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1) You need to attended two shows, they shows are only 15 minutes long. For each show seen you need to write a paragraph summarizing the shows you saw.

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The first show we attended was hard to understand what diver is trying to say, they mention it also because the water of that tank is so chili. The diver mentioned that a lot of species are living in this tank, which some are benthic and some are pelagic organisms. They mostly talked about the pelagic organisms in that tank. They chose white sea bass as far as giant sea bass and briefly explain about them. There were thousands of sardines and between them the diver point to the fish called half-moon which it was bigger and silver moon. Half-moons are the feeder of red and green algae, also they can eat some small invertebrates like sponges, crustaceans, and anemones. We were told about the giant bass history in Santa Barbara island, which the scientist didn’t see the organism approximately for forty years but the person who was carrying out the show saw it. She mentioned that scientist by creating a space for these organisms in about thirty or forty years in the nice protected area in the ocean to have no pressure in hunting not even boat driving, they wait for a long time for this species to coming back to protected area and scientists of all over California taking pictures of those animals. The diver also talked about the spots of giant sea bass that we could see on the side of fish that they are specific each and individual.


At the end, he said white sea bass are more open ocean than giant sea bass.

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The second show we attended was more interesting for me than the first one. We explored bunch of animal that live there, and talked about some of the organisms that are important and have right force in everything on that tank. We waited for diver to join us to communicate with him. He worn a special mask that allowed him to talk with us. The presenter talked the way that they feed animals, which it was so interesting, the diver goes to target animals and feed them to get the proper diet. The diver mentioned there are six hundred different fishes are living in this tank. The exhibit was so big with 350000 gallons of water. There were two species of shark in that specific exhibit, but they were not like hunting sharks as we see in television. There was an animal that shark close related to which is ray. We saw a diver was feeding those new rays. Rays are related to sharks but they look different. The fishes live in that tank were bony fish and have skeleton. One of them was napoleon wrasse. This organism has a unique adaptation, they all are female and they can change itself to male which this transformation takes about a year. Looks like the name of this fish comes up from the shape it has, because there is a bump on its head that’s why calling it a napoleon wrasse. Bubbles also are another bony fish, that loves to be part of presentation. This fish loves the bubbles and for entire presentation it was on top of the diver’s head and playing with bubbles. Coral which is look like a rock was another animal that lives in this tank, a lot of people think coral is a plant or algae but that’s a living animal. Coral is one of the animal that presenter mentioned has important rules in their environment. Coral grows slowly, for some of them take thousands of years to grow and succeed to get the size. The coral we saw in that exhibit was come from state of Arizona. Corals are very temperature sensitive, and if temperature increase in the ocean will really hurts the coral population, that makes an impact on the whole environment. By controlling of using the phosil fuel and produce less carbon dioxide help the coral lives.

Each show took approximately 18 minutes and at the end of each the kids who joined to presentation took a picture with divers.


2) Key characteristics for planktonic organisms:

They are too small and weak so not able to move and swim against the current, so exist in a drifting state. They are organisms which include a wide variety of living organisms so they make up considerable majority of living biomass which classify to three different group such as Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Bacterio Plankton.

Phytoplankton are very small plant which live in all oceans. They are primary producers of oceans. They stay in the photic zone prepare the primary food of all filter feeders. They have asexual reproduction, divided by binary fission and they have highest rate of growth among all living organisms. They show diurnal migration. They produce carbohydrate by photosynthetic and the can produce oxygen in large amounts.

Zooplankton are also very small and they feed on phytoplankton, so play the critical role in marine food web. They are usually found close to phytoplankton. They also contain of single-celled organisms and vary considerably in size.

Bacterio Plankton are contain of bacteria and archaea. They can breaking down organic material in the ocean.

3)Key characteristics for nektonic organisms:

Nektonic organisms have free movement and can able to swim against the current. They live in deep ocean water and most of them eat zooplankton.They can be predators and scavenger. Most of them are epipelagic . They divided to vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates such as fish which are dominant nekton.The few spices are invertebrates which contain large shrimp and several cephalopods. They are long-lived but has slow growing.


4) Key characteristics for observed invertebrate organisms:

Invertebrates are the most plenty of organisms which occupy almost all habitats, they can be found crawling, flying, swimming or floating. They are multicellular organism but completely lack of cell wall and the most distinguishable characteristic that identify them from vertebrates is lack of vertebral column. Based on these characteristics, some invertebrates tend to be slow and small in nature. Body is divided into three parts – head, thorax and the abdomen and don’t have complex nervous. They are found in the harshest of the environments. And due to lack of lung respiratory, they respiration through the skin. They can reproduce sexually. Some invertebrate groups contain a hard, chitinous exoskeleton. Few invertebrates like the sponges are soapless, but most of the organisms are motile. Symmetric body organization are characteristics of most invertebrate organisms and they are heterotrophs because they can not make their own food.

The horseshoe crab: their hard shelled body that divided into three parts; the carapace or head region, middle abdominal region, and the telson tail. Its upper side is smoothly curved. There are six pairs of appendages on the underside of the carapace. The first pair is used to pass food into the mouth. The second pair is the walking legs. The remaining four pairs of appendages are also used in locomotion.

chambered nautilus: this cephalopod with an external shell is considered primitive compared to its relatives, the octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. Its shell, which is produced by its mantle. As the animal grows, its body moves forward and a wall called a septum is produced that seals off the older chambers. A nautilus does not have suckers on its tentacles like an octopus does. Instead its tentacles are lined with alternating grooves and ridges that allows it to grip objects.

Comb Jelly (Sea Walnut): its vertical cross section is bell shaped with the lower margin of the oral lobes forming the rim of the bell. The mouth is located where the bell clapper might be. There are wart-like bumps on the walnut shaped body. The visible internal structures are primarily the gonads and the digestive system. It has eight longitudinal rows or bands of cilia that divide the body into eight symmetrical shapes and also give it the ability to slowly move through the water. There are two fine, filamentous lobes on either side of the mouth used for feeding. There are other smaller fine accessory tentacles that aid the feeding process. Although this animal has a translucent almost colorless body. The moving cilia refract light and make them body visible at night.


5) Key characteristics for observed vertebrate organisms:

Vertebrate or Craniate are animal which belongs to subphylum Vertebrate, that are subphylum of the phylum Chordata. They have backbones, and also identified by a muscular system and a central nervous system partly enclosed within the backbone. They all has a head, with a differentiated tubular brain and three pairs of sense organs such as nasal, optic, and otic. All basic vertebrates breathe with gills. The gills are carried right behind the head. The subphylum is include the different classes such as Agnatha, Chondrichthyes, and Osteichthyes (all fishes); Amphibia (amphibians); Reptilia (reptiles); Aves (birds); and Mammalia (mammals).


These following are some example of vertebrate organisms:

King angelfish from class Actinopterygii which has a egg-shaped in general and is laterally squeezed. The remarkable characteristics are bold with and vertical stripe. The end of the dorsal and anal fins overlap the caudal fin. It has small mouth with small and rounded snout. An identifying characteristic of the angelfish family, is a heavy, sharp spine that extends from the lower cheek area to back horizontally. Its body has varies coloration. Some adults have dark slate blue body and some has scales with lighter shade with yellow or orange tones which is not unusual. The edge of the dorsal and anal fine are bright blue. The pelvic fins color are different in male and females, white on males and yellow on females.

Magnificent Tree Frog from class amphibia.The dorsal skin surface is olive to bright green and the ventral side is white. Their back side color vary size of yellow or white color. The color of undersides of their legs and feet are bright yellow. Adults have a great parotid gland covering their entire head and partially covering their large tympanum. Finger and toe pads have enlarged discs.

Tufted Puffins from class aves: they are medium-sized, but have large head, short, stiff wings and webbed feet on short legs. Plumage is-black above and dark gray to black below. In breeding (alternate) plumage adults have a white patch on either side of the face, and long, golden head plumes from just behind their eyes draping down the back. During the breeding season their thick, deep bills are bright red with yellow marking. Legs and feet are usually red or orange-red. In non-breeding (basic) plumage, the white face patches become gray-brown, the plumes disappear, bill plates are shed, and the bill’s red tip also disappears. Juveniles are a brownish-gray and have a shorted bill.


6) Complete taxonomy for 6 invertebrate pelagic organism

1)Giant Pacific octopus:

Kingdoms: Animalia


class: Cephalopoda

Order: Octopoda

Family: Enteroctopodidae


2)Garedn eels’:

Kingdoms: Animalia


Super class: Gnatosomata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Anguilliformes

Family: Congridae

3)Moon Jelly:

Kingdoms: Animalia

Phylum: Cnidaria

class: Scyphozoa

Order: Semaeostomeae

Family: Ulmaridae


4) sea nettle

Kingdoms: Animalia

Phylum: Cnidaria

class: Scyphozoa

Order: Semaeostomeae

Family: Pelagiidae

5) Bat Star:

Kingdoms: Animalia

Phylum: Echinodermata

class: Asteroidae

Order: Valvatida

Family: Asterinidae

6) giant green anemon:

Kingdoms: Animalia

Phylum: Cnidaria

class: Anthozoa

Order: Actiniaria

Family: Actiniidae


6) Complete taxonomy for 6 vertebrate pelagic organisms:

1)Balloonfish (Spiny Porcupine Fish):

Kingdoms: Animalia


Super class: Gnatosomata

Class: Actinopterygii


  Family: Diodontidae


2)Olive Ridley sea turtle

Kingdoms: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

class: Reptilia

Sub Order: Testudines

Family: Cheloniidae


8) Visit one of the touch tanks. Write about what organisms you saw and what the experience was like touching these organisms.

The Moon Jelly were placed in large curved tank that made them accessible and touchable for visitors who wants to touch these gelatinous creatures. The person who worked there pointed out the anatomical features of moon jellies and said about what they eat, how they reproduce, and other jelly facts. He also explain about the toxins in the jelly’s stinging cells that are not strong enough to penetrate human skin, so they are safe to touch. Because they don’t have brain to feel the danger to send alarm for quick reaction. Their body composed of 95% water and had cilia on the side of their body.They have been feeding by ground shrimp . They have semi circle stomach which was full and seemed orange . Their body surface was so soft and delicate. They were transparent and all part of their body was visible. They were floating slowly in the thank by helping their light sensing cells and gravity sensing cells because they don’t have eyes and noes so they find way, amount of light and depth of ocean by helping their sensing cell


9) Does the aquarium have any Aves? If so, which ones did they have?

Yes, they have.

Some unique bird in aviary, Tufted Puffins, Horned Puffins, Guam Kingfisher, penguins, Lorikeets, shorebird sanctuary, blacked-bellied plover, western snowy plover, killdeer, ruddy duck.


10) Summary of exhibits visited (do not just list them, describe them), diversity of organisms observed, scope of the diversity observed at the aquarium:

There are different exhibits in the pacific aquarium, the Aquarium features exhibits outdoors, including,, the Lorikeet Forest aviary, June Keyes Penguin Habitat, Molina Animal Care Center (which have Several equipment such as Endoscopy, laparoscopy equipments, and digital radiography system ), Moon Jelly Touch Tank ( which I explained above ) in Harbor Terrace exhibit, in Sahar-lagoon exhibit there were Shark and Ray Touch Pool and looking through a window and come nose-to-nose with whitetip reef shark was exciting, and Water Future which was my favorite section beside that All these section were astonishing. In water future exhibit, I get the opportunity to get more information about where the aquarium’s water comes from, what is the major uses of water and the ways that they conserve water for daily lives. The section provide the opportunity or me to interact with watershed model to see what happens to the water as it lands on and flows across the land to the ocean. In side the aquarium I visited from the Aquarium’s Northern Pacific Gallery and the Southern California/Baja Gallery which represents the northernmost region of the Pacific Ocean, and diverse marine environment in 18 exhibits respectively. In Tropical Pacific Gallery, I saw thousand colorful fish and beautiful coral, including sea turtles, zebra and blacktip reef sharks, porcupine puffers, a large blue Napoleon, seahorses and sea dragons that I enjoyed seeing them, they were amazing for me and also observing different type of jellyfish, sea lions, trumpetfish made me more excited because all were very beautiful. Besides that, I also saw frog, turtle, different aves, penguin which everyone made me enjoy my day.

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