smoking is bad. First, you should show how addicted smokers began smoking for fun and are now hooked to the habit. You should list the numerous negative effects of smoking cigarettes. Every effect that you will be expounding on should be in one paragraph. That will ensure that you do not mix up your ideas. Also, you should show that although people believe that smoking cigarettes relieves stress, the number of death cases from smoking reveals a different picture.

The conclusion

Here you should give an ultimatum which is to show that smoking is bad. You should restate your thesis for further emphasis. You should then proceed to thank the audience for their time and attentiveness.

An essential element in giving a great persuasive speech is the speech outline that you will follow. Therefore, you should learn how to write a persuasive speech outline first. You will need to repeat your message numerous times without boring the audience. That will require you to use the right words and format in expressing your ideas. Using different words to deliver some information will give you the advantage of having the audience’s attention throughout the time you deliver your speech.

Do you need to deliver a persuasive speech? Is it hard knowing how to write a persuasive speech outline? If yes, you could use an essay guide on how to write a persuasive speech outline from My Homework Writers. Besides that, you will obtain expert tips on speech delivery to ensure that you nail that speech delivery. You can check out for an essay guide on how to write a persuasive speech outline on different topics among other types of papers that the expert writers at My Homework Writers have delivered to their clients. Upon placing your order on how to write a persuasive speech outline, you will receive your quotation and then wait for timely delivery of your quality work and an essay guide to help you in future tasks.

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