Name three technological advancements in the 20th century and briefly

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Name three technological advancements in the 20th century and briefly
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1.   Name three technological advancements in the 20th century and briefly describe how they changed the music.


2.   Which musical was path-breaking in presenting a serious plot line, which was a landmark in its use in dance to advance the plot, and was the first to address the contemporary problems with the contemporary music?


3.   Name three important composers of film music and the names of films they wrote for.


4.   Name a rock musical.



5.   Name one way that composing for the movies uses techniques developed for earlier styles of classical music.



6.   Name three ways that jazz is different from classical music.



7.   What is a blues form?

8. What is ‘‘oral tradition’’ and how is it used in many types of non-western music?


9. Name two forms of African American music that were essential to the development of rock and roll music.


10. What is an identifying feature of New Orleans jazz?


11. How did rock and roll reflect the changing social culture of America in the 1950?



12. What was the ‘‘British Invasion?’’


13. Define the following;

a.   Membranophone

b.    Idiophone

c.     Chordophone


14. Name three styles of rock music.

15. What is the function of music in African society?









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