Persuasive Essay About a Healthy Lifestyle | Online Homework Help

Persuasive Essay About a Healthy Lifestyle | Online Homework Help

As a student, you are often faced with the task of writing different types of essays that discuss diverse topics. For you to successfully accomplish these tasks, you have to learn the basics of writing each type of essay.

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Persuasive Essay About a Healthy Lifestyle | Online Homework Help
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Writing good essays require that you cooperate these basics together with logical reasoning that will help you maintain a natural flow throughout the provides a guide that will help you in writing a good persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle.

This guide can be customized to fit any kind of persuasive essay since these essays are written in the same outline and format. Additionally, provides online homework writing help if you need further writing assistance.


A persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle intends to convince or persuade a person or a group of people of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. A large percentage of the world’s population has been facing the consequences of leading unhealthy lifestyles.

To prevent the further occurrence of such a case, it would be effective to educate people on the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles. An essay about a healthy lifestyle can help educate people on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our guide will provide expert tips on how to craft a persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle that will help you convince people why it is important to lead healthy lifestyles.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a piece of academic writing where a writer expresses their view(s) on a certain matter to make readers agree with their views. A persuasive essay employs persuasive writing techniques to convince readers that the writer’s point of view on a matter is more legitimate than any other point of view.

Include clear arguments that are supported by sufficient evidence to make readers get convinced with your arguments. An essay about a healthy lifestyle explores ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and why readers should maintain healthy lifestyles.

What is the Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is associated with activities and practices that help you maintain good health. Typically, these practices help individuals to maintain holistic body growth, including physical and mental health.

Health experts are always encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles to help them prevent the negative impacts of living unhealthy lifestyles. Being healthy is a state that is contributed by several practices such as eating healthy, doing physical activities, maintain healthy body weight, management of stress, among other activities.


Understanding the definition of healthy living is essential when writing any piece on a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, understanding the depths of healthy lifestyles would help you create arguments that can easily convince your readers to practice healthy lifestyle practices.

One might ask, how can I have a healthy lifestyle essay? This guide will take you through the step of writing a good persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle. However, in case you need online homework help for writing your essay, you can contact My Homework Writers for the best online homework help services.

Discussion Points on Writing a Persuasive Essay about a Healthy Lifestyle

Whenever you write a persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle, you intend to persuade people to lead healthy lives. You must bring in arguments that will convince people why it is important to lead healthy lifestyles.

In this case, you can provide a healthy lifestyle vs unhealthy lifestyle essay that shows people what is likely to happen in these two cases. Base your arguments on these two points of views, your audience can determine why it is important to lead healthy lifestyles.

The following questions can help you analyze arguments that will help you convince your readers on the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles.

What are 3 Benefits to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Here, you have to discuss three major points that are likely to convince your readers on the importance of leading healthy lifestyles. In case you are writing a persuasive essay with five paragraphs, then the body of your paragraphs have to discuss three major benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

These arguments can also be used to build a persuasive speech topics about a healthy lifestyle. Among the major arguments include the following:

  1. Fewer health problems
  2. Maintains a healthy body weight
  3. Improves mental health

Fewer Health Problems

In recent times, there has been an increased occurrence of diseases that have been termed as ‘lifestyle diseases.’ These diseases are called so because they are caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits.

In your persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle, you can discuss how lifestyle is related to diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer, among other lifestyle diseases.

With well-explained arguments that are accompanied by supporting evidence, you readers are likely to figure out why is it advisable to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Maintains Healthy Body Weight

Experts in healthy living maintain that it is important to maintain healthy body weight. Being underweight or overweight can lead to serious health-related issues that can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Obese people are usually prone to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases and hypertension. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that helps you maintain healthy body weight could go a long way into saving you from some diseases.

When writing your persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle, explore ways in which maintaining healthy body weight is beneficial to the body.


Improves Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of human life. As we strive to take care of physical health, maintaining your mental health is equally important. Ensure that you help your readers understand how a healthy lifestyle can help to improve general mental health.

What are Five Healthy Lifestyles?

A persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle can explore the different ways of leading a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Healthy eating: diet, nutrition and eating habits
  2. Physical activity and exercise
  3. Taking care of your mental health
  4. Avoiding drugs and drug addiction
  5. Avoiding high-risk behaviours

Healthy eating: diet, nutrition and eating habits

As human beings, food is essential for general growth and wellbeing. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to maintain healthy eating practices. These practices include maintaining a good diet, eating healthy foods, and having good healthy habits.

Physical activity and exercise

Persuasive Essay About a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a lifestyle that incorporates physical activities and exercises in a major contributor to a leading healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise generally promotes body fitness and help you maintain a bodyweight that is unsusceptible to lifestyle disorders. Physical exercise has several benefits to the body.


Taking care of your mental health

Mental is also an important aspect of healthy living. people should always check out for things or situations that deteriorate mental health. Ensure that you elaborate on the meaning of mental health and why mental health is important for a person. Include how taking care of mental health contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Avoiding drugs and drug addict

Drugs have been known to have adverse effects on the human body. Avoiding drugs and drug addiction is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your persuasive essay about a healthy can explore the ways in which drugs can affect the body.

Avoiding high-risk behaviours

High-risk behaviours can also affect a person’s general wellbeing. High-risk behaviours include activities that may deteriorate the body’s wellbeing. An essay about a healthy lifestyle can provide evidence on how risky behaviours can affect the body’s general wellbeing.

With the points above, you can also use the following questions to help you develop a good persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle:

  • Why is it important to be healthy?
  • Why is a healthy lifestyle important for students?
  • How do you lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • What are the benefits of being fit and healthy?
  • How can I improve my lifestyle?

Basic Techniques in Persuasive Writing


The following tips on persuasive writing are essential in creating persuasive essays:

Make a firm stand on the subject of discussion. Maintain the stand as you develop the essay. In our case, since we are writing about healthy living, you have to make it clear that you advocating for practices that promote healthy lifestyles.

You will have to make the point clear as you introduce the essay and keep your argument string throughout the essay. Persuasive essay writing demand that you use supporting evidence that will help you convince your readers that your point of view is more legitimate than any other point of view.

Include pieces of supporting evidence such as facts, statistics, examples and personal research findings. These materials are very important in backing up your clams and convincing your readers to agree with your point of view.

Assume that your readers have no idea on the subject matter of your essay. Therefore, you will have to explain all points as if you are writing to a beginner to make all point simple and clear.

As you write the persuasive essay, include information that portrays opposing claims that differ from your point of view. Ensure that you disapprove any opposing claims to help you convince your readers that your arguments are more legitimate.

Conduct research on your topic and ensure that you find out arguments that refute opposing opinions and support your claims. This type of approach in academic writing is called refutation.

Elements of Persuasive Writing

There are three essential elements in persuasive writing, including the following:

  1. Logos: this is the appeal to logic and reasoning. Ensure that you express this element in your persuasive writing by using facts and evidence that have been presented logically.
  2. Ethos: Ethos appeals to the ethical aspect of a subject matter. Therefore, when writing your persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle, you will have to convince your audience from an ethical POV.
  3. Pathos: This element refers to the appeal to emotion. As you write your persuasive essay, ensure that you evoke the reader’s emotions that will make your argument(s) convincing.

Steps of Writing a Persuasive Essay

Choose a Topic

Before you write your essay, you have to choose a essay topic. The topic is like the head of your writing process. Sometimes, you might be provided with a topic by your instructor, and you have to ensure that you stick to the topic. 

In other instances, you might be required to select your own topic. In this case, you have to ensure that you select a compelling topic that you find easy to work with. Technically, it is easier to convince people on a topic that you understand fully.

In our case, you might decide to write on the practices of healthy living or the benefits of a healthy lifestyle essay.


Research on the Topic

Once you have settled on the topic of your essay, you have to ensure that you conduct intensive research on the topic to gain more knowledge on the subject matter. Understand the topic and get the main points to develop the essay.

Define Your Standpoint

Make a clear standpoint. Your essay will aim at making others understand your standpoint and convince them to agree with your opinion. Ensure that you get enough point that will help you support your standpoint.

Define Your Thesis Statement

Once you have a standpoint, ensure that you establish a thesis statement that will direct how the essay will develop. The thesis statement is a statement that declares the main argument of an essay and appears in the introduction of the essay.

Draft the Essay

Now that you understand the direction of your essay, you can create a draft that will guide you in writing the main essays. In the draft, put down all the important points and how you will develop them on the essay. Ensure that you start the points from the most important one to the least important point.

Write the Essay

This is the last step of essay writing. As you write the essay, ensure that you use the draft to help you remember all the important points and develop the essay logically and consistently.

The guide below will provide an outline on how to develop your persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle.

Outline of a Persuasive Essay about a Healthy Lifestyle

The persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle must portray a balance between the pathos, logos and ethos elements.


The basic essay outline of your essay should be as follows:


The healthy lifestyle essay introduction should provide background information on the main topic, healthy lifestyles. This information can be developed by explaining the meaning of health and health practices and why you feel the importance of addressing issues related to healthy lifestyles.

At the end of your introduction, you must include a thesis statement that declares your stand on the subject matter. The thesis statements should be the last statement that closes the introduction of your essay.


The body of your essay provides the platform to support the claim made in the thesis statement. Ensure that you provide your main point and support them with evidence that is likely to convince your readers to agree with your thesis statement.

A thumb rule in writing an essay is that every point or argument must be presented in separate paragraphs. Each paragraph must include a topic sentence, supporting statements and a concluding sentence that marks a transition to the next point.


The conclusion of your essay must restate that thesis statement. The conclusion should also provide a summary of the main points discussed within the body of your essay. Ensure that you tie your conclusion to the introduction as you finish the essay. Additionally, you may also include recommendations for any problem that might arise regarding the subject matter.

In conclusion, writing a persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle requires more than just an opinion on healthy living tips and benefits. Typically, you have to include persuasive writing techniques and styles to help you convince your readers on healthy living.

This guide by will help you create a persuasive essay that will easily convince readers to lead healthy lifestyles. In case you need expert guidance on writing a persuasive essay about a healthy lifestyle click here

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