Nature Vs. Nurture” Argument Assignments | Online Homework Help

This week, present your own argument in the “nature vs. nurture” debate. Where does nature end and nurture begin? As a response to this post, FIRST, briefly answer the following three questions:

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Nature Vs. Nurture” Argument Assignments | Online Homework Help
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1.  Start with a statement that describes your position on the “nature vs. nurture” question. Reflect on whether the readings reinforced or challenged this position (if your position pre-existed the class), or whether or not the readings helped you to come to this position (if you had not thought about this topic in this way before this class).

2.  Discuss which of the theories of the gender socialization of children presented in Part I of “Module 2: Agents of Socialization” or in “Gender and Socialization” from the Boundless textbook is most compelling to you, and briefly explain why. It is fine to combine theories or choose more than one, but identify each one you refer to clearly.

3.  Which of the institutions discussed in the reading (family, schools, media, nation, etc.) do you feel has the most influence on a child’s gender socialization and why? Do you believe any of these institutions do not have an influence?

THEN, discuss the results of this gender socialization at greater length:

· Given these agents of gender socialization, including the family and other institutions, how can you explain the variety of gender identities in our society or the world?

· Why is the concept of intersectionality crucial for understanding individual gender identities and presentations?

· Can we see evidence of both nature and nurture in the gender identities and identity presentations described in the learning resources (give at least two specific examples)?

· Does the existence of transgender identity change your ideas about nature vs nurture?

· How does Judith Butler’s idea of gender performance connect to the nature vs. nurture debate?*

*We will spend more time on Butler’s theories in a couple of weeks; it is important to understand her theories, but you do not need to go into exhaustive detail here

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