Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime

Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime

An interesting persuasive paper on cyber-crime will present a solid argument on the impact of cyber-crime on business and individuals. Writing a persuasive paper will require that you give evidence and present facts to validate your views and convince your readers.

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Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime
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Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime

When writing your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, you will need to define to your readers what cyber-crime means and why it is essential to be well informed of it. Although cyber-crime is as old as the internet and it has been around for a very long time, it’s good not to assume everyone understands what cyber-crime entails.

A Thesis Statement for a Persuasive Paper on Cyber-Crime

Your thesis statement is the basis for your argument in your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, and it will create a theme for the entire paper. Although it is your main idea, you will be able to generate more information and ideas from your thesis.

How to Write an Interesting Persuasive Paper on Cyber-Crime

An interesting persuasive paper on cyber-crime will comprehensively describe what cyber-crime entails. You will need to highlight the various types of cyber-crime, how they are committed, and who is involved. You will also need to describe the impact of cyber-crime on businesses and individuals and the people that are highly affected by it.

Although cyber-crime is a challenge in the internet world and globally, you will need to highlight measures that businesses and individuals can take to minimize their effects.

Cyber-Crime and Types of Cyber-Crime

Cyber-crime is a global challenge that continues to cost business and individuals’ losses in significant proportions. However, to effectively minimize damages caused by this illegal internet activity, there is a need to fully understand what cyber-crime is and the types of cyber-crime that attackers use.

You will define cyber-crime in your persuasive paper on cyber-crime as the use of computers, the internet, and other devices connected to the internet to carry out illegal criminal activities for purposes of obtaining money. A computer or network device can either be a target or can be used as a tool to carry out criminal activities.

Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime

Defining cyber-crime will make sure that readers fully understand what your paper is all about. You will further discuss the various types of cyber-crime by providing sufficient and concrete information with evidence of research.

Types of Cyber-Crime

Criminals intending to steal from unsuspecting internet users continue to come up with more advanced techniques and tricks to perfect their illegal activities. As technology advances, cyber-crime continues to increase, and criminals continue to perpetrate this unlawful activity. In your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, you will describe the different techniques used in cyber-crime


Hacking is an illegal activity that is conducted by people known as hackers. They will use computer software or any other illegal means to gain access to your information without your authorization.

Hackers are dangerous because they can use your personal data like bank account details to steal your money. Alternatively, they can access sensitive personal information and use it maliciously against you or your business.


Piracy is an illegal activity that causes losses to businesses and individuals. Piracy involves downloading and accessing content like music, movies, and other intellectual property without permission and using it for commercial or personal purposes. Criminals violate copyright rules when they engage in such activities.

Electronic Money Theft

The advancement of technology has made it possible for companies and organizations to do business online. People can now buy and sell online using their credit cards. However, this has also led to an increase in online criminal activities like theft.

Criminals have devised ways to obtain people’s personal details like credit card information and bank details to steal money from them. This has caused substantial financial losses for businesses and individuals.

Moreover, criminals have perfected the art of identity theft. They can obtain personal details and sensitive information and use them to access financial services like loans, which considerably harm your credit.

Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime

Malicious Software

Criminals can use malicious computer software to access information like social security numbers, credit or debit card information, or even bank details. They will send the malicious software through email as attachments, and when you open the attachment, the software is installed on your computer.

Denial of Service

People can maliciously send very many requests to a server of a particular website. However, a website server might not be able to handle these many requests causing it to slow down or shut down completely. When this happens, services will not be available to people who need to use this website, and this can lead to huge losses and inconveniences.

Electronic Vandalism

Electronic vandalism is performed by people who are protesting for various reasons. People hack government or other commercial websites, and they access highly sensitive information. However, this activity is illegal and can cause damage and risk to a country or organization.

Child Pornography and Abuse

Children have access to the internet for various reasons like education or entertainment. However, the internet can be very dangerous for children if they are allowed to use it without supervision. Criminals engaging in child pornography are online, and they can be dangerous to any child accessing the internet.

Cyber Bullying and Stalking

The internet has made the world an online village, which can be a good thing when put into proper use. However, there are some disadvantages to having an online presence. Although people are able to connect and share experiences online, some people use online space and social media to bully others by sending illegal messages.

In extreme cases, online bullying has led to severe mental problems and consequences, especially among teenagers. You can use relevant examples and reference in this discussion.

Data Dwindling

The information of many online users is stored in databases and processed into information that can be used for making business decisions. However, it is crucial that this data is stored safely from unauthorized access and manipulation. Cyber-crime has made it possible for criminals to use virus programs to access and alter the user’s data. This is known as data dwindling.


Criminals have continued to devise more creative methods to steal from unsuspecting internet users. Moreover, they cautiously come up with new ways to install malware into your computer to access information that they can use to steal from you.

Attackers will send emails pretending to share with you a business proposal. However, if you open the attachment to the email, you will lose personal and sensitive information from your computer. Furthermore, attackers use spamming as one of the ways to send harmful links to your email. These links are dangerous, and when you click them, they install the malware on your computer.

Cyber Extortion

Organizations store vital information in their system, and an attack on a company’s network can be detrimental. However, cybercriminals can notice specific system vulnerabilities in your company or organization. These criminals can use these vulnerabilities to threaten an attack if they are not given money.

When you are writing your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, describes all these types of cyber-crime and how criminals exploit them do dupe unsuspecting online users. Use relevant examples, facts, and data to effectively communicate their effects on the victim.

Impact of Cyber-Crime

A persuasive paper on cyber-crime will discuss how businesses continue to lose hundreds of billions of dollars globally due to cyber-crime. Furthermore, criminal activity continues to rise as the world becomes even more connected today than in the past. Cyber-crime has led to business and personal losses, some companies might not recover from these losses.

In your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, discuss the impact of cyber-crime on businesses and individuals. Present a strong argument on how individuals and companies have to cope with financial and opportunity losses due to cyber-crime. Clearly state some of the extra measures that businesses have to put in place to minimize the effects of cyber-crime. Here are some of the impacts of cyber-crime

Loss of Information

People and businesses store information on computers that are connected to the internet. However, cyber-criminals can use illegal ways to access this information and cause loss and damages to the company.

Businesses store important information like profits, sales, employee’s data, and other sensitive data that competitors should not access. However, due to cyber-crime, businesses have lost confidential information, and in some cases, businesses have had to shut down.

Loss of Intellectual Property

People have also lost sensitive personal information through identity theft by cybercriminals, which has led to substantial financial losses. Intellectual property has been stolen through piracy leading to financial loses as well.

Financial Loss

The internet has made the world a global village, but unfortunately, criminals are able to steal from any part of the world. Furthermore, due to the amount of anonymity that the internet provides, it is not easy to catch the thieves or recover stolen money. This has caused a significant amount of financial loss where the world loses billions of dollars as a result of cyber-crime.

Loss of Opportunity

Disruption of services caused by cyber-attacks like Denial of Service (DOS) can lead to missed opportunities. Opportunities that are time-sensitive can be lost when a server is slow or down due to cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, clients seeking services from a website experiencing a denial of service might move to the competition. They might be apprehensive of doing business with a website that is experiencing cyber-attacks and this loss. Such attacks can reduce people’s trust in transacting online.

Internet Security Costs

Any online business has to make sure that it has adequate security measures in place. Businesses transact and store sensitive client information, and they have to invest heavily in making sure this information does not end up in the wrong hands. Companies with more complex systems will have to incur extra costs in hiring cyber security experts for a customized solution.

Businesses that have experienced cyber-attacks will need to incur more costs in the recovery process. Identifying the cyber-attack and buying hardware and software to improve security will be at an extra cost to the business.

Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime

Damaged Reputation

A business that has experienced a cyber-attack or is frequently under cyber-attack can suffer reputation damage. People want to be sure that their personal information is safe in your company’s database. However, a cyber-attack can be perceived as a lack of confidentiality and weak security measures. This perception can damage a company’s reputation.

Change of Business Procedure

Due to the online risk caused by cyber-crime, some businesses have decided not to store their sensitive customer information online.

You can add more depth to this discussion by citing relevant examples and references in your persuasive paper on cyber-crime.

Presenting a strong argument on the impacts of cyber-crime will make your persuasive paper on cyber-crime more exciting and engaging. Share examples and explain in detail how cyber-crime impacts businesses and individuals.

Who is affected by Cyber Crime

In your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, clearly share your views on who is affected by cyber-crime. Point out how cyber-crime affects anyone who is connected on the internet or who has a bank account.

This fact makes it clear that cyber-crime affects everybody, and anyone can be a victim of cyber-attack. Furthermore, anyone who appears in a database that does online marketing or has filled online forms is also at risk.

Measures on How to Prevent Cyber Crime

In your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, explain how cyber-crime has existed from the time the internet was invented.

Criminals have continually come up with more sophisticated ways to engage in illegal online activities, and it is not about to stop anytime soon. Furthermore, the more the world is connected, the higher the risk of cyber-crime. However preventive measures can be put in place to mitigate the effects of cyber-crime

A persuasive paper on cyber-crime should not only highlight the effects of cyber-crime, but it should also discuss measures that can be used to minimize its impact.

Share your views exhaustively. Here are some of the preventive measures

Update Your Computer Software

Buying and installing computer software only once is not sufficient to protect you from a cyber-attack. Criminals on the internet are continually looking for ways to penetrate different software security protocols to access data and information.

However, software developers are, on the other hand, are increasingly improving security measures by releasing more updated versions of the software and operating system. The lack of updating your computer or organization’s systems with the latest computer software versions makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Make sure you always update your systems with the newest software.

Use an Anti-Virus

Make sure you buy and install anti-virus software on all your computers. An anti-virus can detect harmful files that are infected with viruses and clean them. Installing and updating your computer with an anti-virus can protect your information from loss and damage.

Use Firewall

Firewalls can limit what you are able to download from the internet. Organizations can make sure their system have firewalls to avoid the risk of employees downloading virus infected programs from the internet.

Use Passwords

Make sure all your computer system and internet devices are password protected. Use strong passwords that cannot be easily hacked. Hackers are always trying to gain access to information, and a weak password makes you vulnerable. However, a strong password makes it harder for hackers to penetrate your system.

Do Not Share Passwords

Do not share your password with anybody. You should never give out your password, and if you suspect that there are people who know your password, then you need to change it immediately.

In organizations or companies, only authorized people should have passwords to sensitive systems for accountability purposes. If an employee leaves, the company makes sure you change the password of the system he or she was using.

Avoid Attachments and Links from Spam Emails

Spam emails are one of the ways an attacker uses to gain access to your system. Emails that look suspicious and contain attachments can put your system at risk do not open the attachment.

Persuasive Paper on Cyber-crime

Avoid strange links and, if possible, always verify the source of the link first before clicking them. Some links can be from an attacker who wants to access your information and use it maliciously.

In your persuasive paper on cyber-crime, remember to provide well-researched information and provide evidence to add credibility to your views.


There are many types of cyber-crimes, and attackers are always coming with more ways to access data and information for illegal purposes. It is essential to be aware of the methods that attackers are using to try and penetrate systems on line. However, it is also essential to know how you can protect yourself and the measures that you need to put in place. When writing a persuasive paper on cyber-crime, finalize by summarizing all the discussion points and your main idea. Share your views on whether there is more that can be done to minimize the impact of cyber-crime. Check out the best online essay help service.

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