Persuasive Essay against the Death Penalty | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

Persuasive Essay against the Death Penalty | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

The death penalty is an activity which involves ending the life of an individual as a punishment due to a crime. It is thus a critical punishment which the government often practices. Usually, the offense is related to drug trafficking or a terrorism crime. Death penalty act is disregarding, cruel, and the most inhuman form of punishment. At times, the emotions one experiences in the process irrespective of how they deserve it is extremely difficult to comprehend. For instance, an error can occur while carrying out the death penalty on the criminal. This thus can result in the execution of an innocent individual. Due to this, I am completely against this act since most individuals subjected and the helpless minorities. This is, therefore, the reason why I am writing a persuasive essay against the death penalty. Get more assistance from My Homework Writers via the cheap reliable essay writing service.

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Persuasive Essay against the Death Penalty | Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service
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persuasive essay against the death penalty

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay against the Death Penalty

When writing a persuasive essay, you should employ more reasoning to show how some thoughts are valid, unlike others. So the aim of writing a persuasive essay is to encourage an individual to accept a certain point of view. Here are some of the points of view as employed in this persuasive essay against the death penalty;

  • Choose a Stand

Choosing the side to stand on or support is very essential when writing a persuasive essay against the death penalty. It helps you to know exactly what to talk about, the key objective of the essay, and the possible solutions. However, take note of any criticism that you may find or even use as a support to the arguments.  

  • Understand the Target Audience

Analyzing the audience is of great significance when it comes to essay writing. It helps determine whether the target audiences are in agreement with the argument or disagree with your point of view.

  • Conduct Proper Research on the Topic

When drafting a persuasive essay, it should include compelling and well-detailed evidence. Therefore, it requires you to do thorough research in relation to the topic. A good way to get more information regarding the subject is conducting an interview on the experts in this field. Alternatively, you can seek our cheap reliable essay writing service help by My Homework Writers.

Another essential tip of writing a persuasive essay is determining the suitable writing style to apply. It does not only help in the presentation of the content but also formatting your work appropriately.

Provide Support to the Arguments

The best way to support the argument is by the use of actual and hard facts. Some of the sources with real facts include observations, sufficient research, and your own experiences. But since we are dealing with a persuasive essay, you need to give support with relevant evidence. You can as well site examples so as to clarify and enhance your arguments.

persuasive essay against the death penalty

  • Structure your work

It is important to determine the evidence to use in the essay. Therefore, you need to structure it in a way that is presentable to the readers. Also as you structure your essay, consider the objective of the essay, the target audience, and its topic.

Persuasive Essay Outline

The persuasive essay outline often consists of three main parts. It includes the introduction, the body paragraphs, and finally the conclusion. You can divide all these parts into various subsections. This enables you to focus on the argument without the risk of giving irrelevant information about the topic. Therefore, the following outline is suitable especially when it comes to writing a persuasive essay against the death penalty;

  • The Introduction

The main objective of the introduction in every essay is to attract the attention of the readers. It also gives them the urge to continue reading the essay until the end. Basically, the introduction should include three main principles including the hook, the thesis statement, as well as the audience defining. The hook should appear in the first sentence of the introduction with an aim of grabbing the reader’s attention. A hook can simply be anything, for instance, quotes, interesting facts, anecdotes, or questions.

  • The Body Paragraphs

The number of paragraphs in the body usually depends on the amount of content. The body is thus the part where you can present all your arguments as well as making any claim. Every paragraph of the body should contain at least one key idea or argument and supporting evidence. This means one argument for a single paragraph. On the contrary, you can address the opposite views and state why you think they are wrong with relevant evidence. However, this often depends on the topic as well as the word count.

  • The Conclusion

This is the last part of the persuasive essay and also essential just like other parts. The conclusion thus consists of a brief summary of the topic, the importance, and the call for action. The brief summary of the topic should include all the key points you state. After that, state the reasons why you think taking an action is important. Remember to give the possible solutions and what can possibly happen in case action regarding the matter is not taken. For you to successfully motivate the readers, complete your essay with an easy call for action sentence or a line.

persuasive essay against the death penalty

A Sample of a Persuasive Essay against the Death Penalty

The following persuasive essay against the death penalty sample can be helpful when drafting your own essay;


Today, there are a number of crimes which happens almost every day and every hour across the world. The causes, impacts and the solution to such problems involving crimes are complex. At the same time, these crime rates are one of the most prominent problems which people are concerned about. Apparently, justice to other crimes often gets a lot of attention from the civilians and the victims. Therefore, in this essay, the death penalty act is an extremely controversial case to discuss. While most individuals support it, others are completely against it. I personally think that the death penalty violent and unjust act of punishing criminals. No one has the right to take the life of another human being. So in my view, I think our country should not adopt this kind of death penalty. I also have several reasons and explanation supporting my stand.

Body Paragraph 1

Firstly, many people see the death penalty as an ultimate warning to the criminals. It lets them know that the consequence of committing a crime is death. But the point is; does it actually work according to their expectations? Again, what is the main reason for the death penalty? In our entire life, while growing up, we have all made several silly mistakes. Particularly, when a child grows up and kills someone in order to acquire money from him/her. One does not realize that such action is a big mistake and has undergone the death penalty. He/she ends up losing freedom and has to face the death penalty. Basing on my research, I understand that most of the people commit different crimes due to their ignorance and aggressiveness. However, this does not necessarily mean that they cannot be pardoned and granted another opportunity to be a good individual. But if we sentence them to death then how should they possibly learn from their mistakes? Death can never be a solution to everything criminal.

Body Paragraph 2

Secondly, the fact that the death penalty is an end for the victim is very true. Most people believe that through execution of the criminals from the society, they can find comfort and relief. According to my view, I think that relief and comfort remain in the mid of the people temporarily. However, killing does not put an end to the crimes. There are various ways of executing criminals such as hanging, lethal injection, gas chamber, or electrocution. But watching an individual being sentenced to death is very scary. Therefore, we should clarify that wrong to take one’s life and the death penalty is similar to killing. So by killing the criminals, we are sending a wrong signal to other individuals and children that killing is allowable.

Body Paragraph 3

Thirdly, other people believe that the death penalty is not often a cruel and violent act. For instance, the lethal injection method is not a violent way of executing criminals. It is more likely for the criminal to put up with less pain, unlike the electric chair execution. As a matter of fact, considering such a process means every second and minute is very terrible and long. Only fear of death and lack of freedom is enough to ruin their mental defenses. Other extreme methods seem much worse, for instance, burning and hanging method. To make it worse, we now have the method electric chair and the firing squad. One thing I don’t understand is why someone can create these inhuman and cruel methods in order to punish criminals. I think that by persuading and educating people to avoid committing a crime is a better way. In the end, it can enhance the development of the nation and promote security among the citizens.

The Conclusion

The above reasons are my major arguments against the death penalty. In general, the death penalty can never be a good lesson to the criminals. At the same time, it can’t also end the increasing rate of crime. Furthermore, for the civilians, it is an extremely inhuman and a cruel way of punishing crimes. For the government, it is one cumbersome result. I, therefore, think that it is relatively reasonable to support our country to avoid adopting the death penalty act. This is because it is the most severe way of punishing criminals. It is true that the death penalty can destroy or ruin everything including the nation and the life of citizens. Due to this, I hope society and the government can expel this kind of punishment.

The Death Penalty Arguments

There are various arguments against the death penalty that encouraged me to draft the persuasive essay against the death penalty. For instance; the case whereby the judge gives a death sentence to someone who is innocent. Executing an honest and innocent individual is morally a wrong act. Therefore, this is something we cannot risk to take at all cost since passing a death sentence is extremely costly.

persuasive essay against the death penalty

The amount of cost which is usually spent during the prosecution and defense process could otherwise be useful development projects. At the same time, the friends and families of the death sentence victim go through severe loss and trauma. It is almost impossible to minimize such kind of suffering. At times, the death sentence can be passed to people who are mentally ill. They are thus unable to take action in the trials in a proper way. Due to this, the mentally ill individuals tend to look cold, less engaged, and even useless before the judge.

The Capital Punishment Is Unjust and Disregarding   

Under any circumstances, I can never agree with the judge or court to pass a death sentence to an individual. This is why I clearly consider capital punishment as a disregarding and an unjust act. The death penalty does not make a meaningful and comprehensible sense. It is the same as killing an individual for the murder of someone else. Therefore, according to me, it is nothing less than revenge. I thus consider capital punishment as disregarding and an unjust act. The core purpose of the judiciary is to end crime and not the people.

Ending the lives of individuals has never been and can never be a solution to any crime. The past death penalties passed to various victims have not restrained the rate of crime. Once you destroy the life of an individual, then you no longer have the human rights. Most minority communities and the poor people are the common death penalty victims. The truth is, most individuals see the death sentence act as disregarding and very unjust hence the persuasive essay against the death penalty.

Solutions to the Persuasive Essay Against the Death Penalty

Putting an end to the capital punishment makes prison a good functioning place as the rehabilitation center. Therefore, the victims of murder and various crimes can go to the prisons so as to rehabilitate. Eventually, they are more likely to change their bad behaviors. Other people have the tendency of committing a crime. They do this so as to go to prison since there is the availability of shelter and food. However, the capital punishment scares them and unlikely to commit a crime due to the fear of ending up in prison or death penalty. Basing on my own research for the alternative to the death penalty, I find it more interesting to craft a persuasive essay against the death penalty.

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persuasive essay against the death penalty

Persuasive Essay against the Death Penalty Conclusion

In conclusion, the persuasive essay against the death penalty argues against the punishment of the criminals. So there is no justification that the act of giving a death penalty sentence is only effective to the criminals. Due to this, ending the life of an individual is not a good solution to any crime. Therefore, when writing a persuasive essay on the death penalty, it is important to conduct thorough research on the subject. Alternatively, you can get help from the cheap reliable essay writing service by My Homework Writers. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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