order 766939: usa jurisdiction early learning and childcare

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  • Type of paper Research Paper
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Child care is  a provincial responsibility in Canada, except for Aboriginal and  Military child care. As a result, each province and territory has its  own legislation and regulations that govern early childhood education  programs. It is useful to understand the diversity of legislative  frameworks and compare them to those of Alberta.  1. Define and describe Alberta and one other jurisdiction.  Conduct research on one jurisdiction from the following list:   British Columbia   Saskatchewan   Manitoba   Ontario   Quebec   Newfoundland and Labrador   Prince Edward Island   Nova Scotia   New Brunswick   Nunavut   Northwest Territories   Yukon   Federal   Aboriginal   Military   International (discuss your choice with the instructor: for example  Australia, Sweden, Norway, Korea etc.)  2. What does each jurisdiction say about child care?  Prepare a report that compares and contrasts Alberta with your chosen  jurisdiction.  Some things to consider and compare with Alberta are:   Type of legislation – Do they have a Child Care Act or is it included  in other legislation?   What is the government’s role?   What is the breakdown of auspice (for-profit vs. non-profit programs)?   What is the average wage of a child care provider in that  jurisdiction?   What does the research say about the quality of care in that  jurisdiction?   What does the legislation say about:   Ratios   Group size   Training requirements / staff qualifications   Director qualifications   Does the government provide:   Operating grants   Capital grants   Start-up grants   Wage enhancement grants   Training grants   Parent subsidies    What makes their Early Learning and Child Care programs different or  unique?    Share some of the highlights of the work they are doing in ELCC  3.    Explain how the legislation does or does not support best  practice. Compare what you have learned about the two jurisdictions and  provide a summary about which policy framework seems to best support  best practice.  This is a research paper, 8-10 pages and should include citations and  references to other sources All information must be cited and referenced  according to the APA guidelines.  4.  Create a brief summary presentation (5-10 minutes) to share your  findings with the class.

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