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  • Is obedience to the law sufficient to ensure ethical behavior? Why, or why not? Support your answer with at least three reasons that justify your position. (100 Words)


  • Employees have certain legal rights such as the right to be paid a minimum wage and to have a workplace free of sexual harassment. Should employees have rights that are not specified in the law or in an employment contract? Provide examples from your own experience to support your position. (100 Words)


  • Briefly discuss the meaning of ‘diversity’, which is a commonly used term in today’s professional circles and organizations. How does ‘diversity’ directly or indirectly impact you and your work experiences? (100 Words)


  • How do you think most customers respond when treated unfairly in a store (e.g., being passed over for service due to race, age, gender or socioeconomic status)? If a customer were to complain to store management about disparate treatment by an employee, what would you suggest the manager do to retain the customer? How should the manager respond to the employee? How do you think most customers would respond if they were served before other customers who had arrived first in a store or restaurant? Would they believe it was due to race, age, or gender? Would the customers notice someone else had been skipped? What would they do? Have you observed (or experienced) such an event? (100 Words)

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