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I. Purpose of Term Paper

a. Throughout this course we will analyze and discuss the different works, theories and studies that 

have been addressed throughout history and how each has had a fundamental impact on the 

creation of the criminal justice system as a whole. 

b. The purpose of this term paper is to document your personal understanding tied with the actual 

meanings of all/most literary pieces. 

c. Upon reading your term paper a layman should be able to 

i. 1) Understand a specific point in case

ii. 2) Understand how a specific theory, study, or work was applied and contributed to a 

specific outcome.

d. When creating your arguments have the aggregate criminal justice system at heart. You are to 

display you understanding as well as the interrelatedness of everything discussed and how the 

application of theories, studies, and research as shaped the criminal justice system in which we 

operate in today.

II. Assignment

a. Select a criminal landmark case (other cases may be selected with my approval). 

i. Research the case, the issues, the verdict, the finding.

ii. Review the case from a theoretical standpoint. It will be important to select a case that 

was/is perhaps controversial in nature or has amply information for you to research and 

base your term paper. 

iii. You most explain the case generally, including the legal issues and other important issues 

and facts. Example: how laws effected the case, how sentencing for corrections were 

used, policing may have been an issue that led to the case… 

b. Select at least 5 works discussed this semester and apply it to the case you have selected. 

You are welcomes to select more than 5 readings from the course however it is important to 

correctly apply the readings (the meaning, the outcomes, and the impact from a theory, study, or 

major work) to the explanation of your case.

c. You are required to have a minimum of 10 sources, five of which must come from the assigned 

course readings. 

III. Approach

a. You will penalized for not applying the readings/theories correctly.

i. Example: If Anomie Theory was a reading assigned this semester, you would need you 

apply the theory in perhaps describing the offender. In your description you would need 

to clearly explain how that individual fits into the theoretical structure, though you may 

not know much about the offender feel free to make up what you can’t find via research 

HOWEVER apply the theory correctly from top to bottom.

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