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The Campbell Company is considering adding a robotic paint sprayer to its production line. The sprayer’s base price is $1,090,000, and it would cost another $17,500 to install it. The machine falls into the MACRS 3-year class (the applicable MACRS depreciation rates are 33.33%, 44.45%, 14.81%, and 7.41%), and it would be sold after 3 years for $622,000. The machine would require an increase in net working capital (inventory) of $14,500. The sprayer would not change revenues, but it is expected to save the firm $437,000 per year in before-tax operating costs, mainly labor. Campbell’s marginal tax rate is 40%. Cash outflows, if any, should be indicated by a minus sign. Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answers to the nearest dollar.Homework For You

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Net Cash Flow Assignment | Homework For You
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  1. What is the Year-0 net cash flow?


  2. What are the net operating cash flows in Years 1, 2, and 3?
    Year 1: $
    Year 2: $
    Year 3: $
  3. What is the additional Year 3 cash flow (i.e, the after-tax salvage and the return of working capital)?


  4. If the project’s cost of capital is 10 %, what is the NPV of the project?


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